Scars of Flame

My name is Bella.
I have been scarred by flame.
I never expected to love again.
And I never expected someone to love me.
But his green eyes convinced me.


3. Three

Harry's POV

"Hello?", I hear Zayn's voice along with a whooshing sound that means he's in his car. Thank God."Hey Zayn, buddy, how far away are you, Perrie keeps bitching about how long its taking you to get here and I don't know how long I can take it before I snap". I hear him sigh before answering.
"Hazza, first of all, don't talk shit about my girl and second of all, we're about two minutes away, so stop being a dick and be patient." 
"What do you mean 'we', who else is with you?" I ask walking away from Lou's annoying talk about carrots and Niall's munching to hear better. "Haz, didn't you remember my step-sister is transferring to our school today. Shit, I did in fact forget about his step-sister transferring today but I've had more important things on my mind, mainly about how much of Madison Clark's junk is real and whether she'd let me have some hands-on experience. I hear a girls voice on the other side telling Zayn a few choice suggestions about where I can put my dick if I can't be patient. Zayn comes back on telling me that they're here. I hang up as I see his Bentley pull up next to Perrie's BMW. 

Zayn is the first to get out of the car, his gelled up hair glistening in the weak sunlight. He crosses over to the passenger side and opens the door for what I assume is his step-sister. She steps out gracefully, midnight hair blowing away from her white skin in the wind that has suddenly kicked up. She is beautiful, there is no doubt about that. Her face looks likes it belongs on an angel and her body....her body bends in all right places and her leather jacket flaps open in the wind, revealing only a modest amount of cleavage, but still.....

I'm suddenly knocked out of my trance by a punch in the shoulder by a scowling Louis. 
"What the hell was that for?" I snap at him, rubbing my shoulder. He snaps right back, "Put your tongue back in your head. Zayn will kick your ass, friend or no, if you try to make a move on Bella."
"How do you know her name?" I ask, while privately entertaining the thought of how Bella is the perfect for her angelic face. Then, I get distracted of the thought of her soft mouth on mine. I get another punch in the shoulder for this. I swear to God, sometimes Louis is a fucking mind reader. I glare at him, knowing that I'll have a bruise later. He snorts, "Please, Zayn told us her name ages ago and besides, I can see your thoughts on your face like a very open, very dirty book." I want to punch him right back but is at that precise moment that Zayn and Bella reach us and I get knocked aside by a flying Perrie rushing to get to Zayn. I swear and see Bella looking at me with one eyebrow raised and a dry look on her face.
"Classy," is her first word to me. Well, someone's in a relationship with sarcasm. I glare at her and turn away looking for a private place to to smoke when Liam stops me with a look that clearly says 'Be nice or else'. 

I sigh and turn around, ready to be my most charming self when I'm interrupted by Zayn. 

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