R3eason Fourteen

*Sequel to [Thirteen Reasons Why] by the amazing Jay Asher. When Hannah Baker committed suicide, she left a bunch of cassette tapes for thirteen people who played a part in her death, for them to pass along like a chain letter. If the thirteen failed to do this, a second set of tapes would be released to the entire school student body. That's what Hannah told them. And Tony, one of Clay's friends, received the second set...Or did he? It turns out that the steady, grounded figure from the original book is not as innocent as he seems. Tony did not, in fact, receive the second set of tapes. He had gotten his own version of the story, thirteen tapes of the late Hannah Baker speaking directly to himself. Telling him a story that he will never forget.


2. Today: The Post Office

You can't stop the future. You can't rewind the past.
The only way to learn the secret...is to press play.


"Sir?" she repeats. "How soon do you want it to get there?"

I consider this for a second. Do I want to give the thirteen a few last days of peace? Or do they not deserve it?

"It doesn't matter," I finally decide. I hand the bubble-wrapped shoebox I'm holding to the clerk. It's identical to the way I found it three weeks ago, sitting on my doorstep. The package drops with a small thunk into the cart behind her.

I wonder what it would feel like, to go home and find seven mysterious audiotapes. To pop them in the stereo and find out that you caused a girl to die.

She punches a few keys on the cash register and a number pops up on the screen.

I rub my hands. "You know what? I changed my mind. I want it to get there as soon as possible." The thirteen don't deserve secrecy. People have a right to know.

The clerk only looks slightly annoyed as she changes my order. It costs a few extra dollars, but it's worth it.

"Your receipt."

I slowly tear the paper with my hands. There's no turning back now.

Maybe I shouldn't have done this. Maybe this was a mistake.

And then I think about Hannah. The girl who, because of those thirteen liars, perverts, and ignorant jerks, is no longer here.

Especially because of that Clay Jensen.

I don't notice my coffee steadily dripping on my shirt until the clerk offers me a tissue. I'm hateful, I'm angry, but also excited at the same time. Like a crazy person. No, like a villain.

I leave the post office feeling numb all over.

But this is for Hannah, I remind myself. That is why, for the whole world to see, I'm releasing the second set of tapes.


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