Scars of Flame

My name is Bella.
I have been scarred by flame.
I never expected to love again.
And I never expected someone to love me.
But his green eyes convinced me.


1. One

Bella's POV

I wake covered in sweat, my hair plastered to my forehead and his words still echoing in my head: "You have me betrayed me and you have betrayed this family". I shiver, even though I'm baking in the cocoon I find myself wrapped in. I smile despite the terror racing through me. Zayn must have been the one who wrapped me up like a mummy, his over-protectiveness shining through again.

A hand falls on my ankle, and I scream, still half in my nightmare until I hear his voice, low and soothing: 
"Shhh, Bella, it's just me, relax." A hand reaches out and flicks on my bedside  light, illuminating my stepbrother's face. "Zayn", I sigh in relief . 

He looks at me, concern flickering in his dark eyes.
"The nightmare again?"
I nod, mouth dry with terror. Apart from the usual worry I see in his eyes, he doesn't look surprised. I've been having the nightmares ever since he's known me.

He tries for a smile even though he looks like he wants to rip the head of someone. "Zayn", I say, " I'm fine." He nods still working through whatever thoughts are going through his head.  He suddenly smirks at me, the smirk that makes most girls melt into a puddle of goo, but to me signals that he's planning something oh-so-not good.
"You better get ready, you don't want be late for your first day", he sings in his annoying way. He knows that I hate meeting new people.

I groan and throw a pillow at him. He catches it and laughs, then walks out of the room. But he is right, I don't want to late to my first day of school. Oh, did I mention that its also the last day of school for the year. Lucky, lucky, lucky me. I groan again and look at my clock. 6 am. Zayn freakin' Malik woke me up at 6 am. 
                                                I'm going to kill him.   

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