End Up Here

Cecelia was just an average girl. With good friends. She wasn't that girl or it girl she was just a girl. But she was fine with that. She had a passion for singing. She wanted to go out their and make a name for herself. She never dreamt in a million years that that name would be Cecelia Hemmings..........


4. chapter 4

Cecelia's P.O.V


Me and Luke weren't a thing and damn I wish we were. He flirted with me a lot and I mean a lot. "Cecelia you look hot today." Ash said. I lagugh. "Shut the fuck up ash." Luke said. "Oh yeah that was supposed to be your line opps I forgot." Luke blushed. "Oh it so cute when u blush lukey."

I say as I poke him on the cheek. "So are u guys like a thing and who the fuck is lukey." "No we are not and lukey is a nickname everyone had one except Luke I wanted to call everyone something different you get it?"

I explained to cal "yea I get it". "Alright today I'm going to call the girls and ask them to come over and we can all hang out." In girls I mean Becky as in Becky G and the little mix girls perrie,jesy,jade, and Leigh-Anne. I have gotten so close with the girls I can tell them almost everything. There like sisters.

1 hour later

"Hey guys!" Becky says as they all come through the door. "Don't bother to knock" said Luke. "Nope." Said jesy. "Ok we will be down in a minute."

I say as we walk to my room the boys nod. "Ok so what's going on with u and Luke!" Said Becky. All the girls squeal. "Nothing that's the problem." Becky whispers something to all the other girls. "Not for long now let's go down stairs" says perrie.

"Ok let's play a game!" Said Becky. Oh jeez. "Hmmm truth or dare said Becky to me. Shit I hate truth or dare I have never liked truth or dare something always bad or stupid happens!"fine truth." "Hmmmmm do u like someone??" Luke nearly choked on his water.

"Umm no." I said. "Sure." Ash says. "Ok um Cal truth or dare?" I said. "Truth" said cal. "Who do u like??" Even tho everyone knows "Um Becky." Who Luke says. "Becky" cal said getting mad "who a little louder" Michael said laughing.

"Becky now shut the fuck up!" Cal said. Becky blushed and laughed. " We continued the game and then it was my turn again. "Ok truth or dare?" Perrie says "um truth." "Oh come on cecelia everyone picks truth." Says Leigh-Anne while laughing. "Uh ok fine dare." "Hmm".

Becky whispers something in her ear. "Good one!" She shouts looking at Becky and then back to me. Oh no. "We dare you to kiss Luke." I look at Luke and he is as red as I am by now. "Well go on." Jade says. Gosh. I look at Luke and he looks and me then I couldn't take it anymore.

I smashed my lips against his. Everyone new I wanted to do that so bad even Luke and He didn't hesitate to kiss back. I smiled into the kiss. Damn there were butterfly's exploding in my stomach. And sparks oh who am I kidding there were fireworks. Damn I wanted this moment to last forever but I knew it couldn't.

So I pull away. "God how did you breath." Says jade while laughing. "Shut up." She laughed. "Ok Becky truth or dare?" "Dare." She said smirking. Oh your in for it. "I dare you to kiss Calum." The look on her face was priceless. Her eyes are wide and mouth wide open. "It's a dare u have to. Says jesy.

"Close your mouth you will catch flys." Says cal. "Actually don't." He turns to her grabs her and kisses her. "God you don't know how long I have wanted to do that." Cal says with so much confidence. We all laugh. We continue and it's time for Luke to ask someone. "Cecelia truth or dare??" "Hm dare." I said.

"I dare you to kiss me." Everyone's eyes went wide. I laugh and he leans in I turn away and gets my ear. "Ok but first you gonna have to catch me." I say while laughing. "Oh you are on McGee!" Everyone starts laughing and running and me and the girls hide in the living room closet.

"Found you."ash yells. We all scream. Michael picks up jade and perrie. Ash picks up Leigh-Anne and jesy. Calum picks up Becky. And Luke picks up me and throws me over his shoulder. "Lucas Robert Hemmings! Put me down right now"

I scream. "Nope." He says while laughing. "Lukeyyyy!" "Fine but I believe you oh me something." "Fine." As we kiss again it feels amazing better than it did the first time it that's even possible. Ash clears his throat and we both look up. And the rest walk in.

"wait guys we should do impressions of people." Ash says we all laugh and sit down on the couch. "Ok I will go first"says ash. "Ok who am I hear it goes.... Oh Luke your so hot will you just fuck me." I stared getting red I'm am going to kill him."oh yea sure I would love to." He's says in a deeper voice oh god.

"Ah yes Luke. Oh my god yes yes fuck me fuck me. Faster." Oh my god I'm got to kill him literally kill him. "L-uke!" Ash moaned out omg I am going to murder him! "Oh I know it Cecelia and Luke getting it on" jesy said laughing. Everyone is laugh except me and Luke.

"omg yes-" ash is cut off by me. "You have 3 seconds to run Irwin." "Oh really." He said while laughing. "1-2-3!" I run and deck him. While screaming and laughing. "Ashton Fletcher Irwin! I'm going to kill you."

"So your going to kill me and fuck Luke." He says "yes" everyone laughs. "I mean no!" "Suree" Michael says. "Ok I won't kill you not yet anyway." I say as I get off Ashton. He glares and me then laughs. Luke just stands next to everyone blushing.

Later that night

"Ok bye guys I will see you tommorow!" I say to the girls as they get in there cars. As I close the door I walk to my room and change into my sweats a and a t shirt. I leave my hair down and jump into bed. *knock knock* "come in" I say while looking down at my phone.

"Hey" I hear the voice and I know who it is. I look up and I was right it's Luke. "Hey" "I just wanted to say sorry about ash earlier he is such ass." He said nervously rubbing the back if his neck. "No worries" I say he smiles. "Alright good night" he says while walking out the door.

"Wait Luke?" "Yeah." "Can you stay?" He nods and walks over to my bed and sits down and climbs up. I turn to look at him and he smashes his lips against mine. As we pull a way I lift up the covers so he can get under to. "Sorry I-". "Luke don't be sorry." I say.

"Cecelia I wanted to tell you that you are so beautiful and I really like you your just amazing to me. Will you out with me like you can't date anyone else??" "Luke you mean like be your girlfriend?" "Exactly." "Yes I would love to be I say as I kiss him. "Tomorrow do you want to go on a date?" Says Luke.

"Yes of course." I say. When I turn around he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close and lightly kisses my neck. I nuzzle my face into his chest and slowly drift off to sleep.


Thank you for reading once again! Do u think Michael and ash should date one of the girls from little mix??? Or do u think they should just have a new character be there girlfriend?? And don't worry it will get better thanks❤️XX

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