WARLORD The Heart of Vengeance (COMPLETE BOOK 1)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


1. Chapter 1

 Chapter 1

                The noise of the chariots that moves and steps of feet and horses that marches broke the silence of the brightnoon. Weapons ready as they headed towards the empire of Luvidia, the empire that preserves the peace between humans and elements.
            The Guthorempire declared war against Luvidia due to their jealousy to the blessing that the country’s having than what they’re having. The dust rise up and spread all the way as they marched their feet.
            Meanwhile at the empire, Luvidian prepared their force. Knights stood ready behind the gate and others are at the high barrier preparing their canyons and archers. So the war began. The emperor stayed at his throne as his only daughter stood beside him without any fear. But Acarah seemed to be blank on what’s happening in the outside, she was smiling as she played with her little pet, Rudolph a young wolf.
            As times passed and a massive explosion surprised the young girl. She stopped from playing and looked at his father who was in the face of gloom, looks like is if he was waiting for something that is coming in of his door. His swollen eyes seemed to be so alert as it gazes at the door way.
            “Father, do you expect a visitor?” Acarah asked.
            Emperor Hazka looked at his daughter with a smile. “I expect no visitor, but I am waiting for your protector.” He told her.
            “Protector? Am I in danger?” Acarah asked puzzled.
            “Possibly you are.” Hazka admitted.
            The door opened and two knights entered the throne room. They stepped in and bowed one foot raised and right hand on their chest. “Your majesty, they are in great number. Double than ours. It is too dangerous to stay here, we must take you away.” One of them said.
            The king stood as he went down of his throne and tapped the knights’ shoulders. “As the emperor I must remain here and fight until the very end. What I only want you to do is to take Acarah away from here and train her. It’s the only way if I’ll fail. She’s the only one who can see the other worlds around us so I beg you both to protect her.” He pleaded.
The two bowed their heads. “It will be you who we will never and shall not be forgotten.” They said as they stood and took the princes with her friend.
They sneaked out of the main castle using the tunnels that was built as a passage way. And there, they took two horses and rode away with the princes…
The battle had begun. The two rivals clashed swords as each emperors joined the swordplay. They battled all noon and the bloody afternoon started raining till it turned into a great storm. Due to less number of men, Luvidian loss and Guthor conquered the fourth greatest empire. And king Hazka was beheaded.
The two knights who were known as Brandon and Rogar stopped near the river. They rested and watched the young princess who had no idea what happened to her beloved father. She was beside the river watching the fish that swims around the river.
“Careful young highness or you’ll fall.” Warned Rogar.
Acarah looked at them and smiled. “I have no fear for I know that if I fall you will save me.” she said.
“But be careful still young highness. There are times that we cannot save you from any danger that even us can’t overcome.” Brandon reminded.
“Okay!” Acarah just said then turned to the fishes again.
Night came and they set a camp beside the river and catch fish for food. The three sat beside the fire as they watched the fish cooked at the fire.
“When are we going home?” Acarah asked.
The two looked at each other then looked at her. “Your father is fixing something right now, so, we need to stay away for a while until the problem is fixed.” Said Rogar.
“Like what?”
Rogar thought for a moment. There are a lot of things that a four year old girl will believe in to. Like… “His majesty is planning to fetch the group of bears away from the empire.” He said.
“Bears?”Acarah repeated.
“Yes. And those bears are large and scary.” He told her.
Acarah didn’t speak anymore as she ate the fish and Rudolph ate with her. Night went deeper and she finally slept in tiredness, while the two knights stayed awaked to guard their future empress.
Morning came and they continued to travel. They hiked the mountains and crossed the river. As they journeyed the mountains and valleys, they reached a hidden village across a cave. It was Rogar’s and Brandon’s tribe, the Cadthars. It took them three days and nights until they reached the tribe.
The people welcomed Acarah and there, they trained her swordsmanship and crafts. They also taught her spells and herbs that is found around the forest.
Acarah always asks the knights about their plan of going home but she always ends up being teased.
One morning, she joined the harvest near the fields and there, a young man started to give her double works. He demands her to carry the basket of fruits and separate it from each kind though she’s not used of working.
“Faster kid, the more time you waste, the less fruits you will harvest. Do you want to starve?” He mocked.
Acarah frowned. “Why won’t you do the same and stop demanding me! You know that the more people help, the more we can harvest more goods to preserve.” She protested as she pulled him to join her.
The young man pulled his hand back. After that, he crossed his arms. “Harvesting those are only works for Cadthar women.” He said.
“But I am no Cadthar woman. Instead, I’m a Luvidian princess.” Acarah corrected.
“But that doesn’t change the fact that you are a maiden yourself!”
“So what if I’m a maiden? Men should help too!”
“No need!”
“It’s needed!”
“I said no need!”
As the two debated, they didn’t notice that they are being watched by the Cadthars and was being laughed at. Noon came and the harvest was done.
The young man approached Acarah again preparing his mock lines. “Told ‘ya, no men isneeded to finish the work. See!” he told her.
Acara hissed. “If they helped, then it will be done in no time. And it won’t take noon before they have it finished.” She said.
“I need no opinion of you.” The young man said.
“Then why did you approach my presence? Don’t tell me you only came here to mock me?” Acarah asked.
“I came here to make it clear that men are not needed for harvesting.” He said then left.
Acarah just watched him leave then went back to Rogar’s home. He smiled at her. “You’re making friend. That’s good.” He told her.
“I am not! I was being mock.” Acarah said.
“That young man is Kan. He is Brandon’s son. I guess Brandon told him to make you as his friend but he didn’t like it.” Rogar explained.
“But I also need no friend. I have my little friend Rudolph. And he’s irreplaceable than any friend. And also, I don’t like him as a friend for he does not care of helping women at all.” Acarah said.
“Her highness’ mind is focused on ruling.” Rogar observed.
Acarah crossed her arms. “I shall learn for I want to make my beloved father proud.” She said.
Rogar’s smile faded as she looked at the innocent princess who still thinks for her dead father is alive and waiting for her return. But if he tells her that the emperor had passed away, there’s a possibility that she might not accept the reality and rebel against him. But then he smiled at her again. “You must also enjoy childhood before you claim such adult matters. Don’t waste your age.” He told her as he stood in front of her and patted her head.
“But Rogar, I am next to the throne. What if father dies and I’m playing around still? My people will be disappointed.” Acarah insisted.
“I am… surprised.” Said Rogar disbelieved. 

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