WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


20. Chapter 19

She can hear a song...

A sad and lonely filled melody that made it feels worse and yet a soothing sonata that washed the pain she feels on her head.

It says:

Its better if its a healing wound,
Than to disappear in this unearthly world;
Now here stand alone in suffering,
Bearing with the turmoil and war humans are having;
Painpainpain emotions offer,
Deathdeathdeath gives cause;
Shall lie in a stiff four corners,
Thy soul took soaring over the path of light;
Thus ashes burnt thrown spread into rivers,
Amidst miracles there's always end to life;
The lost conveys the right way,
And the found returns home with a light of ray...

The song continues and repeat when doneLike an endless poetry it kept on singing that made her chest more and more in pain.

"Who are you singing it for?" Acarah asked as she looked up to the beautiful woman in front of herHer voice was shaking and she knew that her question was wrong so instead she asked; "Why are you singing that song?"

Terrah looked at her and smiledcaressing the girl's hand and covered it with hers. "When your father had passed awayI started singing it almost every time I feel sad and lonely." She softly said.

"Now... Are you sad?" She asked.

"YesBecause his material body is now unable to holdI know how it feels when you lost him..."

"Mother..." The girl's tears dribbled down her cold cheeks. "I want him backI want him with me!" She still cried.

"I knowmy dear." Now Terrah gave her a warm embrace. "I know."

Hearing her disappointed voiceAcarah knew that reviving him isn't possibleThere's no hope of him staying beside her anymore with his body giving up because of a poison.

"King Kan had always been a very brave man." Terrah began. "He became a king at a young age and was chosen to be sent up to earth in order to descend a new heir with you in the kingdom groundsAt such young age he was given such tight responsibility over you and he didn't fail.

He is wonderfulHe was only ten years young when the kingdom of Mystralis chose him to reignHe was suppose to be your king too... If only the worlds would allow it."

Acarah looked at her with the same sad eyes. "Did you want to be with father?" She asked sadly.

"I did wanted to be his queen... He also asked me for marriagebut I refused and returned back in my real world with regret on my heartI wanted to accept his love because I feel the sameI've always thought of him and feeling my heart ache over and over as I watched both of you from the fountainWith younot having a chance to be in my arms when you were an infantand your father not having the chance to become a husbandand I not having a chance to become a wifeThe three of usnot having a chance to be seen as family." She looked up the bright gold sky above. "I was pulled in despair after learning his deathwatching him defend that country with the shard of his bladeNot doing anythingI was a useless guardian."

"Why didn't you want to save him?"

"Acarah... I can't save himI no longer have the connection to become his guardian ever since you were descendedYou are now the connection I have that I must protect with my power." She wiped the tears forming from her eyes. "I loved you bothAnd I know your father wanted me to protect you more than anyone elseYou're the only one left on usAnd I wouldn't let the same thing happened to your father will happen to youmy child."

"Thank you..." Despite the small anger that formed from Acarah's heart over the truth she learned, she was more than grateful that she knew her mother didn't just fave birth to her with merely because of breeding, but she was born with both love from her parents.

"I think you should get back up and face your peopleThey must've been curious of what's happening to you." She whisperedThey both stood up and Terrah lightly pushed Acarah by her back that made her stepped forward.

Opening her eyes, Acarah found herself outside the tent. Her eyes caught sight of the circle below her where she remembered as the circle that came out when her beastly vines cracked out of the ground. But down below was different. It was a field of different kind of flowers, growing into an ankle length heights. A gift from her mother that somehow eased the pain from her heart.

When she fully awakened, she found other mercenaries staying on a corner, kneeling down at her with their heads lowered. But then she realized that it wasn't just a few people bowing, but everyone was bowing down to her in respect that she was shocked to find out.

"What's happening?" Acarah asked bewildered.

"We will fight alongside you, young highness! We swore with our blood that will flow down this earth that we are going to support you to claim back the empire of Luvidia." All at once the mercenaries unsheathed the knives belted from their waists, pressing the blade down in the middle of their palms and kneeling still. "We swore with the blood of our ancestors that is now descended among us, we will become your blades!" And together everyone abruptly pulled their blades from their palm, slitting a deep wound in their palms as thick warm bloods poured down the earth.

It was the first time after years that the girl felt overwhelmed. When she felt this massive stroke in her heart, she was facing the Luvidian people up above the balcony, she was holding her Father's hand then. He was waving down the people who was so proud to be led by him.

Now it was Acarah's turn to lead that stolen country. She also pulled out the knife from her boot while the mercenaries watched. "I will also swear then." She began. "I shall become no burden to anyone anymore. I promise. I'll fight alongside everyone and shall retrieve the country back." She slit her palm with a clean cut from her knife as blood ran down her hand as it shone together with everyone's blood that have washed down the earth.

Everyone stood over the sudden light. They watched as the blood changes from three colors. Blue, white and gold. Acarah was watching it too but not after long she realized that one more color was not in sight.


The last element left that she had not had the chance to meet. The most dangerous element that her father had spoke of ever since she was young.

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