WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


19. Chapter 18

It had been three days that Kan had himself slumped on the tent poisoned by the arrow that was supposedly killing Acarah. And from those days that passed, the girl had been taking care of him nonstop that made her restless.

Deck entered holding a bowl of herb as he usually does and watched Acarah on her way of tending him. She would wipe the man's body with wet clothes and wipes his face. "Been doin' that for three whole days. Rest now little highness, he won't die if you get a bit of sleep." He said.

"I'm not tired yet." Acarah replied and returned the cloth back on the basin filled half of water and covered the boy's feverish body with his blanket.

"Well, here's the herb for the boy. Give it to him once he wake up that I am sure that he will be awake later on so you need to sleep to." Acarah took the bowl that Deck was holding as she placed it on top of the table.

"I'm fine. Don't worry. And thanks for this by the way."

Deck laughed. "Look what love can do to young people. Acting so tough and invincible although others notices the hardwork."

Acarah blushes. "That's not true!" She denied and avoided the eye contact. "I'm just worried because he was poisoned instead of me."

"He doesn't want you experiencing that for sure." Deck said pointing to Kan who suffers from high fever. "And surely he doesn't want you to tire yourself because of him. And I am aware how boys would feel in this kind of event... In the first place I came into this age once too. So its better of you won't let him worry too."

Acarah looked down on kan and back to the old man. "But what if he wakes up... And I'm asleep?" She asked.

Again the old man laughed. "He's old enough to know his limitations. And besides, that boy might visit you in your dreams and tell you how fine he is." He teased patting the girl's head. "Well, catch you later, princess. Make sure you rest." He dismissed and turned around to take the exit out of the tent.

The girl simply stared at the entrance where Deck have left for a moment as she sighed and now turned to the boy who was catching his breath. Still fighting for his body. She stretched her hand and reached out for his forehead. It was burning hot and all she could do is watch him suffer on her stead.

"I'm really sorry, Kan." She uttered sitting down on a chair beside the bed and laid her head on the space beside Kan, closing her eyes and immediately caught the nets of sleep because of tiredness.


The king watched the stress that Acarah's power made over his men. They were all experiencing tough shock and big wounds that even made his little numbers of men left in his retreat.

That made him have a scheming kind smile and felt excited. "That power... I must obtain it. And I will have it." He said standing up to check for his men. "How many are left?!" He asked.

"Over five hundred men, we are left with only seventy two survivors, sir." One said his report. "Forty five are left with deep wounds and the others are only scratched and abled men."

"We can't fight with this kind of number." The king said and sighed. "We're going back to Guthor." He ordered.

"Yes, your majesty. But before we go, are you hurt?"

"No. We will go back first thing at dawn."

The representative bowed and dismissed himself out of the King's front helping out the others who are wounded in the battle. While the king seized his sword's hilt while started to laugh out loud over greed and excitement.


Kan opened his eyes slowly finding himself on the tent where his and Acarah's tent used to be. His body was yet aching and the pain in his back added up to make him suffer even more. He mouthed 'ouch' on his lips seating up from where he lies slowly and carefully to avoid the unnerving pain he felt from his body. But all pain subsided in surprise when his left hand unintentionally tapped something beside him that made him quickly made a gaze down finding Acarah who leaned her head with her arms folded together as her pillow.

It was a thought that made Kan wonder why she's there. But looking at his current situation, covered with bandages from back to chest and a pale body, he thought that the girl had nursed her and must have tired herself over doing that much of an effort. He stared at her for a while, hands automatically moving on its own to reach for the girl's face brushing the strands of hair that messed around her face and clipped it to her ear. She was sleeping. Sleeping carelessly like a child. That made him smile and caresses her cheek feeling her skin as soft and smooth as silk and as fair as a princess would always be.

"You can have everything you'd want once this is over. That's a promise." He whispered kissing the tip of his thumb and then slowly and gently pressed it into the girl's soft lips. "A promise." He whispered again as the wind grew strong inside the tent and his body shines like a blue star blinding anyone who sees it. And when the light had retreated, Kan's body lay cold down into the bed.

The wind left the room, disturbing Acarah's nap and sat back up to looked at the man lying asleep. But something seemed different from him aside from the blanket that fell on the floor... He was not breathing hardly... He is not breathing anymore. It made the girl turned anxious, standing up to touch his forehead and it was cold then her hand slid down to his neck, it was also freezing as she tried to search for the pulse.

"Kan?" Acarah called worriedly putting her ear to his chest and tried listening to the sound of his heartbeat but unfortunately, it wasn't beating. Now it turned her really afraid, pumping his chest to revive him. Her eyes turning blurry because of tears as she tried harder to pump his chest that however is not working at all. Now she placed her mouth to his, giving some air hoping that it may return back the beating of his heart. "Kan, wake up!" Acarah shouted shakily with her tears falling from her eyes.

"Kan!" She called again even though the boy's eyes didn't even switched at his heart even beating. The girl tried shaking his shoulders as she cried even more. "Please don't leave me... You shouldn't be doing that..." She said punching his chest lightly as she sniffed and leaned her head inbetween his neck and shoulder...

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