WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


12. Chapter 12

*A/n: Hello readers! Thank you for the reading the story until this chapter. I appreciate that you stick up to this story and I am very well aware that my grammar is still on the progress since I haven't looked at my grammar books. >^-^< 

anyways... Happy reading!


It was already afternoon that day. In the forest near the dessert of dark lands as two companions were walking towards the Forest of Neudan.

It had been half of the day since Acarah and Kan were walking.

The place was so hot even if the forest had numerous trees and green grass. Ever since they entered that odd spot, Acarah's sweat has been running down for hours.

"Would you want me to adjust the air?" Kan asked the girl.

"No." Acarah wiped her sweat from her forehead. "It would consume you too much energy." She added.

"I can manage." Kan replied.

"Kan, if you will not consume that much amount of energy, you should have done it earlier. So its okay not to." The girl replied.

"But you--"

Kan was not able to finish because Acarah placed her palm in front of him. "Kan. It's alright. You don't have to." She reassured. After she said those, she continued to walk passed him.

Kan just followed ahead as he watched the girl from behind worriedly. They have been walking for the whole morning and Kan cannot help to hide his concern because around their hours of walk, the girl never had a rest nor drink. And she's been sweating continuously.

Kan looked around and tried to search if he could find any water as he was looking to his west, Acarah suddenly squealed that made Kan look back at her quickly. Finding the girl fell into a trap hole holding to a root to prevent herself from complete fall.

"Acarah!" Kan called surprised, running after her. But a person blocked him from aid. Then other individuals started to sprung up from the bushes and trees.

"Stay out of the way!" Kan warned trying to escape from his block but the man was big enough to be his wall. It was smirking widely showing a very deep scar in his mouth that showed his teeth and gum to make his approach scarier.

Kan punched the man in the belly as strong as he could. However, The man didn't even bulge from the contack of his fis and just laughed hitting the boy on the face, making him fall and slammed his shoulder on the ground.

"Tough boy aren't we?" He roared with laughter.

"Kan!" Acarah called worriedly from the hole. Still trying her best to hold the root.

"Oh young lady, don't worry about ya lover, you should care 'bout how you'll climb back here." Another bandit who has one eye spoke.

"Don't you dare hurt him!" She shouted.

"Acarah, don't worry!" Kan said back as he stood up and wiped his bleeding lips. He glared at the man who was blocking him. "Now I order you. Get out of my way." The boy ordered grimly.

The man laughed insultingly now. "Oh boy, I'm impress by your little determination. I bet that is what the girl saw from your weak ass--" the man paused as his jaw dropped in surprise as he saw the Kan's eyes turning light blue. It was bright like the skies.

"Out of the way now before I decide to remove the air you breathe." He demended in full authority and warning in his voice. But his eyes weren't compose enough to show him mercy.

To an instant, he moved away making a way for him. Kan started walking passed by him as the breeze started to form.

"Kan! Stop!" Acarah shouted from the hole. "Haven't I said that don't consume your power!" She scolded jumping out of the hole in the ground and landed with her feet.

That was when Kan stopped from walking, surprised that the girl just sprung up and now glaring at her. Quickly he withdrew his power by blinking and his eyes went back to normal. "I'm sorry I misjudged you." He said sencerely as he looked at her with a smile.

"Boy..." The man who blocked him earlier spoke. Kan placed Acarah behind him as he face the man back with his glare. But the man didn't seem to be intimidated, instead, he was looking at him with wonder. "Who are you?" He stammered out seriously.

"Why would we possibly answer a very uncommon question from a man like you to be asking?" Acarah asked in both boredome and uninterest.

After Acarah had asked the question, the man shook his head to realization and smirked. "Forgive the question young lady. Maybe you should just answer after I have you two captured." He said as his men began to grip their own weapons and lined around the two.

Kan pressed Acarah behind him as he unsheathed his sword and alerted himself to the dangers around. Until two men charged after them in front and behind raising their flashy swords to give a blow towards them. Kan predicted the attack as he turned sideways pulling the girl with him as he strike the first man who landed his sword. While his sword was low, he was off guard that gave Kan a cue to attack. The man tried to avade but Kan's swift hand manipulated the sword to slay him diagonally to his shoulder and chest. But it wasn't that deep enough to injure his willingness to battle. However, he withdrew for a while to adjust with the pain.

The second one who attacked together with the first man quickly jumped back to distance when he saw his colleague got slain and attacked soon after. Kan hold Acarah's hand now and pulled her with him as they dodge the sword swaying man. Kan sometimes answer with his sword but he evades it most of the time while manipulating Acarahs movement to syncronize with his move and to make here unscathed. It was like they were dancing in front of the bandit crowds.

Kan hissed as he was taken aback by a kick. He slightly curled making himself duck as he hold his stomach. At the same time, Acarah pulled her hand back that made Kan glanced at her direction.

"Stay behind me." Kan ordered.

"No I won't." She said back.

"Acarah... Just listen to me."

"I'm listening. It just happened that I decided to fight too."

"Stop trying to distract me and keep yourself safe behind." Kan now gave an irritated tone to his voice.

Acarah just gave a slight pat on his shoulder. "Stupid. I can fight too you know." Acarah retorted back annoyed.

"Acarah, I'm not joking. Stay behind me." Kan raised his voice showing that he was a bit frustrated over the girl being hard headed.

"Kan, stop ordering me around. I'm supposed to train myself so stop being so greedy." Acarah crossed her arms showing no hint of submission to what Kan had ordered her to do.

"Look at that boy, you brat of a lover wants to join your suffering. Why not let her?" The man asked, out  of mockery after he watched the argue.

"Shut up!" Kan glared at him as he quickly went to fight back after bearing his pain and now managed to put another scar in the second man. Hitting him on the waist as he sat on the ground.

"Oh." The mouth scar man said amused. "You're strong boy." He said in praise.

"Don't tell me something that I already know." Kan remarked as the third and fourth men attacked.

Acarah unleashed her knife from her belt as she braced the incoming enemy. Preparing her throw as she shoot the man meters away from her. The knife was thrown like a javelin and it was so quick that the man was not able to Dodge and caused him to injure his leg. He grunted in pain and shock as he knelt on the grass and tried to pull the knife that passed through his leg. Then she charged towards him, unleashing her sword as she rose her hand to bestow a swift beheading over the shocked man who sat frozen where he sat as he looked up at her.

However, a quick hand landed strongly on Acarah's belly that surprised her, making her lack air and soon lost conscious dropping her sword and was in the verge of collapsing on the ground. But the mouth scar man was already beside her gripping her from the neck as he made the unconscious girl face Kan.

"Acarah!" He called out with rage. "Let her go." He warned, as his eyes beginning to change again.

The man just laughed over it. "Oh boy, she's really a distraction isn't she?" He said when all the sudden, a man hit Kan's back with a hilt of his sword. "You even took your eyes away from your opponent." He laughed that slowly faded into Kan's dazed eyes until he was devoured by darkness.

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