The First Time

Olivia and Alex are about to finish senior year and have many firsts coming their way.


1. Chapter 1

    “I think I’m going to do it with Noah” Olivia looks straight at me with a smile plastered on her face. We are sitting in my room on my bed watching The Vow when she interrupts our enjoyable Friday evening.

“W-what” I stutter and feel my eyes widen. How could she already be doing it with him? She has been dating Noah for about a year now, but still- WHAT?

She and I had previously made a pact to wait. Not necessarily wait until marriage- but wait. We both figured we wouldn’t have boyfriends until college- mind you- when said pact was made. Now, I don’t have one, and it appears Olivia has a very serious boyfriend. Who knew Olivia and Noah were that into each other? I didn’t.

“I mean.. uh,” I am at a loss for words, we are only 17 so I never expected them to get that far yet, “good for you?” I smile weakly and hope she bought my weird congratulatory question thing. Olivia looks at me oddly and just nods her head slightly.

“Yeah, thanks..” she laughs nervously. We both sit in silence for what feels like eternity. “What is up with you? I thought you would be happy for me.” Olivia curtly states and looks to the other side of my room.

“I’m sorry!” I practically yell my reply, “ I was just caught off guard” I smile and look at her to say I truly am. “So, when, where, how, what?”

“Well, you know that party tomorrow…” she looks up at me through her lashes with a sly smile.

“No, I mean yes, but then?” I giggle and push her arm teasingly.

“Yeah, when I get there I think he is going to take me to his room and you know.” Olivia bites her lip.

“Oh my god, wait just in the middle of a party?” I raise an eyebrow at her.

“Yeah,” Olivia laughs slightly then continues on, “it will be romantic though, don’t worry. We’re just doing it then because it is the only time his parents will be out of town. He planned the party way before we were ready to do this and I don’t know, it is not the ideal time or place, but I am ready and I don’t want to wait any longer. You know? I love Noah and he loves me so why not take this opportunity” Olivia’s cheeks begin to turn pink after she finishes her ramble.   

“I get it. It’s going to be great don’t worry about it. I’m happy for you” I know I’m lying a little bit but I can’t tell her that i don’t approve when she is clearly smitten by Noah. Who am I to tell her she can’t be with the one she loves? I give Olivia a long hug, then we are under the covers sleeping. Who knows what tomorrow will really bring for the both of us.


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