Externally us (not a fan fiction)

Anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.... The stages of getting over a loved ones death.


4. chapter 3 depression

I landed face first in the snow covered ground. Everything was silent before I heard a sigh and I looked to see the zombie like freak looking at me. "Hello Amber! Have you given up yet?" He smirked down at me. "I will find her!" I stated weekly turning my gaze to the ground in front of me. A slight chuckle was all that separated the awkward silence. "Bittersweet Amber, a long journey with nothing learned and nothing gained! Bittersweet!" He walked out of the room through the iron gates and disappear from view. I slowly sat painfully on my bottom in a fatal position before looking up seeing small lights spread out around a statue. I got up and read the carving at the bottom of the statue.

"Your heart is as cold as ice but in my hand is a lantern filled with light and in my hand, your heart will be warm"

I had no idea what that meant and left to collect four of the small glows which turned out to be glow worms. I carefully placed two in the lantern by the iron gate and two in the statues lantern. Next moment I realised the key on his neck and took it where I turned around and saw a small chest with a small lock. I managed to open the chest and saw a heart carved stone. "A heart cold as ice-" I say as I walk up to the statue. "-but in my hand is a lantern filled with light-" I placed the heart carved stone in the statues free hand "-and in my hand, your hand will be warm!" I whispered feeling the depressing mood lift. I turned to see a creaking and saw the iron gate open. I looked back and saw snow falling light. That's when I moved onwards.

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