My secret lover

"My name is Eliya, I'm 16 and I like to go out on trips. If I could I would live in the nature".


1. chapter 1 ☃

"New school next to our house. Best thing ever", I said with a sigh.

"It is a good thing why are you

being so negative", Lana said.

"Because I don't like to see it. It makes me frustrated",

She laughed, "you're totally overreacting",


"I'm killing myself right now", I said and shook my head.

"Stop make out of it a big deal", Lana rolled her eyes.

"Sorry", I said and she didn't speak since then.

We arrived to the school and went to the class that we saw on the summer vacation.

We sat next to each other looking at the kids that were there.

There was one boy with curls that didn't stop to look at Lana. She didn't even notice.

He got up, I think he wanted to talk with her and the teacher came. "Good morning class", he said with a smile.

"Sit down", he looked at that boy with the curls and he sat down.

"So hello class my name is mr. Malik", he smiled and looked at all of us.

So this is the first episode. I just wanna know if someone like it, so I would continue. Please let me know what are thinking in the comment down below:3

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