R3eason Fourteen

*Sequel to [Thirteen Reasons Why] by the amazing Jay Asher. When Hannah Baker committed suicide, she left a bunch of cassette tapes for thirteen people who played a part in her death, for them to pass along like a chain letter. If the thirteen failed to do this, a second set of tapes would be released to the entire school student body. That's what Hannah told them. And Tony, one of Clay's friends, received the second set...Or did he? It turns out that the steady, grounded figure from the original book is not as innocent as he seems. Tony did not, in fact, receive the second set of tapes. He had gotten his own version of the story, thirteen tapes of the late Hannah Baker speaking directly to himself. Telling him a story that he will never forget.


1. Thirteen Reasons Why

The story starts with our protagonist Clay Jensen receiving a bunch of cassette tapes a few weeks after his crush Hannah Baker's suicide. The cassette tapes are part of Hannah's twisted suicide note, which are to be mailed from person to person like a chain letter. On the tapes, Hannah explains how everyone who has received the tapes has had a part in her decision to kill herself. If the thirteen people on the list do not keep passing on the tapes, the second set, which is in Clay's friend Toby's hands, will be leaked to the entire student body.

The thirteen people on the list are:
1. JUSTIN: Hannah's first kiss. Started rumors about Hannah that they did more than just "kiss".
2. ALEX: One of Hannah's first friends. Put Hannah's name ahead of Jessica as "Best Ass" on a list of Freshman Class: Who's Hot and Who's Not, as revenge against Jessica.
3. JESSICA: Hannah's other first friend. Gets mad about the list, slaps Hannah and leaves a physical scar on Hannah's forehead.
4. TYLER: Peeping Tom. Makes Hannah feel as if she has no privacy.
5. COURTNEY: Known as the sweetest girl in school. Pretends to be nice to Hannah but has no interest in becoming friends.
6. MARCUS: Hannah's match on the Valentine's Day Survey. Tries to take advantage of Hannah's body.
7. ZACH: Classmate in Peer Communications. Steals Hannah's little notes, taking the little happiness she had.
8. RYAN: Hannah's poetry buddy. Stole a poem she wrote and published it in the school newspaper.
9. CLAY: The one guy that Hannah never heard a bad thing about. Connects with Hannah at party, but Hannah breaks down and leaves Clay standing alone.
10. JENNY: Helpful cheerleader. Indirectly causes the death of a high school senior.
11. JUSTIN(again): Let a girl get raped by his friend. Hannah feels guity because she saw everything but did nothing to stop it. The rapist goes unnamed.
12: BRYCE: Obnoxious senior. Uses the rumor to take advantage of Hannah's body, while Courtney sits there doing nothing.
13. MR. PORTER: Guidance Counselor. Told Hannah to either press charges or forget about everything. Let Hannah walk out when she made it clear what she planned to do.

At school the next day, Clay can't stop thinking about Hannah. He runs into Skye, his eighth grade crush who is showing signs of suicide. He makes a split second decision to follow her and call out, "Skye".


*I read this book a few years ago and fell in love with it. I know it will never be as good as the original, but oh well, why not give it a try?

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