Externally us (not a fan fiction)

Anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.... The stages of getting over a loved ones death.


3. chapter 2 bargaining

I opened up my crystal orbs to see a moonless night filled with millions of tiny stars twinkling in the night. I looked down at my surrounds to see an old boardwalk around a creek where trees grew freely around and in the banks of the creak. I kept on walking till the end of the wood reached the muddy, murky water reach its sides. I turned to go back to find the wooden path submerged. 'There's no where else to go but move forward' I thought. I took a breath and slowly moved into the muddy water it slowly began to become harder to move when i was between two trees. I took one more step before I was stuck. My head flew backwards in frustration and that's when I screamed. Just then a root flew up around my leg. I grabbed it and tugged which made the tree on my right show an outline of eyes and mouth. The same root shot up again but this time I grabbed and it was struggling to get away which made it slip from my grip. Over and over again, the root shot up and it slipped from my grip a few times and others, I pulled which only made light shine from the outlined parts; only this time it was different, it woke. "Who... dares to awaken.... me!" It moaned and yawned stretching its branches and roots. "I, Amber, has awaken you." I replied shocked. It's not everyday you see a tree that talks. "What do you want?" It questioned me looking down on me. "Can you please help me get out of the mud?" I questioned weakened by the experience in the muddy water. "I have no time for you." It stated before it stopped talking before the light from its mouth and eyes dimmed half way. Yet, on my left another root shot up and the same thing happened... except... "This is Amber and she has woken us both up for us to help her out of the mud quick sand." The first tree informed the one who has just woken up. "Amber, we can not help you there, but, we can give you time?" He asked. "I have no time, I need to save Fio and bring her back!" I shouted turning down the offer. "How can you have no time when we just offered you time in which you didn't except?" Both asked at the same time. Just then I felt the sinking feeling on my feet and legs. "Please help me!!" I screamed reaching for them. Their branches were raised above their heads and I sank under to find me falling into a winter wonder land, only a depressed version.

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