Externally us (not a fan fiction)

Anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.... The stages of getting over a loved ones death.


2. chapter 1 Anger

I walked away from the wall I first landed in front of and felt light rain pour down on me. Just looking around, I spotted dark clouds and shadowy views of the city bellow. I walked until I saw a corner in which I followed to find three statues one above my head, one in the opposite corner that I was facing and one on the ground beside me plus a crate placed in the middle. Next to the crate was a wrench. "He said it would come." One said from above "mmm... Can it see?" Another one said. "Who are you?" I questioned out of the blue. "One does not see?" The one beside me speaks out. "It apparently doesn't." The one further away speaks. "Bittersweet" the one above me speaks. "Who's it?" I questioned getting angry. "It is blinded and cannot see through its bitter rage!" Another spoke. "One is lost and should be forgotten but it won't let it go." "Bittersweet" all three said in sync. "I will find her!" I spoke at the three. "It is angry and it's weak." "The angrier it gets the weaker it will become!" The one on the ground and above me stated. "Weak!! I will show you!!" I screamed grabbing the wrench beside me and using it to smash the crate to pieces. "Feels better?" The three asked. Another randomly appeared in the spot of the other crate moments ago. I held onto the wrench and smashed it again. "Careful now..." The one in the corner said. Another crate appeared where the others were once put. I checked the crate and found it open. "Feels better doesn't it? Mmmm... Having all that anger disappearing..." The three spoke in sync for the last time before using their newly found wings and flying away into the storm that is suddenly brewing. I watch them fly until I was knocked out of my daze to the rain pouring heavier. I opened the crates lid with the greatest of ease and found a key inside. As soon as I grabbed the key, I heard a noise behind me. I looked behind and saw a door locked and make of blood. "I wonder..." I walked towards the door while looking down at the key and then pushed the key in the hole before twisting it. "It fit-" I was cut off again by being sucked into another parallel universe.

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