End Up Here

Cecelia was just an average girl. With good friends. She wasn't that girl or it girl she was just a girl. But she was fine with that. She had a passion for singing. She wanted to go out their and make a name for herself. She never dreamt in a million years that that name would be Cecelia Hemmings..........


2. chapter 2

Cecelia's P.O.V

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* ughhhhhhh. I open my eyes and it's 7:00 school starts at 8 and it takes me 15 minutes to get there. I get up and head into the bathroom and brush my teeth. I don't need to take a shower this morning cause I toke one last night. I think I have decided what I'm going to wear. I'm wearing black high waisted shorts and a sunflower printed crop top.

I curled the bottom of my hair only at the tips and did my make up. I put on eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I usually like to keep it simple. As I walked out of the bathroom I check the time. "Shit 7:45 I have a final today." I mumble. When I run down the stairs I see my mom in the kitchen with some pop tarts in her hand.

"Awwh thanks mom I'm going to be late." "Yes u are so eat it on the way go." "Ok bye mom love u see u later." I gave her a kiss grabbed my black bag and my pastel blue penny borad. Yes I skate borad. And run out the door. As I run faster I throw down my board do I can get there in time.

As I approach school I see my ex-boyfriend and Maria. Great. I don't know what happened to her she used to be so nice and my friend but not anymore. " oh look at who it is the loser with only a few friends that's horrible at everything including keeping a boyfriend." Jake and her laugh " What's the bitchuation Maria is he not good enough in bed for the school slut."

I say with a burst of confidence. "Ah excuse me." "Yup that's right bitch" I laugh and walk away. I catch up with Katrina,Lauren,Jess,Liz, Megans yes there is two, Jillian and Abby. These are my best friends. "Hey guys what's going on." "What's going on with us what's going on with u" Katrina said. "Yea we saw the whole thing is was fucking hilarious" said Lauren. " it was awesome" Jess chimed in. I got nod from everyone else. "Well thanks guys she was just being a bitch." We all laugh and talk as we walk to are first final.

Now I'm ridding home. Today went by surprisingly fast. And the English final was easy. When I got home I run up stairs take off my shoes grab my laptop and jump on my bed. I mean I might as well check to see how many views I have on my cover heartbreak girl." Holy shit 4k views so far and it's only been a day wow!

I close my laptop and go down stairs. My mom is in the kitchen. "Hey sweetie pie sit down for dinner we are having a roast tonight." Yesssss. "Oh and I have big news for you and all of us but I don't want to tell anyone until dinner time!" Some big news that is for me but will effect all of us hmm I hope it's something I like.

As we are eating my mom chimes in. "Ok guys I have some huge news and it is about Cecelia and she doesn't even know yet!" "Oh is she pregnant." Says my bother "No shut up in not pregnant!" I say as I throw a peace of corn at him. " Alright alright settle down." "Anyways." I say waiting for her to continue. "Yes so I got a call today from this man Matt and he works for Capitol records and he is the manager of a bad called 5 seconds of summer and they all want you to go to L.A and record stuff with you. He is offering u a record deal honey! And he said that he wants you to be there opening act on their headlining tour !" Omg did she just say....... Yes she did! I can't contain myself. "Omg yessss!!!! 5 seconds of summer and there manager Matt OMG they are amazing they are the band that got my to like Blink-182!!!!!" Everyone laughs at my excitement. " yes I know and you are going to L.A Tomorrow so you can get to know them and show them some of your music." She said as she has me my plane ticket. "Mom yes omg thank you I have to go upstairs and practice and stuff" I said as I get up and walk up the stairs.

It's 9:00 now so I dicide to take a shower and get my pjs on. After that I pack and I pack everything that you can imagine I will need I packed. After I pack I jump on my bed and lay down and then it hits me. Tomorrow I am meeting 5 seconds of summer and I have had the biggest crush on Luke Hemmings sense they first came out in 2011 now it's 2015 and I still do. At least me and him are the same age so it's not weird. With that thought I slowly close my eyes and fall asleep

Luke's P.O.V

I can't believe today I'm going to meet her. Cecelia. Just her name is beautiful. It's only 7:00 am and she should be at the airport at 11:00 and Matt is going to pick her up. But I couldn't sleep. I just keep thinking her. Just then I get interrupted in thought by cal saying "can't sleep." "Yup how did u know" "Luke we all know u like her and can't wait to meet her it's obvious" I laugh. "Is it really that bad" he laughs. "Yup you got it bad luke." He said I laugh.

Cecelia's P.O.V

"Excuse me Hun?" The flight attended said. "What?" I said while just waking up." "We have just landed in L.A it's time to leave" she said smiling. "Oh I'm sorry thank you" I say well grabbing my stuff and walking off the plane.

Matts P.O.V

I saw Cecelia walk out of the airport I just knew it was her by the video. I walked up to her and say" hi are u Cecelia" "yes I am" she said while smiling. "Great! I'm Matt and the boys are so excited to meet u and I can tell that luk....." "What?" She says while laughing "Never mind haha" "ok" she says while giggling "alright let's go!" I said " ok!"

Thank you guys for reading!!!! I will update soonXX💕!!!


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