Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


25. Well here goes nothing...

"Megan's POV

"It started way back in kindergarten. before you know.." I trailed while she nodded. "Logan was in my gym class. I had the hugest crush on him. He didn't even know I existed." I said looking down. " I know, I know what you're thinking.' I thought you met him less than a year ago' but I didn't. We met at Wayzata Elementary.  I went there a month, if that." I felt so ashamed. "But when Logan came to our Minnetonka football game I recognized him right away. His dark brown hair and his dreamy brown eyes. I couldn't resist but to go say hi and flirt. I mean I thought I had a chance being Cheer captain..

Flash Back

"Hey" I said smiling. 

"Hi There" Logan said with a giant smile.

"Did you enjoy the ga-"

"you have beautiful eyes"

"Th-th-th-thank you" I blushed and looked down.

"Hey look at me, don't hide your face" Logan said lightly pushing my head up with his hand on my chin. "It's too beautiful to hide from the world" causing me to blush more."I feel like I've seen your eyes before they look so beautiful."

"I was i-" I stopped. "I don't think we've met."
"Oh I'm Logan, Logan Machart."

"Megan" I say smiling.

"So I see you're cheer captain." He said sarcastically.

"So I see you can point out the obvious." I say smiling.

"Ouch, you got a bite." He said with a wink.

"Megan, C'mon! Half time is over!" Emily screamed from the field.

"Oh shit. I have to go.. sorry Logan." I say starting to walk away, but he grabs my hand.

"Can I have your number first?"

"Yeah" I said happy that he asked."Its ###-###-####"

"Just texted you" He smiled and I ran away.

"Megan? Are you going to finish?" MaKAila said worriedly.

"Yeah, sorry. Anyways. Being Cheer Captain worked. I got his number we started talking not long after we started dating. I then fell in love with him and every day after that i fell a little more.He'd take me on sweet little dates, randomly show up with gifts, who wouldn't love that? Then he got this new friend and he turned into a jerk most of the time."I said  after realizing what happened.  "I'm still in love with him." I aid quickly.  "He would call me names push and hit me, but he'd still show me off, take me on dates and make it seem like I was a queen." I said trying to make it sound like I never said I was still in love with him.

"Wait what'd you say?" MaKaila said.  

" He still Showed me off?" 

"Before that." she said getting a tad angry

"He called me names?"

"Before that Megan" She said giving me the eye

"He was a jerk most of the time?"

"After that"

"I'm still in love with him" I say nervous and scared.

"What? but Megan he hurt you, treated you like shit made you feel worthless."

"I FUCKING KNOW, BUT I CAN'T HELP BUT STILL BE IN LOVE WITH HIM"I shouted.then I heard little sniffles and a door slam."no,no, no,no."

"Hey uh,Robyn is coming over for a bit because Log-" Ethan said coming from outside.

"Not the right time to bring him up." I say starting to cry."That's great that shes coming, I hope she's has fun." I spoke as I walked out the from door and hopped in my car and drove away.


6 Texts from MaKaila.

4 Texts from Ethan

1 text from Jason

3 texts from Robyn

I ignored them all. I just made a fool of myself. I mostlikely broke JAson's heart. How will I be able to face him again?

I pull up to the house, his house. Logan's.

I walk up to the door about to knock then I hear "Fuck I'm such a piece of shit" And shattering of glass.

I pulled out my keys, found the one shaped likea crown, put it in the lock and open the door.

As I opened the door Logan turns around. He's shirtless. Cuts are down his body, tears running down his face, but not one ounce of alcohol in sight and you cant even smell it on his breath. He wasn't drinking at all. I ran up to him, he tried backing away but fell leaning against the wall.

"What, what are you doing here?" He said nervous, scared, and confused.

"Not the point, What are you doing to yourself?" I say grabbing him and putting him on the couch.

"Nothing" He said sternly.

"LOGAN THIS ISN'T 'NOTHING'. YOU'RE HURTING YOURSELF AND CALLING YOURSELF NAMES." I said a little madder than i should've with worry and hurt.

"I treated you like shit, the best, most amazing girl I ever had and ever will have. How am I suppose to ive with myself? I broke your heart, now you probably never want to see me, well I thought you didn't at least."

"Logan, we have to get to the hospital." I say worried about how much blood he's loosing.

"No just leave me be." He said empty.

"Fucking lets go" I say grabbing his arm.

"fine.." he said weakly.

We get to my car he stops. " I don't want to ruin your seats."

"You're fine, I'd rather have you alive than them be clean" I said smiling.

He got in the car "I'm getting sleepy."

"Stay awake." I said scared. "Fight it."

WE got to thehospital and i went to help Loganout and he was limp. He could barely walk I got him to at least get to the wheelchairs and I push him in and I check him in.

"Ma'am, What's his name?" The receptionist said snobbyly

"Logan Machart" I said quickly.



"And who are you to him? sister?"

"Girlfriend." I said Logan's smiled a little bit.

"And what exactly happened?"

