WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


14. Chapter 14

Acarah swayed her sword one strong arc as she grits her teeth in annoyance. The mercenaries around her began to laugh as they watch her tried to reach Kan with his blade.

"Still slow." Kan mocked smirking at her.

"I know." The girl replied and stopped making hits. Kan did the same and looked at her with wonder. "I suppose it can't be helped." She sighed making a foot forward as she bent her knee to perform a stance. Kan looked terrified from her pose as the other men who were watching anticipated her throwing the sword.

"Don't--" Kan wasn't able to finnish when Acarah had launched the sword like a javelin straight to where he stood. Quickly, Kan ducked as the sword passed above his head, hitting a tree.

The mercenaries were stunned as they stared at the poor tree. The sword sunk into it like it was soft, thinking that if it may have been Kan's head, the brain would have scattered on the ground.

"Impressive!" Deck praised as he rose his cup of beer to the girl and wink.

Acarah cringed a little disgust because of the scar on his mouth but to avoid encountering her stressors again and to stay away from being warned to death, she just gave out a smile of gratitude after.

Kan finally stood. "Are you planning to kill me?" He asked as he looked at the girl intently.

"You won't die anyway." She rolled her eyes.

"Oh yeah? Maybe I won't but this mortal body would surely be useless." Kan said back.

"All right. Apologize to you." Acarah said insencerely. "And because you dodge that sword, kindly pull it out of the tree." She asked walking over the cut tree that lies on the ground and sat on it, sighing wearily as she touched the ground.

Oh Terrah... When are you going to talk to me again? The girl thought. With another deep sigh she blinked and when she opened her eyes, Kan was already in front of her, engraving her sword on the ground as he sat beside her in the tree.

Acarah didn't speak but looked at the next fight between the other mercenaries. Thinking that they took pleasure on taking lives and yet they had a bond like real brothers. In every cling of their swords when it clash, they let out extreme laughters and cheer.

"Long day. And how good it is to see everyone alive!" A woman's voice rang over the area that made Kan and Acarah searched where it came from. But there was no one there. Then sooner, the voice rang again. "Who are these adorable darlings?" The jolly voice of the woman asked when a sudden arm surrounded both Kan and Acarah's shoulders.

To their surprise, Kan pulled Acarah and in a blink of an eye, they disappeared in the woman's arm and was two meters away from where they are.

"Oh. Look what we have here." The woman said stunned. Her blue eyes rounded in surprise.

"Supernatural!" A man exclaimed from behind that made Kan alarmed.

"Chill ya' head kids, these are my people." Deck announced, noticing that made the two relaxed.

"Sorry for scarin' ya." The lady wink and smiled.

"Its not like we'll eat you alive anyway." The other man rolled his eyes as he watch their men spar with each other.

"Kan?" Now another one appeared with recognition as Kan and Acarah's head tilted sideward to see the person who called the man's name.

"Edmund?" Kan frowned as he stared at the boy. "What are you doing here?" Now he smiled with recognition and approached Edmund whom they met in the kingdom of Devidol. The boy who first gave a bad impression towards Kan but the same day that they became good.

"I didn't expect to see you here." Edmund replied. "I thought you didn't leave Devidol."

"Who wouldn't leave that place if they would just betray you?" Acarah crossed her arms. "Will you stay if you were us?" She asked as she stared on to Edmund's eyes.

"I'd probably do the same, my lady." He answered.

"My lady?" Kan laughed as Acarah blushes. "Just call her young lady." He teased as the girl turned annoyed.

"Kan... I wonder how a stupid guardian would taste if I feed them on sharks?" She asked gripping her sword tightly. "Or how will your blood tastes if I let the leeches eat you?"

"Pardon, kid. I never knew warrior Rogar taught you how to become so brute." Kan raised his brow as a sign of  inconvenient.

Finishing his cup of liquor, his croaky drunk voice echoed out the place; "How long do you plan on hanging your loveliest love into the depths of death threats?" The old man deck teased, making the group laughed aloud over the mountain's foot where the camp had stood.

Acarah grimace as Kan scratched the back of his head shyly and defensive, as he looked to another direction. "Wait... You're lovers?" Edmund unbelievably asked showing a face of astonishment. His face almost contorted up like an abstract painting in a museum storage. But it wasn't his face that made Acarah feel all her hair rose and cringed in disgust and was because of the question he had kept hanging in the noisy air... You're lovers?

His voice kept on ringing in her ears disapproving and getting further annoyed with Kan's presence beside her. It suddenly pained her ear that the word kept on repeating, echoing in the deep holes of her ear that all she wished is to stop all the crazy voice that made her rather mad. That joke isn't funny! She thought now as she stomped back to the tree trunk she first sat and mentally cursed.

It was almost embarrassing for her to always bare the shame of always being teased to be with that man. But now she doesn't feel the annoyance she had than before they were in the tribe. Instead, she was very overwhelmed that she can't even make her heart unease and very appreciative. Although she felt that way, she was just shy that she couldn't show gratitude towards these men. She could feel her blush coming out of her cheeks that she couldn't help but to look down on the ground and stare over the little weed that started growing separated from the other. The dust was still in its two little dancing leaves that was caused by the passing wind. The two teardrop shaped leaves were like siblings growing together, both are small, but one was smaller. Its color turning bright and fresh like a green apple.

But the leaves the girl was fascinated to looked at was crippled down in a second when Kan's sandal wood stepped on it. Surprised with the man's sudden approach, Acarah gazes up and found him looking down at her with a blank stare. Now that they were closer, the girl noticed how masculine and strong he looks. He's turned out more manly and handsome as to what his tribe had been saying that she doesn't want to believe. But now she actually does.

"You're so high Kan." She mumbled softly, standing up as she turned her back towards him and walked away...

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