Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


39. Shoes. Oh my god shoes.

Megan's POV

"We're going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship" I sing at the tops of my lungs as we drive to the mall.

"Little Einsteins, really?" Jason says laughing.

"Yeees"I smile amd kiss his cheek. 

"I see why Isaac is so mad." Mitch spoke to A'dre. "My sister's a whore." 

"Mitch. really?" Jason says getting pissed.

"Calm down, mister." I say smiling.

"Why should I" Jason says red in the face.

"Because he's my brother." I said straight faced.

"Only because you said so" He said flirtily.

"Stop." A'dre says getting irritated.

"Megaaan, I missed youuuuuuu" Ethan says in the background.

"What did you fuck him too?" Mitch said rolliong his eyes.

"No" Ethan says getting defensive.

"Actually no, I don't fuck every guy I talk to."I said blankly.

"She's just fucked Logan." Ethan said letting it slip.

"LOGAN?! THE ONE YOU CAME HERE WITH?!" Mitch said pissed.

"ETHAN!" I scream.

"Guys stop it. this is a bunch of bullshit." MaKaila said.

"I agree with MaKaila" A'dre says annoyed.

"Lets have fun. Not bicker about Megan and her love/sex life." MaKaila say irritated.

"Agreed." I spoke about to whoop some ass.

The rest of the way to the mall Jason drove and we sat in silence with music playing.

We all split up at first, A'dre and Mitch went to find hats, MaKaila and Ethan went to find video game and Me and Jason are just waking around until they are done.

I was talking to Jason.

"Why is he such an ass?"

"Jason, that's my brother. And he's kinda right.." I say as my voice drops and walks a little faster..

"No, he is not." Jason says spins me around."Megan you aren't a whore." 

"Jason but I am." I say as I sat on a bench.

"You aren't Megan I can pro-"

"I am. Dont lie. MaKaila's family is so proud and love her and mine.. Mitch hates me, my dad is disapointed and My mom is never around and Danny probabloy wants to hurt me." I start crying.

"I'm sure they love you Megan." Jason said wrapping his arms around me.

"No. The don't. I'm a disgrace to this family." I stand up and start walking away.


"MaKaila even agrees that I'm a whore." I run off to a random store and I accidentally ran into someone.

"Excuse you"

"I'm- I'm sorry." I say backing off.

"Megan?" The male spoke.

I look up tosee Tanner.

"Fuck you." I say and run off.

"Stop, bitch." Tanner spoke coldly.

"Don't call her a bitch. " Jason said coming around the corner.

"Oh great Logan's cousin."

"Oh great Logan's drug dealer." Jason said heartlessly.

"What?" I said confused as fuck.

"Thanks for blowing my cover." Tanner said and walked off.

"Hey Guys!" We hear The others yelling from behind me.

"Hi!" Jason and I shout back.

"Did you hear about Isaac's birthday party? Its a Masquerade Ball!" MaKaila said excited.

"I dou-" 

"You're invited by my dad not Isaac, so what he thinks doesn't matter" A'dre Said know that I was going to say Isaac doesn't want me there and try to get out of it.

"Shall we find dresses then girls?" Ethan said making us all break into laughter.

"Yeaaah" MaKaila said.

"Wedding dresses and proms" I said reading a sign.

"That sounds good" Jason said smiling.

WE all walk ing and MaKaila's face shows disgust.

"Dresses not your thing?" Mitch says with a wink.

"Ehhuhhm." Ethan says and kisses MaKaila's cheek.

We both grab a dress and run into a fitting room together and help eachother in them.

Mines Mint and hers is blue.

"Lets show the guys." We say together.

MaKaila walks out first strutting.and I hear cheers and whistles.

I look at myself in a mirror and spin around in disgust of who Ive become. I put a fake smile on and walk out. 

There's a few gasps but nothing like the reaction to MaKAila's. 

"What do you guys think?" A worker asks the guys in the store and our guys.

"Curly haired one looks smokin" We hear from across the store..

" Thankyou?" 

"MaKAila you look absolutely incredible." Ethan says stepping on the cat walk." Like my own Princess"

"I don't think the color goes with her skin tone very well." I speak and everyone shoot mean looks at me.

"Well I don't think anything goes good with your face" A few guys yell.

I freeze and runinto the fitting room and put my own clothes on and buys a random dress and I run out of the store through the food court and out the from doors of the mall and I find Jasons car.I try to open the door but its locked. 