"I came home from my friend's house and I heard a shatter of glass and came in and saw him covered  in cuts."

"Okay. A nurse will get you soon."

I pushed him over to a seat.

"Girlfriend huh?" He said soft and weakly. "I miss hearing that" then suddenly his head fell to the side and he passed out.

"HELP HELP SOMEONE HELP." I screamed as i was trying to get a response from Logan.

Then nurses came out and took him back and told me that I couldn't go back.

-an hour later-

I guess I'll check my phone.

27 texts from MaKaila

20 texts from Ethan

3 texts from Jason

6 from Robyn

6 missed calls from Makaila 

2 missed calls from Ethan

I open the ones from MaKaila first. 

MaKaila: Where are you going?

Whats going on?


I'm worried

Megan JoLynn

No ones mad at you

Megan please answer me

is everything okay?



Where are you?

Why wont you respond

Megan come home please.

Megan please.

We're all worried sick


Ethan is panicking.

Please just come home.

I'm crying Megan


I'm scared.

Why wont you answer any of us?


It's been three 3 hours 

where are you?

Then I opened Ethan's, his were pretty much just like MaKaila's. I decided to open Robyn's.

Robyn: Did I do something wrong?

If you don't want me here I'll leave.

"Why aren't you responding to anyone?

I'll just go back home.

Okay I'm not going anywhere.

We're worried about you.

Jason: Why would you do this to me?

Now you're ignoring me? Fuck you too then.

We're over.

I started crying. I knew I shouldn't have opened his texts.

"Ma'am, Are you Megan JoLynn?" A male doctor says coming out slowly.

"Yes, is Logan going to be alright?"

"We believe so He's sleeping, He lost a lot of blood he had a blood transfusion. Does he have any family members?"

"No, He's been on his own for the last 5 years."


"Can I go see him?"

"Yes, but don't wake him, he needs the all the rest he can get. Oh and He might not remember some things,he lost his short term memory from all the blood loss."


I go into his room and he's sleeping. He looks so peaceful. So relaxed. So beautiful. I walk up to him I grab his hand and squeeze it a bit. 

"I hope you remember me. Logan, I love you" 

I sat there for about 4 hours 


MaKaila: Megan We're going to bed I hope youre okay. Robyn is going to be staying the night.

I decided to reply.

Me: I'm fine. I won't be coming home tonight though. Love you. tell Ethan thankyou for caring. Night. <3

The doctor came in and told me than I needed to get rest as it is 3 am. He brought in a cot for me. and I lied down.


MaKaila: Are you going to school today?

Me: No. Something else is more important.

I fell asleep until I heard clattering of things. I opened my eyes to see a new nurse. Must be about 7 am new shifts are coming in.

"Nurse" Loganspoke softly still weak.

"Oh yes, youre awake!" She said cheery. "What do you need ?"

"May I get help walking to the bathroom?"

"Oh yes. Megan",She said peeking around. "Can you help me?"

"Megan?!" Logan said happily.

"Yes she's the one who brought you in last night, she hasn't left your side" 

"I have the best girlfriend in the world." He said getting up. we helped him to the bathroom and back to his bed and the nurse left to tell the doctor he was awake.

"Logan, Howre you feeling?" The Doctor said coming in.

"I'm good, alittle weak and confused. I don't know why I'm in here exactly." Logan said smiling.

"You had cuts all over your body." Doctor spoke. "You lost a lot of blood"

"Oh. " He said more satisfied.

"You can leave later today, but first we need to do an xray and a test to make sure your body isn't fighting the new blood." The doctor said as the nurse came in with a wheelchair.

"Okay," He said getting into the wheel chair.

"He'll be right back Mrs. Machart." The Doctor said.

"Okay Doctor, but we are not married."

"Oh I'm sorry, just from how you act and how worried you are it made me feel as if you guys were."

He was gone for about an hour and I sat there watching tv. 


MaKaila: Hey, Where are you? I want to see you.

Me: At the hospital.


Me: I am. Logan is not.

MaKaila: What! Did you hurt him?

Me: Nope. I saved his life.

MaKaila:Me and Ethan are coming at lunch with is in 30 minutes since it's a half day.

Me: Please don't I want to be alone.

MaKaila: Want me to bring Jason?


MaKaila: But are you guys dating?

Me: Not anymore.

MaKaila: WHAT! When did that happen?

Me: He thought I was ignoring him because I didn't answer any texts from anyone last night and he broke up with me,

MaKaila: I'm so sorry. What're you doing?

Me: Watching TV, Logan's not here right now he's getting xrays.

MaKaila: Okay, Are you sure youre fine?

Me: Yeah. 

MaKaila: Is Logan?

Me: Yeah, just doesnt remember anything from the last few months..

MaKaila: so he doesn't remember your guys' break up? or him treating you like shit?

Me: Nope, He thinks we're still dating.

MaKaila: Are you going to say anything to him? 

I stopped replying. I don't want to but that's the right thing to do...

I love him so much I don't think I'm going to. 


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