Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


29. Lights in the Night Sky

Jason's POV

 woke up in MaKaila's room. 

We all fell asleep in there after the movie.

But I'm pretty sure I was sleeping next to Megan.

Shes not here anymore.

I can't believe she would have sex with Logan though.

My cousin. 


AFTER I said I love you. 

How could you do that to someone? 

"Ethan?" I whisper shaking his arm.

"Uhh Ye-YEa?" He said waking up.

"Do you know where Megan went?" I said worried.

"She left somewhere. note on door." He said rolling over and falling back to sleep.

Well than she told him and not me?

I got up and read the note.

"Life brings you many amazing things but sometimes we don't always appreciate them the way we're suppose to."

There was 3 little envelopes with each of your names on it..


I know what I did was wrong. I hope you could forgive me. Maybe next time I get a chance to have you I'll actually appreciate. I had to do some errands. I don't know how long it is going to take; maybe an hour, a day, a month or even a year.  Don't worry about me, Don't hurt, be happy. If someone is in the hospital or if there is a major emergency have MaKaila contact me. I hope to see you soon.

Until Then,

I love you.


I decided to read the others letters to see if they told them where she was going..


I love you sis. I don't know when I'm gonna be back. So much on my mind. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Don't bother with texting or calling me my phone is in my room. I'm just doing somethings that need to be taken care of. Be happy, live life, and remember Jax may be hotter, but he's a little conceded and Ethan might not be as attractive, but he sure is a sweetheart and a good listener. If there's an emergency ,contact Logan.

Until later,

Be happy,


So it's something to do with Logan? I'mma kick his ass.


I love how close we got planning the date for MaKaila. You're an amazing guy who deserves the best. Remember not everyone who you love will love you back. I just hope you know I love you like youre my brother, and I've never had that before. You're the first guy, even being a Jock, who hasn't tried to have sex with me. We had our little flirts but thats about it. I'll be back as soon as I get things done. Please take care of Jason and MaKaila for me. Stay strong. Stay happy. Stay faithful. You're the best- best friend anyone could ask for.

Maybe soon we'll see each other again,

Thank you,


How am I suppose to deal with this?

The person I love just left, no one knows where she is or where she's going.



Should I open that even after last night? FUCK IT MIGHT BE MEGAN

Logan: Have you checked the door?

Uhhk so this could be either one of them?

Me: Yeah? Why? What do you have to do with it?

I have to pretend I didn't read the other letters

Logan: Let us always greet each other with a smile.

Where have I heard that from? 




Me:for the smile is the beginning of love..

Logan: Good you payed attention.


"Where's Megan?" MaKaila said waking up 

"She's gone.." I said softly with a tear rolling down my cheek.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" MaKaila shouted running up to the door next to me.

"She left a letter for everyone." I said walking to my bedroom.

MaKaila's POV. 

I read the letter.

Why did she leave her phone?Why do I have to contact Logan for emergencies?! SHE BETTER NOT BE WITH THAT LITTLE BITCH.

"JASON WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON" I shout down the hall way but there was no answer. "Jason?" 

I walk to Megan's door, and knock. "Jason?" I open the door and he's crying. There's nothing missing from the room. not even clothes. 

"Can I be alone?" He says trying to stop crying. 

"Yeah I- I guess.." I saw backing out. 

I hope he's going to be alright.

Jason POV

How am I going to be able to sleep in this bed without her? I won't have her making jokes about how silly I am. 

Why would she just disappear like this?

Ethan POV

I woke up and read my letter. 

I can't believe she left. She's the only one I could talk about my feelings with without them laughing. Jason makes fun of me. and It'd be plain out weird to talk about how much I like MaKaila TO MAKAILA.

I love her, like a sister. 

Megan's POV.

With the help of Logan;

I'm going to find my parents. my biological ones. the ones that left me when I was 5. 

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