Scars of Flame

My name is Bella.
I have been scarred by flame.
I never expected to love again.
And I never expected someone to love me.
But his green eyes convinced me.


4. Four

Bella's POV

Zayn clears his throat, interrupting whatever conversation was going on to introduce me: "Bella, this is Liam and his girlfriend Danielle", he points to a couple who have their arms around each other. They both offer smiles at me and I smile back. "This is Louis," he continues, Louis opens his mouth wide, graciously showing me bits of what likes chewed up carrot in his mouth and teeth. "Charming", I say in reply. He snorts and nearly sprays carrots all over me. 

Zayn points at a blond guy with adorable blue eyes, who is happily munching on a bag of crisps even though school is far from starting." The guy who's got his mouth full of God knows what, I'd Niall". Niall waves at me, with his mouth to full to speak, I wave back at him.
"And finally," Zayn finishes, "the charming young lad who looks likes he just got kicked in the balls is Harry." I turn my head around to see a guy with stunning green eyes and curly brown hair that flops against his face. He inclines his head not saying anything, so I nod back at him and turn around to face Zayn. 

"And that," he says, "is everyone I think"...... He's interrupted by a girl with long brown hair who's racing towards us so fast, I'm worried she's going to trip over. 
"Hey guys", she says panting for breath, "I'm so, so sorry I'm late but the"-
"The car broke down again," the others all finish for her. They all say it like it is a regular occurrence. "Ele, I really think you should get a new car, one day the already crappy brakes are going to fail, and I don't want in there when that happens," Louis says.
"I know," she says dropping her head, "its just that I don't have the kind of money to buy a decent car." She lifts her head up slightly to look up at Louis, and he tilts her head up the rest of the way and smiles at her. Judging by their intimacy, I'd say that these two have been a couple for a while. Then, she catches sight of me and immediately brightens. "You must be Bella," she says as dances over to me and gives me a hug, "I'm Eleanor." 

Just then the bell rings and we're surrounded by students swarming to get to class. I realize then, I have no idea where to find a class schedule or even a map. Zayn bumps my shoulder with his and hands me a schedule but no map. I glare at him, he knows full well that I have a horrible sense of direction. He just laughs and tells me that Eleanor and Danielle are both in all of my classes. 

**Authors Note**

Soz about the short chapter, I've been really busy with school as all of my teachers decided to set me huge assignments that are due in a week. Oh, the joys of year 10.

May your days be sugary-sweet (and hopefully without assignments)


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