End Up Here

Cecelia was just an average girl. With good friends. She wasn't that girl or it girl she was just a girl. But she was fine with that. She had a passion for singing. She wanted to go out their and make a name for herself. She never dreamt in a million years that that name would be Cecelia Hemmings..........


3. chapter 3

Cecelia's P.O.V

As I walked into the tour bus Matt introduced me. "Well guys this is Her." "Hi I'm Calum! You can call me cal I'm the cool one." "Yea you wish u were the cool one,I'm Michael by the way u can all me mike Mikey anything you know what ever Floats your boat."

I giggle at them they smiled. " hello thanks for making me feel wanted guys,and Oi I'm Ashton u can call me what ever u please." "Hey that's what I said." says Michel "shut up Michael your so stupid"said ash. I couldn't help but laugh.

"So there is supposed to be one more of you, where's Luke?" "Ohhhhh you interested" said Cal. "Nope just curious." I said "sureeeee" says Michael he knows I wast lying. Shit. They all laugh. Just then a tall boy with black skinny jeans and a nirvana t-shirt comes in. He had his blond hair perfectly styled into a quiff.

And his big beautiful blue eyes oh my. And his perfect dimples ahhh. And his lip ring omg lip ring ughhh. Shit I have been staring at him for a entire minute. "Hellooo stop drooling over Luke." Said Michael. "Shut up Michael." Luke said. I blush.

"Hi I'm Luke. And your name?" He said damn I could stare at those eyes all day. "Hi my name is trouble." I say the guys start laughing." I'm just kidding I'm Cec-" I was cut off by Luke. "Cecelia ya I know you are even more beautiful in person." He said shyly. I blush.

"so are u guys going to make out now or do I have time I'm trying this new thing called not wanting to throw up so when u do just let me know." Ash said smirking. "Hmmm ash oh I know shut up thnks." I say jokingly. Luke blushes and the guys laugh at him I can tell that this is going to be fun.

Later that day

I dedicate this song to you the one who doesn't see the truth that I could take a way your hurt heartbreak girl....

"Wow you have an amazing voice." The boys said as the were coming out from recording me sing. Oh yes we are in the recording studio.i couldn't help but blush a little. "Do you write your own stuff?" Asked Luke. "Ah yeah sometimes I have written a few songs, oh ash can u grab my notebook from my bag?"

"Yea sure the black one or blue?" "Blue" " ok then I'm going to grab the black one". "No seriously ash give it to me!" "Oh let me read what you wrote today" ash says. I try to stop him but stats reading anyways.

"ok, it is dated 6/15/15 ok so today I met 5 seconds of summer and it was so cool and I really like......... Hahahaha" ash started to brush out laughing and continues. "Oh and I really like Luke" he says while laughing.

I blush and he drops it and I lands on the worst page ever it says Cecelia Hemmings, Luke Hemmings, Cecelia McGee-Hemmings in cursive writing. Omg why would I write that. "Oh that has got to be embarrassing " said Michael while the other guys except Luke was laughing. Luke and I looked at each other and we both blushed. "Cecelia why are u so cute" Luke said. I couldn't help but smile.


Thank you all for reading love you!!!XX💖

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