End Up Here

Cecelia was just an average girl. With good friends. She wasn't that girl or it girl she was just a girl. But she was fine with that. She had a passion for singing. She wanted to go out their and make a name for herself. She never dreamt in a million years that that name would be Cecelia Hemmings..........


5. chapter 5

Luke's P.O.V

Today is me and Cecelia's first date. Omg I don't know why but I'm so nervous.She is just so perfect her blue eyes,brown hair and her beautiful smile and little nose. Just then Cecelia rushes into my room of the hotel we are staying at. "Should I wear something casual or fancy?" "Wear something fancy but bring something causal." I say. "Ok?" She says while laughing

Cecelia's P.O.v

I am so excited for are date!! I still have to figure out what to wear! As I walked in to my room my phone starts to ring. *ring ring" oh it's my dad! "Hey dad!" I say while answering my phone. "Hey sweetie Shane wants to talk to you about something!"

Shane is my step brother he is cool I guess but he always finds a way to belittle me. "Hey Cecelia" he said "hey Shane what do you want?" "I wanted to let you know that don't get your hopes up cause u won't make it far." He said

"what?" I say. "Yea like 5 seconds of summer isn't that big and if you start with chances are your not going to be big either." "Are you fucking kidding me." The guys walk I'm my room and I put it on speaker.

"Well ok I'm saying that dreams usually don't come true so u should just give it up now while you still can! And I see the news all the time and it says that you are Luke girlfriend just to let you know that will not last long.

He is going to find someone that's not ugly like you and spend the rest of his life with them and you will get kicked to the curb." By now I was crying and Luke looked like his going to kill him and the other guys stood their in shock. "You know what were do you work?"

"A gas station." He says. "Were do you go to school??" "A community collage up the street." How much money do you make?" I feel confidence gaining inside me. "8.50$ an hour. What's your point."

"My point is while you live that life with you 8.50 and hour and stuff I will be in L.A living my dream with an amazing boyfriend and great friends so you know what shut up just shut up alright have fun with your life tell my dad I love him and I will call him later as for you now your just somebody that I use to know. Bye" that felt so good, I hang up.

"Who was that said Luke?" "Oh he was my step brother but know he's just someone I used to know." "You go Cecelia said the guys and Luke kissed me and says "I will never find someone better that you.


Luke said be ready by 6:30. It's 5:00 no so I jump in the shower. After I get out I pick out what I'm wearing. I decided I'm wearing a high-low skirt that's baby blue. And a white sip up crop top. I curl my hair and do my usual makeup but with light eye shadow added.

Luke's P.O.V

Cecelia walks down the stairs and she I absolutely beautiful. I think she noticed me starring cause she says"Luke close your mouth you will catch flys." She said as we walked out the door.

Cecelia's P.O.V

As we walk out side like opens my door and I smile and get in. "Were are we going?" I said. "It's a surprise" he said. "Luke come on you know I hate surprises.." "Too bad" he said while laughing."fine" I huff.

"Ok put this on " Luke said handing me a blind fold. "Really Luke do I have to." "Yes now put it on." I rolled my eyes and he tied it in the back of my head. I can't see anything! "Luke are we almost there we have been walking for a good 10 mins!" I said.

"Actually we are hear ready? Count to 3 the take off the blind fold." I do as he says and I can't believe my eyes. We were on the beach and there was a huge blanket and a picnic basket. "Omg lukey! You didn't have to do this."I said while hugging him.

As we sit down we talk and laugh and eat. "Hey Cecelia?" "Yea" "how did I get so lucky?" He said. "In what sense." I said considering there is a lot if reasons. "Like me being here with the most beautiful girl in the world that's my girl friend. I'm scared I'm going to lose you. You are probably going to find someone better than me and move on." Said Luke sadly.

I looked at him shocked "Luke u are amazing don't worry I'm here to stay." With that I lean in and kiss him. Every time we kiss it's better than the last god I love him wait what? Nevermind. As we pull apart Luke smiles at me with a cheeky grin.

"What?" I ask confused. "Nothing your just beautiful." My heart skips a beat he thinks in beautiful. I looked at him and blushed and nuzzled into his chest trying to hide my red face. After a while we got up and headed back to the hotel we are staying in cause the bus broke down. Luke walked me to my room "good night Cecelia." He says while smiling.

"Well I got to go to bed we have sound check tomorrow goodnight Luke." I say about to close the door. "Wait you forgot something." Says Luke . Then he leans in and kisses me. This is amazing. As we pull apart we say goodnight. I walk into my room get changed and go to the bathroom. I lay down and think about Luke and only Luke. I can't believe the affect this boy has on me . I have a feeling it's going to be hard to fall asleep tonight.

Hey guys!!!! Thank u for reading and I'm open for suggestions love all of u!!!💕XX


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