Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


14. What to do...

Ethan P.O.V

-almost 2 weeks later.-

What am i going to do?

Ugh this is going to be so har because I don't know what the 'perfect date' is for her.


Well I could if she didn't tell MaKaila I aske-


"JASON" I shouted.

"What?" Jason said out of breath.

"Help me." 

"With what?"

"Perfect date for MaKaila."

"Show up in a suit and flowers, take her out in a limo and have a romantic dinner on the beach."

"Are you sure?"

"every girl loves that shit"

"What shit?"Megan said coming in.

"Roses, limos & a romantic dinner on the beach." Jason said.

"are you guys talking about MaKaila's "perfect date"?" Megan asked giggling.

"Yeah" Jason said.

"Her perfect date's Disney moves all day and cuddling with a homemade dinner from whom ever is doing the date." Megan said. "Fuck, I wasn't suppose to tell you. This never happened."

Oooo, Now I know what to do. :)

Megan P.O.V.

Fuck I'm an idiot.

"Megan!!" MaKaila screamed from the kitchen.

"Coming!" I said runnung to the kitchen. "Whatcha need sissta.?"

"Help me make dinner" She said smiling.


" that wasn't a question" she said tossing me a bag of apples."Make the snicker salad."


Oh by the way we're throwing a birthday party for Jason, well with just us four and we invited his parents ,aunts and uncles (and their kids but not Logan's family) and siblings and his grandparents... That's why theyre stuck upstairs. This past 2 weeks has been the best in my life. Every day I wake up to Jason's face, during the week we get dressed & go to school, he comes to all of the football games and I get to fall asleep to his arms around me. it's his 21st birthday, but he doesn't want to drink he wants it to be like just another day. Soooo MaKaila and I are making a huge dinner for it.I'm nervous because I've only met his youngest sister because He had to take her to their grandparents. What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm a whore?

MaKaila P.O.V.

So We're making a HUGE MEAL;

2 big bowls Snicker Salad

2 chickens

3 boxes mashed potatoes

taco dip

8 cans of corn

4 bowls of fruit salads

2 bowls of fruit salad with whipped cream


This dude has a huge family. I think we counted like 45 people total. So I've been cooking and trying to keep Megan calmed because she's a mess she doesn't want to meet his family and them think something bad.I don't see how they could she's an amazing person.

-an hour later-


Jason's P.O.V. 




I ran downstairs to see Megan pacing back and forth.

"I'm going to get the door?" I said.

"Okay." She said faking a smile.

I opened the door to see my mom and dad.  (I am forced to call him dad but he's my step-dad)

"What're you guys doing here?" I said hugging and kissing them.

"We were invited for dinner." My mom said.

"Megan did you plan this?" I said looking at her. she just kinda stood there." Helloo?"

"oh uh uh  uh." She said. " Yeah I did."

"Oh, mom dad. This is Megan, my girlfriend." I sad grabbing her hand.

"Hi lovely, you're the one who called right?" my mom said.

"Hello Mrs. Machart, and yes it was me." Megan said softly.

"Oh dear don't call me that, that's my mother-in-law. Call me Kristine" My mom said smiling.

"Oh I'm so sorry." Megan said apologetically but I knew she was beating herself up about it.

"Hello Megan." My father said shaking her hand and kissing her cheek. "You're lovely."

"Hello Mr Machart" Megan said shaking his hand.

"Where shall we put our jackets? and I love how proper you are, but call me Damian " My father said with a smile.

"I'll take them" MaKaila said coming in with a smile.

"Oh okay. May I ask who you are dear?" My mom stated.

"Oh sorry for not introducing myself. I'm MaKaila. I'm well pretty much Megan's sister." she said blushing.

 "Oh Okay" My mom said sweetly and handed MaKaila her and my dad's coats.


Oh gosh who could that be? I open the door and see My aunts and uncles with their kids. Wow Megan's going nuts with this.

"His there birthday boy" My aunt Elsie said." Can't believe youre 21" 

Megan's P.O.V

-20 minutes later-

I'm freaking out. It's time to eat.  I hope they're is enough food.

"So you thought I wouldn't find out about this?" Logan said coming in from the kitchen door.

"I thought I made it fucking clear you were never allowed here." MaKaila said shooting a glare at him.

"What you going to hurt me in front of my family?" He said smirking. " because that'd make them love Megan wouldn't it?"

Damian walked in after that.

"Hey Megan, I see you've met Logan, Jason's oldest cousin." He said smiling.

"Yeah I have" I said faking a smile.

"He's such an amazing young man" Damian said patting Logan's back.

"Uncle D, I used to date Megan. I've told you about her. I just always called her MJ." Logan said.

" Oh." Damian said looking at me.

Jason's P.O.V.

My dad came back from the kitchen.

"You know what Megan did right? he said whispering in my ear.

"what do you mean?" I said back.

"Her having sex with Logan and breaking up with him" He said glaring at me.

why is he even fucking bringing this up?.

"I didn't know that's who Logan dated til he told me. just a few minutes ago. I do not want you heart broken." He said mad.

"I'm going to hurt that kid" I muttered under my breathe.

"You can't hurt a girl." My dad said.

" I wasn't talking about Megan I was talking about Logan". I said pissed off.

"Food's ready to eat!" Megan said with the fakest smile I've ever seen.

"Okay gorgeous." I said kissing her cheek pretending not to be pissed off.

-at the table-

"So Megan, Youre the one who dated Logan also?" My dad said.

"Uh, Yes. We broke up after an incident" Megan said pretending to smile..

"You mean after you had sex?" My dad said. while everyone choked on their food and Megan ran to her room crying.

"DAMIAN!" My mom shouted at him while Logan smirked at me.

"You are terrible. I'm ashamed of having you as a father!" I said slamming my cup on the table and chasing after Megan.

MaKaila P.O.V.

" MaKaila, I am so sorry for all of this. My husband is a very indecent man." Kristine whispered glaring at Damian. 

"It's alright, some people just dont know when to stop" I whispered back glaring at Logan. Ethan grabbed my hand to calm me from getting up and punching Logan in the face for even showing up.

-an hour later-

Megan hasn't came down since dinner and Jason has been coming down every once in a while.

I've mainly been talking to Kristine.She's so kind. She's telling me stories of Jason and Ethan from when they were little. God I can't wait to meet Ethan's parents.


Well everyone but Kristine and Damian left already.

"Oh dear! It's alrady 6:30! We have to get going!" Kristine said surprised. "You're such a nice lady, please tell Jason and Megan I'm sorry for Damian's behavior this evening. Sometimes he thinks he's better than everyone else."

"I sure will. I just wish she got to meet you before Damian said anything." I said with a smile. "you're such an amazing person to get to know."

"Okay dear, let's go" She said pulling Damian out the door.

Ugh I better go check on Megan and Jason and tell them Kristine and Damian left... 

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