Scars of Flame

My name is Bella.
I have been scarred by flame.
I never expected to love again.
And I never expected someone to love me.
But his green eyes convinced me.


2. Two

Bella's POV

After about 10 minutes lying in bed, trying to find the energy to get up, I eventually roll out of bed and pad over to my ensuite bathroom. I turn on the shower as hot as I dare and strip. I turn and catch my face in the mirror. Black hair that is its usual tangled mess in the morning, snow white skin, deep blue eyes and a delicate nose. As the condensation on the mirror grows so does the temptation to look down past my face. I give in and slowly turn around so my left side is facing the mirror and taking a deep breath, I look my down at the jagged red scars that run from the bottom of my hip to just below my armpit. 
I swallow, remembering how it felt, hiding in my closet a terrified eight year old, as flames licked their way up my side. 

Enough. I take a deep breath and open eyes to see my hands clutching the sink and sheen of sweat shining across my brow. I take another deep breath and jump into the shower, washing away all the darkness and all the bad memories. I turn off the shower and wrap a towel around myself and walk into my wonderfully large walk in closet. It takes me a while to figure out what to wear but eventually decide to go with tight black jeans and a red tank top. Perfect. 

I add a leather jacket, my favorite black boots and put on a little red lipstick and some black eye shadow. There, done. And all in twenty minutes. Now Zayn can't bitch about me taking far too long. Bonus

As I walk downstairs I hear Zayn on the phone so I drop back and listen. You never know when good dirt about your step-brother is about to surface.
"Yes, babe we'll be there soon, it just depends on how long Bella thinks my patience can last". 
I sigh and plug in my iPod. Any conversation Zayn has with Perrie is bound to get disgustingly mushy. I walk into the kitchen, heading straight to the toaster but when I near the counter I see a note: 

                     Bella, Yasen and I gone out of town
                      for a few weeks for a holiday. I know
                       Zayn will take good care of you or else.
                       Good luck on your first day
                        Love you,
I smile at the fact Mom is getting some time off, she's been really busy lately at work so its good that she and my stepfather Yasen can go for holiday. On the other hand, I'm left alone with Zayn and his no doubt idiotic friends for weeks alone. Oh, joy.

I have just finished eating when Zayn walks in, looking pleased with himself.
"What's up, Zaynie boy, you getting some tonight?" He scowls at me darkly and replies "Do you want me to throw you in the pool and make you go to school sopping wet because that's where you're heading." At this, I laugh and unhitch myself from my stool, grabbing my bag off the counter. Zayn may pretend to be a bad boy but I still remember when he was fourteen and scared of the dark.

He glares at me, then suddenly rushes at me and throws me over his shoulder. I squeal as he runs out to his vintage Bentley and throws me in the passenger seat. I right myself and laugh as he throws both mine and his bag into my lap and gets in the drivers side, starting the car before I even get the chance to put my seatbelt on. I glance at the clock on the dash as we pull out. 7:30. With Zayns reckless driving we should be there in just under twenty minutes. I laugh again as he narrowly skirts a pothole and swears. "Zayn", I say as he hugs a curb and shoots off again," maybe you should invest in another year at driving school."
"Bella, another word about my driving skills and I swear to God, I will kick you out of this car and make you walk the five miles there and back". I settle back into my seat but shut up all the same. I know when to draw the line when teasing Zayn and at this moment I am a toes length from crossing it. We sit in silence for a minute before Zayns phone rings. He fumbles for it and answers, " Hello?"

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