WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


18. Chapter 17

Acarah unleashed her sword, allowing the blue moonlight shine through her blade as she stared up at the man who had brought her the hidden horror she had ever felt in her entire life. While Kan stood beside her for support as soon as the new conqueror of Luvidia at the same time, the king of Guthor looked down at her.

"I have come to take you back home with me, former princess of Luvidia. Young Acarah--"

"You have no right to speak of my name!" The girl snapped.

The other mercenaries have stood on their battle shoes and joined her. They were all prepared to fight that the girl didn't expect they'd be. She thought they'd be leaving her alone with their business since this have been her own problem and they're up against the conqueror of her dear country. The man whom had thought her the hate that she feel. It was all because he existed.

"Then I have no more use for formality." The kind laughed. "Such a hard headed child you are. But I never thought that such beauty would face me in such a barbaric crowd. I think I'll change my mind..." He said.

"And what does that mean?" Kan barked.

"I can't waste this beautiful young lady. You and your ability both have good use you know that? Your power becoming mine, and you becoming one of my bed warmer."

"Insolence! I never thought a king like you would ever disgust me." Acarah insulted. "Just hearing it out of your filthy mouth makes me sick over your garbage talks."

After Acarah had retorted, the king seemed to look mad over her words. He hissed and pulled his sword out pointing it to the girl. "Once I've laid my hands upon your little bad mouth I'll make sure to tear it apart with my own hands you little princess."

Acarah scoffed. "I would never dream of allowing you to touch me with your filthy hands, monster. I will never forgive you for destroying my country... For taking my father's life."

"Then I have no more doubts. You really are your father's child. Same stubborn and stupid." He placed his sword in the air and swayed it to signal his men to attack. "Take all the life, except the incompetent princess." He ordered that is a cue that made everyone charged towards Acarah's number of men.

The mercenaries on her side also made the preparation and welcomed their approach exchanging swords and slaying the soldiers like they don't have shields on their own. It made her partly feel the appreciation as their talk went well last evening.

With Deck as the leader of these mercenaries, she has a chance to be safe, for now is not just about golds as he said, but for the sake of the guardians who guides us to not fall into the hands of the real monsters we must fear. The same night that they have the strengthening of our alliance as the beginning of war to its fullest.

And this is the first wave of the war she mentioned of about and now she was glad that Deck was ready. They exchanged swords to the Guthor's men and had the lead as Deck had told her that it is not about the number... But it was the strength, skills and experience of one man that made him invincible from more than the strength of hundred soldiers.

Meanwhile the king remained into his horse watching the death of his men. And as the girl tried to focus her attention to him as she fought his men, she was sure that he was staring at someone. Someone that she was sure is important to her...

"Kan!--" Acarah called out to him but soon it surprised the girl that he was infront of her, staring into her eyes making her see the pain in his eyes until she realized that he was shot by an arrow.

The blood flowing from his back had made the girl furious when she saw two soldiers about to attack him which she quickly ran and dodged it with her sword pushing it upward and quickly swayed a strong arc of the blade towards them that had the instant kill.

They hurt Kan... And no one should be trying to kill him but me! She thought that even gave her motivation to fight even more.

She felt the ground shook below her. An earthquake occurring in the middle of a small war. After that, the ground had broke like a shattered mirror and produced big vines that struck the enemy. She can see how it squashed many soldiers and leave them flat on the ground dead and useless the mercenaries too didn't expect that this would happen as thy simply and helplessly watched the death of many soldiers not with their hands but with some supernatural being that started coming out of the ground. That made the king raise his sword again.

"Retreat!" He exclaimed with his strong full voice of authority and the abled men had sprinted off their way out. The vines are still on berserk still on its way to massacre large numbers of the enemy as she eagerly forced it to make it faster. What she wanted was to kill them all... Annihilate them if possible.


Even with the little call, her body and mind was Still fixed on the killing of these men. Her eyes was glowing in gold while the circular light shone to her feet.

"Acarah!" Now Kan exclaimed coiling his arms around the girl's shoulder. "Stop, its over..." He whispered to her ear that suddenly stopped the vines from its berserk action.

The light from Acarah's eyes disappeared and the circle also vanished as the vines retreated back into the ground fixing the soil from its original formation. The girl looked back at him and Kan made a little smile, patting the girl's head and collapsed into the ground that startled her, kneeling down to check him.

Kan was catching his breath as his skin turning pale that made Acarah worried about him so much that she kept on calling his name and shrug his shoulder in panic.

"Kan! Kan wake up! Kan!" She called.

Deck went near despite his own injuries too. He knelt down beside the girl and checked on Kan who lies on the ground looking like a man dying. "The boy is poisoned. We must help him, quickly." He announce that two men stepped in and help carried Kan back to the tent.

"He's poisoned?!" Acarah exclaimed in shock. "Help him Deck. Please!" She pleaded the wounded eyed man shaking his shoulder as her eyes shone in desperation.

"Calm down and rest, your highness. Your man is strong, he won't die that easily." Deck assured tapping the girl's shoulder as he walked pass her. "Those who are not wounded, go and aid those people who gained scratches! Tend them immediately." 

His men obeyed and started supporting their other colleagues. While she in the other hand went into the tent where they had laid Kan and watched him sleep. The poison... She was thinking of a solution of how to help it out of him. She wanted to save Kan like how the boy had saved her life in the water falls or maybe how he always keep her into the right track although they always fight.

Acarah ducked and placed her face beside Kan's ear as she opened her mouth to speak. "What can I do to save this body, Kan?" She whispered caressing the boy's cheek and Gave him a lonely glance. "Don't leave me alone you stupid guardian. Don't leave me yet..." She felt herself crying after she talked to the unconscious man who Still suffers from the poison spreading around him until Deck entered with other herbalists and helped Gave Kan an aid to help him escape the wires of death.

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