Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


20. Un-answered

MaKaila P.O.V

Megan freezes up and tears up.

"I um-eh" Megan said tripping up on her words

I didn't even know she kept that. She wore it all the time around the house. Why didn't she tell me? she kept it from me, we tell each other everything... well almost everything. Even I have a few stuff I never told any one, and for good reason... I guess Megan had reason's too, I have no reason to be mad. Gotta help my girl outta this situation.

"I want food, I'm going to McDonald's."

I sprint to Megan, grab her by the hand and I'm out the door before any one stops us. We run to the car and I hop into the driver seat and start the car. I see everyone run outside and I hit the gas pedal. The boys get in there car

"Shit, guess we have to lose them." I say to myself

I sped down the street, with the boys on my tail.

"Jeez, do they ever give up?" I said as I gritted my teeth

"MaKaila, Do you remember your first driving test?"

I laugh at the memory," Hell yeah"

I am a big fan of the fast and furious movies, and I tried the stunts on my driving test. I nailed it, I did a flaw less U-turn. I Was facing the boys head on

"Hear we go."

Ethan P.O.V.

I stop the car

"What is MaKaila doing?" Jason said

"I have no idea."

MaKaila hits the gas pedal and drives straight at us

"Oh shit!"

I start the car and quickly swerve to the side and MaKaila drives past. And I see her Wink at me. God she is hot.

"MaKaila is crazy... But that was Fucken sweet!!" Jason had said in awe.

MaKaila was long gone.

"Well shit we lost them."

"they said they were going to McDonald's."
"There are quite a few of them Jason, Lets let them be."

"NO!! I need to know why my girlfriend is keeping the sweatshirt of the guy that made her life a living hell!"

I look at him with sympathy

"Dude I get it, but Megan needs some time."

Jason kicks the car

"Fucken hell!...Fine, lets go." Jason said as he gets back into the car.

I hop into the car and drive off.


MaKaila P.O.V.

I drive down the street, While me and Megan sit there, silent. I stop on a hill, our hill. Then me and Megan found as a kid.

"I thought we were going to McDonalds?" Megan said confused.

I stop the car," We will, but you need a moment, plus we have to visit an old friend."

I reach to the back of the car and pull out some flowers. I get out of the car and walk up to a grave. And place the flowers at the grave. Even though there is no body resting here.

"It's been a while since we visited last." Megan had said.

"For you maybe, But I've been coming out every month."

 Me and Megan were the only ones we had. The other kids hated us, and our caretaker was an evil drunk that didn't care about anyone but himself.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

I just look at her," We have our secrets, ."

She didn't say anything after that. We were sitting there for awhile, until I spoke up 

"So do you want to talk about it?"

"No" Megan said while she shook her head.

This has been happening a lot leatly. I try to talk to her, connect like we use to. But it feels like we've drifted apart. There's just a lot of secrets. I got up

"Well lets go." I said with a fake smile

I walk away, feeling hurt, and sad. But I'll be damned before I show weakness.

We go to McDonalds, and head back home.

"Wait, I don't want to go home right now. I'm not ready to face Jason." Megan had said

"Okay, we can check into a hotel."


Jason P.O.V

I'm sitting in the living room, waiting for the girls to get back.

"Dude this movie is bomb." Ethan had said

"How are you so calm? Aren't you worried about MaKaila."

Ethan thinks for a minute.

"Sort of, But you know as well as I do that MaKaila can take care of herself, and Megan."

He's right, I guess I'm just on edge.

"Anyways dude, I'm going to bed, You should too." Ethan said while heading to his guest room. He only sleeps there when MaKaila's gone.

 guess I should go to bed but I'll wait a bit, my girl is worth waiting for.


MaKaila P.O.V.

We had checked out of the hotel pretty early, and stopped at Hardee's to eat breakfast.

"What do I want?" I said

"Well I'm just going to get the breakfast."

"Hmmm... i'll have the chicken tenders."

"Umm MaKaila, It's breakfast hour, they don't serve it this early."

"What, well shit, then I'm not getting anything."

I went to sit down and Megan ordered her food then sat down across from me.

"I really wanted chicken fingers." I said while pouting

"Well then here you go." A mysterious voice said.

by the deep voice I think it's a dude, but you never know. And there is an accent, but I'm not sure what it is.

I see a plate of chicken fingers with BBQ sauce. I look up to see a really hot guy.








I look straight into his eyes, his eyes were the bluest of blue and I'm a sucker for blue eyes.

"Um...Thank you."

"Anything for a pretty girl." he said as he sent a wink then walked a way. Dat butt though!

"He's hella hot... oh and he left his number." Megan said

I look and he really did! me and Megan smile at each other

"I'm so excited!.... but what about Ethan?" I said feeling a little down

"Oh right... well Ethan hasn't really made his move yet, so your free do want you want." She said while sipping her drink.

"Your right... but I feel kind of bad, and it would be weird, Ethan lives with us, so how would that work?"

"I'm not sure, but don't jump the gun yet, you just met him. So I would just start out as friends."

"See this is why youre here my dear." I said with a smile

Me and Megan head out but before we get to the door I look back and see that the guy is looking at me.

we pulled up into the drive way and go into the house. it was quiet. I guess that there still asleep.

"I'm heading to my room" I had said

I ran up the stairs and go to my room. I sigh and plop into my gaming chair

"I'm in serious need of therapy."

Before I got lost into the world of amazingness, My phone rang. I look at it and frown.

"Why me?"

I answer cause knowing him he won't stop.

"What the hell do you want!?"

"Oh baby why do you treat me like that?"

"Because I hate you."

"How can you say that? I'm your first love." Chris said

"Ha, no youre not."

"What do you mean I'm not?"

"It's none of you damn business!" I said while I hung up

"I'm just so done, I don't know what I saw in him."

I think  it was his eyes, they were nice, but my real first love had the most beautiful eyes. Kind of like that one guy from today

"Maybe I should text him"

With that I whip out my phone and shoot him a text.


MaKaila: Hey

???:Hey, Who is this?

MaKaila: The girl you give your number to earlier

???: Oh! what's going on?

MaKaila: Nothing much, just going to play some games.

???:Oh really? What game?

MaKaila: Haven't decided, maybe some LOZ or The last of us, that's a pretty good game

???: Yeah it is, and what's LOZ?

MaKaila: Legend of Zelda

???: You play LOZ? I love those games!

MaKaila: Awesome!


Me and him texted for an hour before I realize something

MaKaila: Hey what's your name?

???: Oh haha that would be helpful to know, it's Felix Xavier Jaxson, But people call me Jax

MaKaila: I like it, and isn't Felix a Swedish name?

Jax: Yeah I lived in Sweden for most of my life.

MaKaila: Really? that's so cool do you know Swedish?

Jax: Yeah, do you want to learn?

MaKaila: Hellz yeah!

Jax: K I'll come over, just name the time and date

MaKaila: How's next weekend?

Jax: Perfect, I have to go back to work.

MaKaila: K laters

I've never texted anyone for that long, it felt nice

"Jeez I can't wait"

"Wait for what?"

I quickly turn around to see Ethan standing at the door way

"Um im going to learn Swedish, I got a tutor."

it's not a lie, I just didn't mention that my tutor is hella hot.

"Oh that's cool" Ethan said while walking in

"So whatcha doin?"

"I'm going to play some video games"


"Yep, so did Robyn leave?"

"Naw she's sleeping in one of the guest bed rooms."

"I see." I said while I turned towards to play.

I don't really want to deal with anyone anymore, I'm just going to lose my self in my world

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