End Up Here

Cecelia was just an average girl. With good friends. She wasn't that girl or it girl she was just a girl. But she was fine with that. She had a passion for singing. She wanted to go out their and make a name for herself. She never dreamt in a million years that that name would be Cecelia Hemmings..........


1. chapter 1

Cecelia's P.O.V

"Hey Katrina can I talk to u later I'm in the middle of something"I said "ok but u better call me later I want to talk and I need help on science homework hahah" I giggled. "Ok talk to u later" "ok byee" "byee". *click and post* finally. I finally have my cover for heart break girl up.

Yes by 5 seconds of summer them,green day, and blink-182,and good Charlotte are my all time favorite bands. I like others to but their my favorites. When I finished posting Heart Break Girl I was so excited I run down the stairs. Of course I'm so stupid and forget to step on the last step.

And CRASH I crash right on my butt! "Shit" I mumbled. Obviously I didn't say it quite enough cause my mom comes in from the kitchen and yells at me. "Watch you mouth Cecelia" she try's to say with a straight face but breaks out laughing cause I am so stupid😂. I couldn't help help but laugh to.

After that we walked in the kitchen and I asked "what's for dinner I am so hungry." "We are having chicken tonight honey!" Omg yes she makes the best chicken ever. And then my brother George comes storming down that stairs saying "did I just hear the word chicken!!!"

"Yes u did now sit down Hun" mom said while laughing. I'm 17 by the way my brother is 19 and he goes to a good collage and wants to be a engineer or what ever. "Hey Cecelia how's jake" he said while smirking. He knows that jake and I broke up a few days ago, he was a total ass.

"Oh yeah really funny we broke up u know that but I don't really care he was a total ass anyway!" "True that, he hates everyone and me like who doesn't like me!" George said while grinning proudly. "Who does is the real question" I said he laughs and I laugh. Me and George have always had a great relationship I could not if asked for another brother even though he was so annoying sometimes.

"Alright alright that's enough u to"my mom said while laughing. "Cecelia will u help me set the tale?" "Of course mum" I smiled. She did to.

Right after I finished setting the table in walked my step dad ted"Ted your home!" I yell running up to him. We all gave him a group huge. Ted works a lot. He is a construction worker so I can't blame him but other that he is awesome. "Hey guys!!" He said. Ted and I like all that same music except he doesn't know who 5 seconds of summer are but I don't expect him to. He takes me to car shows and old music stores were we look and listen to alternate music or some classic rock and all of our favorite bands.

He is great and makes all of us so happy. My mom and him are engaged they have been together for about 10 years now. I hope someday I will fine the one to spend the rest of my life with. And let me tell u it is not my ex boyfriend jake! He cheated on me then I gave him a second chance. Why I don't know?! But then he did it again and my friends told me and he broke my heart!

Can u believe him then he confessed to it in person and walked away. He texted me later that day and said I like banging Maria more than I like u. Maria was the girl he cheated on me with both times. Oh and get this that he text dumps me, TEXT DUMPS. Like who dose that. Oh I know jake. "Honey" my mom said interrupting my train of thought. Are u going to join us for dinner?" "Oh yeah sorry haha opps." I said. I sat down at the table across from my brother George next to ted and diagonal from my mom. We sat there and talked and laughed and ate.

After I ate I went up stairs to take a shower. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water and slowly get in the warm water felt good when it first hit my body. As I get out if the shower I grab my towel and head to my room. I put on grey sweatpants and a nirvana mussel t-shirt. I put my hair in a bun and jump onto my bed. I call Katrina and we talk and laugh for about an hour and then we finally ended the call.

As I hung up my phone I put my alarm on for 7:00 am. I put it on my bed side table. This is the last week of school and graduation is thursday I'm so excited for summer! I got so many amazing scholarships to different schools I love but I don't know which one to choose. It ok though cause I still have a while. As I let my tiredness take over my thoughts I slowly drifted to sleep......

Luke's P.O.V

"Guys get in here!"are manager Matt said from the other room of the recording studio. We just agreed and got up as the boys and I walked over to Matt and his computer. And then I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Right there on matts computer screen. She was singing heartbreak girl and I can't believe she is beautiful and can sing. "She lives in America lads." I couldn't help but smile.

"We should get in contact with her so you can ask her if she would like to sign with Capitol records." Cal said. "Ya and we could sing duets with her and stuff" Michael said. "We should" ash chimed in. By now they were all staring at me waiting for my opinion. "Yes sure that would be cool" I said and smiled. I could tell all the guys knew I liked her from just the way she looked. I am so excited! I will be able to meet her in person.


Hey guys sorry that chapter sucked I'm new at this lol. Everyone will meet soon just hang in there. Thank you for who ever is reading this!!!XX💕

~ Cecelia

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