Scars of Flame

My name is Bella.
I have been scarred by flame.
I never expected to love again.
And I never expected someone to love me.
But his green eyes convinced me.


5. Five

Bella's POV

By the time lunch rolls around, I am exhausted. First, I had to suffer in Drama as I was made to stand in front of the class while they bombed questions at me. Then in double Trig, I couldn't concentrate because every time I turned my head, Harry would always be looking at me with those hauntingly gorgeous green eyes. And in English, I was made to read out the entire first act of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. So I now have a killer headache. I drop my tray on the table and slump down next to it. I rub at my temples, trying to get rid of the pounding in my head. Zayn looks over at me and smirks, "Yeah, your first day always wears you down, especially with your ability to get killer headaches, doesn't it?" I close my eyes and without looking at him, flip him off.
"Well, that's what happens when your dickhead of a brother wakes you up at six in the godamned morning and you read out frickin' Shakespeare." He just laughs at that and turns back around, returning to his conversation with Perrie.

"You right there, love?" I hear Harry's voice as drops down next to me. "I'm fine, just got a bad headache, that's all." I reply, opening my eyes and looking up in to Harry's unsettling green ones. He smiles down at me, showing twin dimples. Dimples. I fall for them so bad. He tosses me his unopened water bottle. "Here, that should help,"  he says. I take a swig from the bottle and I'm about to thank him when I'm interrupted by a red headed girl with boobs the size of Everest and a shirt that's struggling to contain them. "Harry!!!!!!", she squeals, loud enough to blow my eardrums.

Harry's POV

Damn Madison Clarke to the pits of Hell and below. Just when I was about to finally talk to Bella, she has to swoop in to distract me. "Hey Madison", I sigh. She may have huge boobs but that doesn't mean she is annoyingly exhausting, especially today. She pouts at me, "That wasn't very enthusiastic", thrusting her boobs out. I force a smile and reply, " Just tired, I guess". She thinks about this for a minute then she spots Bella, who at that moment is taking another drink. "What?," she asks, lowering the bottle from her lips. "Oh, nothing, just wondering if you got the leather jacket off one of the many guys you've probably screwed", Madison sneers. Bella recoils, shock written across her face. By this time, the entire cafeteria has gone quiet. I see Zayn open his mouth but I send him a warning look. If Zayn defends Bella, she'll be branded weak and a easy target. And coupled with her beauty that's not a good combo. Zayn must get it as he nods and closes his mouths.

I flick my eyes back to Bella, whose eyes hardened so much that they look like cold sapphire's. 
"Yeah, he's the same one who did your crappy boob implants," she says, "Was he pissed off his head or something and that's why they look a miniature hunchback?" Madison's eyes narrow and she replies coldly, "You don't want to mess with me, bitch, or I will mess with you much harder". If it is possible, Bella's eyes harden further as she stands up. Which is ridiculous as she's so tiny, even in her boots, it doesn't make one bit of difference "Yeah, try me," she says defiantly. Madison sneers at Bella but she's backed into a corner. If she walks away she'll lose her reputation and reputation is everything to her. She practically snarls at Bella as launches herself off the table at Bella, grabbing her hair and grappling. 

That's the only fighting girls like Madison know. Pulling hair and grappling. But apparently that's not how Bella fights. Bella digs her nails into Madison's wrist until she let's go of her hair and then draws her fist back and lands a solid punch on Madison's jaw. I hear a collective gasp of shock as Madison goes down. Crouching over her Bella says in a voice full of fury, "Insult me again and I won't just bruise your face, I'll fucking break it." 

Then she stalks out of the cafeteria, pausing only to grab something from Zayn. I see a glint of metal in her hand and I figure out what it is. Car keys. She's going to skip. I get up and follow her, punching Zayn on the shoulder lightly to let him know to follow me. Bella may be angry now but the tears will come later and its not good if she's in a car when that happens. Zayn gets up as do the other lads and silently they file out of the cafeteria with me. 

**Authors Note**

Hey my little candys, 
Just letting you know that I'm at mums this weekend so I can't update till next Monday. Soz but this is what happens when ur parents are divorced and u write a fanfic

May your days be sugary-sweet,
Candy-cain :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) B-) B-) B-) :-P :-P :-P :-D :-D :-D   

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