WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Night came and Acarah couldn’t sleep. She walked around her room then she laid down at her bed and covered her ears, but the noise seemed to be so loud. She tried closing her eyes to get rest, but the noise turned louder.
She stood up and went out of her room, seeing Rogar leaning at the exit door looking at something. “Rogar!”Acarah called.
The knight looked at her then smiled. “Apologies if you can’t sleep young highness. The tribe is having an enchantment. They does it once in a moon so you should not worry for tomorrow.” He said.
“Enchantment?For whom?”Acarah asked.
“For the mother Terra, young highness. You see, our tribe Cadthar is borrowing one of the paradises of earth, and we need to give respect to Terra for letting us live here.” Roar explained.
“Terra, the queen of land…” Acarah whispered. “Did she show herself to you people?” she asked.
Rogar shook his head. “The queen only appears on the elder’s dream. And there, she will say what we’ve done wrong and what should we do to preserve the land she owns.” He said. “But I think that his majesty had met her.”
“Are you certain that he had?” Acarah asked.
“No doubt… for his majesty is responsible for balancing the bonds between humans and elements.” Rogar responded.
“Then I should be proud…”
Morning replaced the night. Acarah is half awake as her body turned heavy and craving for rest. She’s been awake the whole night and wanting to sleep that morning, but Rogar told her that if she sleep in the morning, she will not be able to sleep at night and her eyes will grew wider if that happens. So she decided to fight her sleep. She walked around the woods and climbed a tree. There, she saw how large the paradise was and how peaceful it is to look at. Her eyes turned heavier and slowly closing, forgetting that she climbed to a tall tree. And that… she fell.
But before she reached the ground, Kan quickly approached and caught her. But it seemed as if Acarah’s manipulated in deep sleep. She didn’t even notice that she fell to a high place and near death. Kan placed her down as he watched her sleep. “Idiot! She should be thankful that warrior Rogar asked me to follow her. A piece of careless kid! Why would even father think that we are in the same age when I’m eight!” he mumbled his complains as he waited for Acarah’s wake.
Acarah walks around the unknown jungle. She walked and walk until she reached a palace made of gold and was surrounded by giant vines. She ran going towards the palace, entering the large opened door. She looked around and found herself in a garden filled with unknown kinds of wild flowers she have never seen in her entire life. As she walked continually, she saw a woman approaching her in gold silk of dress. She looked amazed as it stopped in front of her. She was beautiful. More beautiful than anyone she had ever met.
The woman smiled as it reaches the young girl’s cheeks. “You visited me.” She said softly.
“May I ask where I am? And who are you?” Acarah asked puzzled.
“I am Terra. I was there when you were born. I watched you grow and I see no disappointment from what you have become. Your father is such a good man and I expect that you adapt that personality of him.” The woman said as her tears dropped down her cheeks.
“Why are you sad?” Acarah asked.
“I cannot accept the fact that… that he is gone.” Terra responded.
She hugged Acarah as she cried. And all the sudden, the place is starting to be approached by crowds. Her eyes widened as she looked at the characters that she saw. There was a dwarf, fairies and goblins. But what stilled in her mind was the thought that her father is gone and will never come back.
Terra let her hug loose and wiped her tears.
Acarah raised her head as she looked at the queen. “How did… my father… die?” she asked.
“When the Luvidians lose, Hazka was beheaded.” Terra said.
Acarah’s eyes flew opened as she quickly sat and tried to catch her breath. She looked around and saw that there were people surrounding her, including Rogar who looked so worried. She stood up but her body seemed too weak so she fell. Rogar caught her as he supported her up.
“Rogar…” Acarah said as she found herself covered with soil. “What happened?” she asked.
“Kan told me that you sank on the ground so we quickly dug until we found you buried here.” Rogar said.
She smiled. “I met… Terra,” Acarah whispered.
Rogar’s eyes widen as he heard the name Terra. He gazed at her then smiled. “Did she talk to you?” he asked.
