Trust No One

MaKaila Ann, a complete gamer, and Megan JoLynn, cheer captain, are foster sisters. They met when they were 5 or 6. They don't know what happened to their parents just know that one day they ended up on the steps of a foster care center. MaKaila's boyfriend, Chris, is a complete asshole, but MaKaila never thought he'd go THIS far. As for Megan, She has a new guy every week, but she thinks she found the one... finally.


21. Let's do this.

~Tuesday-Friday we had school and went to sleep and MaKaila texted Jax all the time~

~Friday night~

Ethan P.O.V.

Okay so I got MaKaila's perfect date set up.

I bought her an outfit and new pajamas, both for the date.



We'll be watching Little Mermaid, Mulan, and Tarzan.

I'll be making Apricot-Glazed Cornish Hens with chocolate mousse pie for dessert.

So this is the schedule:

4:45 p.m. I'll have Jason bring her to my parents vacation house.

5 p.m. We will have dinner and dessert I made.

6:30 p.m. we start watching movies.

1.Little Mermaid.

2. Mulan

Last Tarzan, her favorite.

Then around 3 a.m. I will walk her to her bedroom.

Around 11 a.m. I'll wake her up with breakfast in bed.

MaKaila P.O.V.

I came home from school to do my usually game session, but when I grabbed my controller there was a little sticky note on it saying " Turn around" I turned around to see a giant teddy bear with a piece of paper stuck to it.I got up and grabbed the paper which said,

" Dear MaKaila,

             I finally have a perfect date planned. Tomorrow at 4:45 p.m. be ready and Jason will bring you to the date, but first check where your favorite video game is.



Okay? So I walked up to my game cabinet I open it and I see a box with yet another note. Ugh if he does some sort of stupid romantic thing he definitely doesn't know me. the note said; "Be dressed in this by the time Jason gets you" I opened the box expecting some dress but find an adorable outfit.

This is weird. I mean I was expecting the date at some point but not like this.

Anyways I'm going to play some Kingdom Hearts on the PS2.

~3 hours later~

"Dinner is here" Megan said shouting from downstairs. " I ordered pizza from Godfather's Pizza"

"YUUUM!" I say saving and shutting off the PS2 and running downstairs.

"Well someone's a little excited!" Jason said.

"Well yeah PIZZA!" I said sitting at the table. weird Ethan's not at the table? He hasn't bugged me all day either..

"Shouldn't someone go get Ethan?" I said stuffing pizza in my mouth.

"He's not here." Megan said laughing. "He left shortly after we got home from school."

"He did?" I said embarrassed.

"Yeah, He said something about needing to do something really important"


"Yeah he's not going to be here tonight." Jason said smiling at Megan.

"Well I'm going to go to sleep then"

Ethan's POV

I've been at my parents house since school ended. I don't know how to set this up... ugh.

I'm going to sleep.

~Saturday @ 4~

Everything is set up I just hope this all goes as planned.

MaKaila's POV

Ugh guess I should get ready for the "dream" date Ethan has planned.

He at least didn't buy me a dress to wear.

Jason's POV

kay So I bring MaKaila to his parents house.

"MaKaila are you ready?" I say knocking at her door.

"I guess" she mutters opening the door. "Why're you in a tux?"

"Ma'Dam" I say offering to take her hand."Follow" 

"Uhh Okay." MaKaila said looking at me weird.

~about 15 minutes later.~

I open the door for her. 

"Put this on" I say handing her a blindfold.

"Why I already know where we-"

And then Ethan comes out and takes her hand

"Follow" I say like I'm the one leading her.

"Just do itt" 

takes her hand and leads her to the dining room.

MaKaila's POV

So this is well interesting... 

"Can I take this off yet?" I whisper to Jason. Then he lets go of my hand and unties my blindfold and spins me around..


"Ethan?" I say "When did you"

I look past him and see this.

"Uhh do you like it?" Ethan says nervously.

Its amazing, beautiful. But does he know I just want a homemade dinner and movies? I guess not.

"Its cool" I say he looked disappointed in himself.. "I mean it's great."

~We eat~

"So where'd you order this?" I say laughing.

"I didn't"

"Yes you did only a professional can cook like this!"

"I didn't, Its homemade. Isn't that what you want?"

"Yeah.." I say.. wow he actually pays attention..

"I'll be right back!" oh great he's leaving me alone!

"Ma'am" JAson said coming from the other room. "Please Follow and put these on" He said handing me a box while walking to a bathroom. and from the corner of my eye I see Megan blowing out candles and picking up the dishes. Even she knew this?

Anyways I go into the bathroom and Jason closes the door behind me. 

These pajamas are actually really adorable..

"Ma'am we have to get going" Jason said knocking. I open the door and Jason takes my hand. 

We walk through a few dark rooms and a windy hallway until we reach the end and go outside?

"Jason why are we going outside?" I say weirded out.

"Just follow" He said with a smirk. Yep because that helped me feel more secure and safe. -_-

We walk on the sidewalk and pass a beautiful pool then we reach a bridge..

Candles flickering in the night. even though its only like 6 maybe 7.

then i realize Jasons gone.. I look down and the candles are in a shape of arrows. 

I follow the candles for a few feet until I see a little house.. I knock on it and the door opens and I see this;


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