WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


13. Chapter 13

Acarah felt her cheek being caresses by a cold soft hand. It was little big to be Terrah's but the way it brushes her skin was indeed sensational. It felt good and comforting although the hand was cold and chilling.

The girl tried to open her eyes, but her eyes just deosn't want to make her open it. Her eyes only shrugged and useless like what she's feeling now. But even how hard she tried to open her eyes, it just wouldn't allow her.

But her effort had been interupted by a chuckle. A chuckle of a man, probably not Kan. "Its not yet the time to see me, your highness." The man saidHis voice seemed young and baritone.

Acarah wanted to speak, but she felt something that was stuck in her throat, but it doesn't hurt her at all.

"I know what you want to ask." The man spoke again. "I am Louke, the guardian of water. And right now you're just in the middle of water and the real world so you're not yet to see my appearance." The man who called himself Louke spoke.

After Louke had explained it, Acarah didn't bother to try and force herself to open her eyes. She remained calm and immobile.

"Its not yet time for visit, your highness. Now wake up."

Louke's voice was like a keyword that automatically shut open her eyes as she found herself surrounded by men. Men who look so ready to cut her head with their swords pointed to her. They looked confused and rather restless as they watched the girl tied in a certain pole. Helpless whenever they would claim her head off her body.

"You're a witch!" The men taunted angrily as they grip their hilt as if they wanted to strangle the sword.

Acara just stared at them puzzled as she travelled her eyes. It was evening and the darkness was lit up by a gigantic fire that danced around its place.

"Where's Kan!" She roared immediately as soon as she found no sign if the man.

"Shut up woman, one word and I'll claim your head." The man with one eyed warned.

"Or do you want to die now bitch?!" Another taunted coldly to her.

From that moment she felt afraid. It wasn't something she had ever imagined to happened, but now she's witnessing how scary it is first hand. She almost wanted Kan beside her... Or perhaps she wanted to hide behind that man who used to protect her.

"Trembling now kid?" Someone spoke in delight that made her terrified.

Kan I'm scared... She thought as the terrorizing men made another step closer. As soon as one of them made it infront of her, she heard the wind gushed and in a click Kan suddenly appeared beside her.

"The boy escaped!"

"Calm yourselves, big boys." One strong voice spoke behind them. "I let him loose." It was the mouth scar man that seemed clearly to be their leader.

"Are you okay?" Kan asked as soon as their men had sheathed their sword back back and went away.

"K-Kan?" Acarah stuttered.

The boy smiled and untied her knots that bind her wrists. After Kan had undo her ropes, she unintentionally collapsed on her knees. Fortunately, she was caught by Kan. "You seemed weary." He said.

"I'm not." Acarah said. But he seemed unconvinced and carried her in his arms as he walked her inside a tent. "Kan!" Acarah exclaimed embarrassed and surprised.

The boy laughed. "You're blushing." He said.

"Is that an offensive thing to have?" The girl quoted the words.

"Not really." He shrugged.

As they got into the tent, he placed her down on the bed as she sat down bowing her head. "They're scary." She said.

Kan knelt down in front of her, brushing a strand of hair from Acarah's face, clipping it from her hair. "They will not harm you anymore." He said.

From the moment Kan gave an assurance, the short memory of experience earlier flashed out from her mind and her tears loaded out of her eyes. The boy wasn't expecting her cry like that. She was a strong willed girl who is both confident and conceited. But now, her tears was like a flooded dam that rampaged out of her eyes. Racing down like two rivers in one direction.

"I've never thought I'd live after what I saw." She sobbed clenching her fist that leaned on her lap. "It was terrifying, Kan. I even hoped that Terrah would just pull me on the ground that few seconds before you appeared." She admitted.

"Look, calm down. I've spoken to Deck. He was the leader of these mercenaries. He had ensured me that no one will harm you here." He patted the girl's head. It pained him to watch the girl looked afraid. And it made him angry that he wasn't quick enough to aid her.

With no second thought, the boy pulled her closer. Locking her around his arms. Acarah didn't resist, instead, she just cried harder as if its normal to cry on the man's shoulder. Eversince they escaped that kingdom, she had turned more vulnerable that Kan ever expected. But as Terrah had instructed, he will lead her.

"Are you okay now?" Kan asked as he played her hair.

The girl nodded.

"Are you hungry?" Kan asked.

The girl nodded again. Kan stood up and went into the table to take some bread and wine. He handed it to Acarah as she accepted the food the boy handed and started digging in. "How did you convinced them to be nice?" She asked.

"Deck says that he has a grudge on the Guthorian's king." Kan replied. "And I had a deal with him. Since we-- the element guardians-- are not pleased from what he did to the king of Luvidia. And it became a success. The mercenary are on our side."

"That's great. I did not know that you are good at negotiations." She said.

Kan furrowed his brows in puzzlement. "What do you think am I good at?" He asked back.

"From annoying me, major to what I've witnessed you do." She said and took another bite. "You always made me feel irritated."

Kan smirked as he sat beside Acarah. "Why thank you, princess." He said teasingly as he showed a blinking effect as if he was a lady himself.

Acarah groaned rolling her eyes annoyed. "Now you're at it again." She complained. "Give me some rest, I just cried in front of you."

"Its okay, young lady. We're done with that." He said.

Acarah swept her face with her hand in frustration as she placed the plate of food aside. "Now I regret crying infront of you." She said in gloom.

"But you did anyway." Kan laughed and leaned his head on Acarah's shoulder.

"H-hey! What's wrong with you?" She whispered nervously.

"I'm trying to see how it feels to lie on a princess' shoulder." He said as he closed his eyes.

Acarah blushes more feeling his hair tickled her neck and shoulder. It felt differently now than the last time they were at the tribe of Cadthar.

"Kan?" Acarah called out.

"Mm..." The boy replied with a groan.

"Good night."

Kan chuckled. "Goodnight."

After he said that, Acarah elbowed him from the rib that made him sit up and removed his head from leaning on her shoulder. After that, the girl quickly leaped herself up the bed and lie down. "Get out and I'll sleep." She said.

Kan raised an eyebrow as he shove the girl to make a space. "Actually, this tent was the only spare for us both. So we have to share everything in it." He said and lie down beside her.

That made Acarah sat up and glared at Kan. She tried pushing him to fall off but he didn't even bulge from his space. "Come on. Can't you just say goodight and let me sleep in peace?" Acarah asked warily.

"But that's the truth. Or do you want to sleep with the mercenaries who tried to scare you earlier?" Kan asked back.

Instead of answering, Acarah lie back down and looked back at him, facing the opposite side of the bed.

"Well then, good night." He said amused and closed his eyes.

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