"I'm such a mess" I mutter under my breath.

Then I hear a ding and I turn around to find..

No one other than Logan.

"Hey beautiful " Logan says wrapping his arms around me and pulling me tightly into his body.

"I'm not beautiful" I mutter as I take a deep breathe.

"Why do you say that?" Logan said confused at how I'm acting as I was once inlove with how I look.

"I'm not the one who said it." I say softly as a tear runs down my cheek.

"Get in my car." Logan says sweetly.'

I sit in his car and he starts it u and he pulls out of the parking lot and we drive away.

MaKaila's POV

"Who the fuck said that?" I yell as Megan runs out the door.

"Why does it matter, youre hot." A guy says in the back.

"She has a boyfriend" A'dre says sending the meanest look in the world over to the guys direction.

"woah, sorry A'dre. Didn't know she was yours." The guys all move a little farther.

"She's not my girlfriend. My sister." A'dre says strictly and the guys run out of the store.

"Is this the dress you want dear?" The worker said like nothing is happening.

"No, I'mgoing to listen to Megan about how this dress doesn't go with my skin tone." I say sweetly.

"any dresses you want to tryon?" She says gesturing to all the dresses.

"No I'll just take that one" I say pointing to the dress that Megan has said many times she'd love to see me in. (At other stores of course)

"We should probably go get Megan now." Jason and Ethan say in unison.

"She's probably crying like the little baby she is."Mitch says annoyed.

"Mitch" A'dre says whipping his head in his direction.

"Lets go" I say and pull Ethan out of the store and mall.

"I parked over there"Jason said shouting and pointing.

Megan's POV

Logan and I pull back into the parking lot at the same time MaKaila got to Jasons car.

"MEGAN!" MaKaila shouts looking around .

Logan parks and I get out, "Yeah?" I say laughing.

"Are you okay?" MaKaila says confused.

"Yeah, I ran to Jason's car but it was locked and Logan just got here and you weren't around so he took me for a ride to get my mind off things." I say smiling and laughing.

"You seem a little too happy" Jason said giving Logan the stank eye.

"You drive around in that car, its amazing!" I say and give Logan and Jason a kiss on the cheek.

"MaKailaaaa.: I say hyperly."I wanna seee Isaac. MaKAaaaailaaaaaa." 

"Why?" MaKaila says suspicious

"Because Isaac is hella fine. Aaaaaaand I wanna feel his touchhchhchhh. it gives me chills like electricit-t-ty running through my bodaaaay" I say laughing.

"Let's just take you back to my house and go from there" MaKAila said glaring at Logan.

"Hehe Okay"

We gt in the car

*Beep* "Heyy that was my phonee" I yell.


"Its from Isaac MAKailaaa.Isaaaaac." I whisper. " You know your sexy brother that I have a major thing for" I say giggling.

Isaac: Meet me inmy room when you get back. need to talk.

"Is that alcohol I smell?" MaKaila says looking at me.

"Noooooo" I say smiling and giggling. "Okay yesss" I say softly. "I only had a little bitttt."

Everyone was silent beside me I giggled the whole way home.

We got to the house and I go to Isaac's room.

"Knock, Knock, knock." I say giggling then opening the door.

"Megan?" Isaac says confused.

"She's shit faced." A'dre says walking past the room.

"What happened?" Isaac says confused.

"Well earlier MaKaila pretty much said I was a" I freeze and whisper"Whore" and giggle. "Then we went to get dresses for your birthday party and these guys" I couldnt stop giggling." Were whistling and yelling and drooling all over MaKaila in a dress. but when I came out only like 4 people gasped " I smile. 

"So you got jealous and got drunk?" He huffed. 

"No, No no, I said that th blue didnt go with her skin ton and the guys were all like 'You dont go with anything' "

"What?" Isaac spoke feeling embarrassed at what he said.

"Yeah I wanted to come see you but you were all mad and the car was locked but then logan came and he drove me around and I had some shots. then we returned andMakaila was all like.'We need to leave' and I was all like-"

"She only talked about you during the whole car ride" Jason said walking to A'dre's room.

"Is that true?" Isaac said emotionless said while closing the door.

"Heheheh yeahhh, I love you Isaac Jaaaaaai Smiiith" I said while I sprawled out on his bed and then there was a gasp from outside the door.

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