The Monster Under the Willow Tree

Liz is an orphan that hasn't had the best life. she hopped from one foster home to the next. Then sick and tired of not being wanted she left on her own. having no money she had to improvise. but that wasn't her only problem. she has a monster deep within her...


2. Chapter 1

         I sit there surrounded in a pool of blood. I look up to see my mother look me in horror. I tilt my head to the side."Mommy, what's wrong?" I ask her. She stands there in fear, then answers"M-M-Monster she said as her voice trembled, and her lips quivered." Monster? how am i a monster? I look down at my hands to see my hands tainted in warm scarlet red blood. I tremble" Im a monster?"

      I open my eyes , and shot up covered in sweat, with the blanket falling to my waist. I sit there breathing heavily. what the hell is up with all these nightmares? I steady my breathing and calm down, then look to the man next to me. I smiled,who is it i scammed this time? I throw the silk covers off me and get out of bed. I shiver as my feet hit the cold wooden floors.I walk over to the night stand and pick up his wallet. I open it to show its contents, drivers license, family photo. His wife and him, ha he must not love her if hes in bed with me. I mess with his wallet and found the cash. i took as mush as he agreed to pay me. $600 and i couldn't complain. I placed his wallet back, hurry to my clothes and put them on as i leave the room.

      I exit the building in high spirits," have a lovely night Ms.Adams." He said nicely, " Thanks Jeffrey, But you can call me Liz, I've told you that." He just simply smiles and waves, I've got a lot of clients here, so i meet him quite often, he's a nice old man.Skipping down the street holding my heels as my sparkly dress sparkles with my every move. I stop in front of my car a, Chevelle SS 1969. it was a beautiful car that i saved up for, and i love it. Nice leather seats, classic fuzzy dice and a my stuffed teddy bear that I've always had. I get in the car and sit in the cold leathers, and start the car. It hums softly as it comes to life, I smile happily. I love to Speed down the road cause it makes me feel like the guys from fast and furious. "Ah, Vin Diesel," I swooned.anyways I got it when i got out of the foster home, I kinda just left early so i had to scrape for money to get this car. But life in the foster home sucked, especially moving from one foster home to the next, the only good thing was my foster brother josh. When he left it got worse so i had nothing to stay for, I call him sometimes, i just don't because i don't want to bother him in his new life. So here i am, 17 almost 18, well 21 to others and living a semi normal life.

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