WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


17. Chapter 16

The water was very cool but the sunny afternoon was preventing her body to feel the cold. The sensation she felt when Kan had her lips was unforgettable. She could still feel it in her lips.

Slowly she touched her lower lip as she frowned. Why did Kan run awayHe's not the kind of person who disappears in that kind of situation after all. She thought as she played  the flow of water with the tip of her fingers. "Nevermind him, what do I know about him anyway?" She told herself as she sank her mouth on the water.

Slowly she felt sleepy, her eyes were turning heavy and slowly she started sinking down into the water, her body shone like a star as she fully drowned herself.

The atmosphere turned cold when Acarah opened her eyesEverything was a blue and everywhere she looks were reefs forming like a plant on the ground and the walls.

Another worldShe looked around and leaped herself down the soft bed and walked barefoot.

"I'm looking forward for this moment to meet you, your highness." A young man stood in the entryway as he looked at the girl with a smile. "You've really grown up in such an irresistibly beautiful personI have longed to see you and now we're face to face." The man smiled he bowed his head down and soon went back to his posture and smiled at her, coming near as he gave a tight embrace. "You have found your way to me."

"Y-you're... Are you a guardian?" Acarah asked nervously as she tried to remove herself from his embrace.

"Have you not remember? Its me, Louke. I'm the water guardian." He said, noticing that Acarah was trying to struggle so he made his hug tighter. "Listen well, my dear." He said seriously.

Acarah remained still as she waited for his next words.

"Todaythe night will be a field of death. The Guthors will come to say hi, and will bid farewell to a lot of your companions." He said.

"They're going to attack us?" Acarah asked.

"PreciselyThey will come to visit. And soon will put your friends to sleep."

"Those monsters!"

"They just want powerThe most important power that you mustn't give without a fightThe guardians will protect youAnd of courseKing Kan would not allow anything to happen to you. After all, he has yet to give you a child before he gets back to where he belongs."

Now Acarah was taken aback from what Louke said. "What do you mean by baring me a child before he returns?" She asked a bit puzzled.

"Haven't Kan informed you what he must do?" Louke asked.

It made Acarah's heart pound painfully in her chest. She was afraid to know but she still nodded.

"He was chosen to be your child bearer. And when your heir is brought to the world, he is required to return to Mystralis to govern his world and continue his reign."

"But the soldier who raise me up had explained that Kan was chosen to marry me." The girl protested as she felt the pain more and more. Her breathing already heaved and it felt less comfortable now.

"Marrying is not what its suppose to be. Breeding is more of a proper word for that." Louke said as he loosed his hug from Acarah. "You must've been attached to him a little. But do not worry, you can still restrict yourself as early as now."

"What are you talking about?" Acarah asked seriously. "I... Its not like I like him or anything. Kan has always been annoying to me, how can he be attached?" She lied.

It was really sad to know that  the truth was not what she had expected it to be. Kan will leave her, just like how he disappeared after the kiss. The kiss that she was confused about but the same kiss that made her feel the pleasure. And then after that kiss, he vanished like a popped bubble.

"Kan is already there, I guess its time to leave now, your highness." Louke announced.

"Wait Louke--"

Acarah gasped for air and started panting as she gripped on to Kan's shirt. She could feel herself cold and shaking while Kan was hugging her. "Great Cadthar, what happened to you?" Kan asked worriedly and hugged her tighter.

"Louke warned me..." She hardly said as she catches up with her breath still. "He says that Guthors will come and visit." She shakily said.

"Shush... We'll take care of that, Acarah. Its better if you should rest." The young man whispered as he caressed her cheeks.

"Kan, its so cold." Acarah sunk dug her head to his chest as Kan carried her up and he began to walk towards the camp.

"Of course its cold you little brat, you stayed in the river for too long. You'll catch cold once you didn't have some warm clothes on." Kan said back that made Acarah looked up at him. He wasn't looking at her but he was looking at the way. "That Louke really doesn't know how to limit his time when he calls. He didn't even think that you're still a human despite the fact that you have that power."

Acarah felt that there was something odd about Kan. He's serious and talkative. He was frowning and blaming Louke about what she feels.

"Kan." Acarah called.

"That damn Louke--"


Now Acarah's voice made Kan stopped and looked at her. "What?!" He asked impatienly .

"Are... Are you angry?" She asked.

"Angry? Why would I be angry?"

"Because, I- I'm with him?" Acarah doubt to ask. But after realizing that she actually did asked, she just looked down and waited for his reply.

"What?" Kan scoffed and soon laughed over Acarah's question. "Why would I feel that way? Do you really think I would get angry with such him just with you? I don't actually care about that." He said that struck that pain to Acarah's chest again.

It just felt unbearable to hear. "Then, what are you blabbing about?" She asked to shrug away the pain.

"What I'm trying to say is, if Louke wants to spend more time with you, he could have just at least try not to put you in danger. He's too careless." He said annoyed.

"Why would he want to spent more time with me?" The girl asked again.

"Because, he simply likes you. Isn't that obvious?" Kan's voice was now sarcastic.

"And its alright with you?" Acarah asked back.

"What's with the question? And of course its alright. As I've said, I do not care about it."

And again, it struck her. "Are you angry or not?" She asked again.

"Acarah, I said I'm not. Why do you keep on asking things?"

"Because it means a lot to me. And you don't even care?!" She felt her tears finally run down.

It made Kan pause again and looked at her surprise. "A-Acarah, why are you crying?" He asked worriedly.

"Put me down, Kan." She demanded as she wiped her tears.


"I said put me down!"

The boy just looked at her for a moment but refuses to put her down as he continued to walk.

"Kan!" Acarah complained now, her voice was shaky as she struggled from his hold.

"What are you crying about? Did Louke hurt you?" Kan asked. "Just tell me, I'm going to there and teach him a lesson."

"He didn't. Actually, he just gave me a lot of helpful warnings before I completely fall for it. And I guess he's actually right." Acarah said. "Now, put me down, Kan. I can manage."

"No." Kan refused.

"Put me down already!"

"I said no."

"Why are you so insistent?!"

"And why are you so hard headed?!"

"I'm not! What did I do to be so hard headed huh?!"

"Well everything. Why do I have to enumerate it when everything you do is about it."

"So I'm always wrong now?!" Acarah slammed Kan's chest with her palm.

"What was that for?"

"Its for existing in this world to make me suffer!" She shouted covering her eyes as she continued to cry.

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