The Monster Under the Willow Tree

Liz is an orphan that hasn't had the best life. she hopped from one foster home to the next. Then sick and tired of not being wanted she left on her own. having no money she had to improvise. but that wasn't her only problem. she has a monster deep within her...


1. Tips

Hey Msann15 here! I just wanted to give you some tips to understand my book.

1. if the writing is like "this" its a dream

2. if the font is like "this" its the characters thinking

3. if its like "this" its the voice in Liz's head( you'll find out what i mean later on)

See? its not that hard :) well i hope this helps, it wouldn't be fun to read the book if you don't understand it.

Well peace, i got a book to write

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