Externally us (not a fan fiction)

Anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.... The stages of getting over a loved ones death.


5. chapter 4 acceptance

I walked in and saw an autumn affect on the room where a squirrel sat on a branch when an acorn sat at the end of the branch, a well not far from a tree in the middle, a berry bush near me, a rope and bucket connected to a tree, stones on the ground and a stone carved on the ground. I walked over to the berry bush and collected a few berries seeing if I'd need them later. I walked over to the number of stones and began filling up the bucket until the rope snapped. I grabbed the bucket and rope before I started to lower it into the well and bringing it back up where I looked at hungry squirrel and I grabbed the berries before I shook them. "Come over little guy." And he ran across the branch causing the acorn to shake a little but not drop to the ground. I ran to the other side of the branch repeating it again and saw the acorn fell and planted itself into the ground. "What if I-" I them poured the water onto of the acorn which grew around the stone carving into a tree with flowers falling. I dropped to my knees to read what it said.

"Fiona Bell. Loveable friend to every one. Past away from disease. A sister, friend and aunt. 1998-2009"

I read the writing I cried. "Fio, I missed you!" I whimpered once a soft hand touched my shoulder. "You made it Amber. You passed every stage. Anger-" it said before a flash back of me smashing wooden creates. "-bargaining-" another flash and all I saw was me talking/shouting at the trees. "-depression-" once again a flash back to the statue with a heart being placed in his hand by me. "- and acceptance." One last flash back of me reading the gravestone's writing. I shock my head to see me looking over a cliff at a sunset with mountains and rivers below us. I turned to the presence beside me. "Fio..." I gasped but stopped still shocked. "Amber you need to let go." She said. "But I can't, I'm afraid of being alone, in the dark...." I mumbled "Amber, remember at all of the sleepovers, you'd bring your nightlight because you were afraid of the dark and we'd stay up for hours just looking at the patterns it created?" She questioned; I nodded in response. "Your nightlight is gone-" I cut her off "NO!!" I cried. "Amber, your nightlight might be gone, but the sun will rise over your darkness." She explained. It was silent for awhile while the sun rises. "When will I see you again?" "How hard can you close your eyes?"

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