WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


10. Chapter 10

    Acarah Stabbed a soldier for the eighth time.

    It was tiring. Knowing that there are som many of them they are only two. She clashed her sword to another soldier without noticing that she distanced away from Kan who was in front her earlier. She started to get irritated. The armors are not that helpful to the wariors but when she hit the sword with it, it just pains the ear.

    She's now clashing swords with two men. She focused more and engrave her sword to the first warrior and kicked him to release the sword and swayed to the other. The ninth and tenth men she had killed. but it seems to her that these men are great in number that even if they kill as many in their strength, they would never defeat the whole army. While in the middle of her fight, a dying soldier held her feet, causing for her to trip down and fell, releasing her sword as it bounced away.

    Kan saw it. "Acarah!" He shouted running over as he stabbed each men who gets in his way. But before he could even reach her, she was stabbed to her belly. Kan turned furious. His eyes changed in color as if he was a kind of beast. From his brown lenses, it turned light blue. And he seemed to have gotted stronger and faster. When he reached her, still the sword was stuck over her belly having a hard time removing the blade. Ken beheaded the soldier who did it to her as the wind grew stronger.

    The beat of air was unusual. 

    Then Kan removed the blade from the girl's belly as he picked up Acarah's sword and went to carry the girl up in a flash and he withdraw. Running away as the warriors tried to catch up with them.

    "Kan..." Acarah called weakly as she held her belly.

    "Hey. I'm here... Just... just keep up." He said still running until they reached the forest behind the kingdom. They can hear the horse racing up with Kan's speed.

    Acarah coughed blood. "How come it hurts?" She asked.

    "You were stabbed you brat!" Kan felt his worried voice as he doubled his speed trying to force his feet not to get tired.

    "Why was you're eyes so shiny? That's weird."

    "Talk no nonesense anymore! Just hold on."

    "You're such an idiot." Acarah closed her eyes as her hand fell and helpless as if she was a doll being carried.

    Kan shook his head trying shrug the negative thoughts away and continued running. While Acarah suddenly shone like a star. the man paused from running as he shut his eyes from the great light. And his sight was devoured by the white light. The horses stopped and when the light was clear, the two disappeared.

    Acarah felt her cheeks being caressed by a warm hand. She tried openning her eyes but unfortunately, she couldn't. "Hold on Acarah. I won't let you die." She heard a man's voice said. It was echoing in her ear. But the voice was familiar... It was Kan... yes, it was Kan's voice. Aside from his warm hands, the wind also was refreshing. it was as though she was floating into the air. "Acarah..." the voice faded and she felt a soft and cold thing, touched her lips, feeling that the pain was no longer there...

    Kan used his power... the remaining strength he had to heal the girl as they fall from the high falls at the end of the river. After Kan had used it, he lost consciousness and both landed with a splash through the wide river.

    Acarah managed to wake up and found herself underwater. Kan was there, going deeper. She quickly dived and reached his hand swimming up above the river. they reached the side and she pulled him up to a land. "Kan?" She tapped his cheek but he did not respond. "Kan!" she called again and tried to pump his chest. She's now worried. She ducked down on him as she placed her mouth to his' blowing some air. But he didn't respond again. She inhaled now, ducked again and gave him some air.

    Kan opened his eyes as he coughed out some water. He sat up with the girl supporting him up. She was worried about him. It was the first time she ever felt that she was worried about that man. And that confused her at the moment.

    "Are you... alright now?" Acarah asked awkwardly as she looked down.

    Kan looked at her as he noticed that she was embarrassed. He chuckled and patted her head. "I guess I really have to carry your saliva for the rest of my life." He teased. 

    Acarah blushed more. She shortly glanced at her then looked down again. "D-do I have a choice?" She asked. "You healed me... so I have to do something in return."

    Kan smiled. "It really does include kissing me, right?"

    "It is not kissing. it is giving you air... through your... lips." she looked away as her cheeks flushed. "And... thank you... I know it was you who made the pain go away."

    Kan stared at her. She gave a short smile and he caught glance of it.

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