Acarah’s smile faded as she remembered what the queen told her. “She praised how father raised me,” she said.
“That’s nice.” Rogar said then carried her. “You slept. I already warned you that your eyes’ll grow bigger if you did.”
“It did!” Acarah asked surprised.
Rogar chuckled. “It didn’t. I only said it so you would sleep this night.” He said.
Acarah just kept quiet then slept again…
The empire of Guthorslifted their cups as they celebrated their victory of conquering the great empire. The king, Ardandeclared that the empire is not theirs yet,and that, the crowd felt disappointment.
The king cleared his throat. “The Luvidia is one of the most important empires all over the world. They balance the peace between elements and humans. In short, the elements are angry at us right now. But if we find the child of Hazka and find the power that Hazka gave her, there’s a possibility that the elements will accept us.” He explained. Then he raised his cup. “We must capture the princess!”
All unsheathed their swords as they shouted ‘Capture!’ then they continued to celebrate still.
… Morning came and Acarah felt a loud howl beside her eardrums. She slowly opened her eyes as she saw her little wolf as agile as ever. She sat and watched him as his tail moved from left to right like a pup.
“Halt.” Acarah ordered as the wolf stopped and sat looking at her. She smiled then patted Rudolph’s head. “Good boy.”
After that, Acarah stood and went out of her room. She saw no sign of Rogar anywhere so she sat for a moment. She looked around and saw the knight’s armor and there she saw the sword that he used during war. She looked around once more and when she saw no sign of the knight, she quickly stood and took the sword. She unsheathed it as she tried to sway the weapon. But it was too heavy causing for her to drop it.
“What are you doing kid?! Did I just saw you carry a thing that I think you don’t even know how to use?” Kan insulted while he stand at the window side.
Acarah felt embarrassment as she heard Kan’s insult. But after that, she crossed her arms then raised her eyebrows. “Then show me how to use it!” she said looking seriously at him.
Kan gave her an insulting gaze. “So what if I show you? You’ll do the same thing?” he asked.
“Yes!” Acarah said in full determination.
Kan’s eyes tuned wide in surprise then he laughed after. “You will? Are you mocking me? A child? Going to use a sharp weapon? Do you really think you can hold something that is made for men?” He told her.
“So you say… fighting is just for men? And what about women?”
“Women are so weak so what they only have to do is stay at home and serve men.”
Acarah frowned. “That’s absurd! So you’re telling me that if they succeed to defeat those who are protecting those women, they will just accept the fact that they will become a slave? And that they can’t do anything and will suffer helplessly until they die? Is that what you’re telling me?” then she went back to her room, sitting there annoyed.
Kan just stood surprised. She must’ve ate an adult’s tongue and spoke straightly and doubtless. He shook his head as he looked around and saw a dagger and took it. He looked at Acarah’s door then approached her. As he entered her room, she looked at him and looked away. “Hey kid!” he called but she didn’t respond. He grinned teasingly then crossed his arms. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?”
Acarah looked at him. “What am I supposed to say when you always see it wrong?” she said.
Kan threw the dagger beside her. Acarah looked surprised as she gazed at him. “I’ll teach you how to use that.” He said.
“Did I just heard you right?” Acarah asked disbelieved.
“I guess you’re no deaf right?” Kan said.
“But what if you’re just going to mock me?”
“I will not.”
“Then fine.”
Acarah took the dagger then stared at it. It’s light and so easy to manipulate. But what if their weapons are larger and stronger than hers?
“Don’t worry young highness, I’ll teach you how master heavier weapons when you’re a little older.” Someone spoke beside the door.
Acarah and Kan both looked at the door and saw Rogar. “Rogar…” she whispered as she looked at him.
“But first, you must learn how to use smaller weapons so you can manage your speed.” Rogar told her.
Acarah nodded as she looked at Kan. “Let’s begin.” She said as they went out and Kan demonstrated the use of dagger as he let her do it.
Years passed by and Acarah started to get stronger and swifter. She was able to deflect Kan’s attacks but she’s still an amateur fighter.

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