Life as it is

Karissa is a 13 year old girl who is always stressed out with school and homework, the only things that can calm her down are swimming and dancing. one day, when her 4 best friends have to go on tour, she has a rough time, but it wasn't too bad. But when all hell breaks loose, how will she take it without the boys around?


1. Introduction

Karissa's POV

I am sound asleep, nothing can bother me now. Then i hear my favorite song and my eyes shoot open. I have never been so excited to wake up this early. Today was the day, it was finally here! The 5sos concert! I darted up and put on my "HOOD 96" shirt and my light, high waisted shorts. Then i straighten my long brown hair and put on my galaxy converse. I grab my phone and shove it in my pocket as i run downstairs. "Mom i am going to get Red and go to the concert love you!" "Love you too!" She yelled back down. Red is my best friend. Her real name is Renee but i call her Red because of her hair, a beautiful red color. "Hey Kris!" "Hey Red you ready for this?" "Yes!" She practically screamed. We rode our skateboards around Charleston till we found the arena. We were one of the first people there, but there were about 30 other people there. So once all seats were filled we took ours and watched as they came on stage. My eyes started to tear up and as i looked over at Renee, hers were too. They played all of their songs and went back for the best part of the concert, the meet and greet. Everybody ran in to meet them once it was my turn, I couldn't help but cry. Calum came up to me and hugged me. I hugged all of them and so did Red. I heard a voice say "You seem really awesome" it was Calum. We both said "thank you so much i never thought that i would ever meet you guys!" "Awww well you met us now!" Mikey said. As we walked out, i forgot something. "Oh wait!" They all turned to me. "Here, i made this." I gave it to Luke and ran off. It was filled with drawings and songs that i wrote. I hope they don't think i am a creep...

Calum's POV

As Karissa was walking away, she Gave us a notebook filled with drawings and songs. We sat down and read then all. "These are really good!" Ashton stated. "Yea they are!" Said Mikey. I then had an idea. "Hey we could use this one!" I said. "Yea lets do it!" Luke shouted.

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