People change

"Mom I'm 16, we don't need a babysitter, I can take care of them." I yelled. "Fio your irresponsible, I could never trust you with them." My mom sighed. I thew my hands up in frustration and walked out of the room.

Hey I'm Fio, there's not much I have to say. I thought I figured the world out, but then my world shattered. Will I ever be able to put the puzzle back together. I guess you'll have to see.


6. who you are

-Fio's POV-

After a game of truth-or-dare, 4 movies, and monopoly (cause were so cool), and just talking we all feel asleep.

As I woke up I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. As the door swung open I saw Luke. He was smiling a devilish grin. As my friends looked up the also wore the same devilish grin. Luke came and grabbed me by my arm and walked me downstairs.

As we walked downstairs I saw that there was a single chair sitting in the room. He lead me towards it. I had a feeling this wasn't gonna be good. I started to scream but nothing came out. As he sat me on the chair, my friends came out of nowhere and held me to the chair.

Luke came up and kissed my cheek. As his lips touched my skin something hit my chest. As Luke walked away there lied a dagger it my chest. As my friends let go of my legs and arms I tried to stand. But I fell back onto the seat. They all laughed in unison as they left me sitting there. Soon my body soon fell limp.

I awoke to Paige shaking me. "Fio wake up." "Oh my gosh that was one of the worse ones." I said. You see I struggle from chronic nightmares. I have them about 5 times a week. But the thing is with me is after i have these I need to get up, or if I do want to sleep I can't sleep in the same bed, or couch, ect.

So after Paige had shaken me awake I decide to go have a protein shake.

As I walked downstairs I made sure that I didn't wake the boys, who we're crashed on the couches. I grabbed the milk and the protein powder. I put them in the blender and hit the 'power' button. I hopped up on the counter and waited.

"What are you doing up so early?" Luke yawned. "Oh um, just had a bad dream." I said. He was right it was early, the hour hand barley hit 5 on the clock. I only have had 2 hours of sleep. I walked over to the blender and unscrewed the top. I poured the liquid into my pink cup. It was one of the few things I owned that was a shade of pink. I hopped back up on the counter and presumed to drink my shake.

"Your so messy." Luke teased as he picked up the mess I had made. "Your just so OCD." I teased back. I set my empty cup on the counter, and sat back and watched Luke. "Uuugggghh." Luke said as he threw his head back. "Forget it." He said as he hopped up next to me.

"So what are you doing tomorrow?" Luke asked while raising an eyebrow. I giggled at the look that his face held. "I'm on winter break." I said threw a cloud of giggles. "Oh do you want do something with me then?" He smiled. "Um.... Sure." I hesitantly spoke. "K see you at 11 am." He smiled as he left the room.

I followed him out to living room. "He Luke can sit here?" I asked to a body laying on the couch. "Yep" he said popping the p sound. I sat down on the other end of the couch and turned on the flat screen. I made sure I lowered the volume to keep the rest of the boys from waking. As the night went on my body slouched until I was laying on the otherside of Luke. I was snuggled up against his feet.

"Fiona Marie." My mom screamed. I didn't know what I did. I simply rolled over on the couch. "Fiona." My mom said once more. I rolled off the couch landing on what I thought was the ground. "Ow." Someone moaned. I guess it wasn't the ground.

I walked over to were my mom was standing in the kitchen. "Fiona do you know this is?" My mom whispered/yelled. "It's a grade card." I yelled back. "You have a d." She said putting her hands on her hips. "I'm trying." I said, my voice filled with frustration. "You have a d." Luke laughed. "Are you stupid." Calum said sarcastically. "Shut the hell up." I screamed as I left the room.

I closed the door behind me as I went in my room. All of my friends were still sleeping. I walked up the ladder to my bed and sat there, with my head buried between my knees. I refused to let myself cry.

-Luke's POV-

"What was that about?" I said looking at everyone. "You guys are such dooshbags." Brenton yelled as he stood up. "I don't why she's mad." I yelled back. "Well she got d because of her dyslexia." He said more calmly. "She has what?" Michael asked with the same confusion I had. "Maybe if you were around you'd know." He scoffed quietly as he left the room. I ran after him.

"Let me go." I said as I stepped in front of him. I knocked on the door. "Yes." I heard her voice quiver. "Please let me in." The door soon flung open. Wow I didn't think she'd actually open it. I climbed up the small steps leading up to her bed. I scootched my way towards her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." I whispered. "It's ok I know I'm dumb." She said threw a smile of acceptance. "No your not, you just struggle." I reassured her. Her big green eyes looked up at me. I felt my heart beat faster and my body start to shake a little. I felt a feeling that has never overcome me. Was I falling in love, with Fio.

Whatever I felt I had to put it aside. "You better hurry." I smiled. "For what?" She sighed. "We're going somewhere, remember?" I laughed. "Luke, I don't know, I have to do a lot to...." I cut her off. "Your going." I demanded. I leapt off the bed and walked out the door laughing.

First down the stairs were Fio's friends, with there bags packed and all dressed in their pajamas. As Fio came downstairs my mouth dropped a little. It would have dropped entirely but I didn't want to show any of the forbidden feeling I might have. She was wearing a high-low dress. The top was a creame colored. The creame color stopped at her high waist. Then it was some form of a blue. It was a lighter blue. A color resembling the walls of her room.

"May I." I laughed as I held out my arm. She rolled her eyes. Then her laugh rolled off her tongue. Man does she have a beautiful laugh. I mentally slapped myself. I just couldn't think like this.

As we arrived at our destination I saw Fio's eyes widen. "Luke it's still beautiful." She smiled, her eyes tear coated. "Are you ready?" I asked opening her door. "Where are we going?" She smiled. We were at a little cottage that my grandfather built. Me and her used to spend our summer week days up here.

As we reached the clearing in the woods I set down a blanket. I laid down and patted the blanket for her to sit. She laid down next to me. "So." She smiled. "I'm sorry about earlier." I sighed. "It's fine. I know a lot has changed in the past couple of years that you were gone, so I don't blame you." She looked at me and gave small smile and just stared. "What are you looking at?" I laughed. "You." She chuckled. "Why?" I smiled not expecting her to reply. "You haven't changed much. Not like me." She laughed. "Your so basic." She said in some weird voice. "What do you mean, you haven't changed that much." I said.

"Yeah right." She laughed.

"I'm serious Fio, you haven't changed." I said intertwining our fingers.

"Luke I'm different, different from what I used to be. My life is different as well." She sighed.

"So I guess life changes." I laughed.

"No Luke, my life is different, but if hasn't changed."

"The definition of change is different from before. So your life has changed." I stated.

"Luke to me, change means permanently. My dad is gone but not forever, I'll see him again. Dyslexia has always been there, it's just more prominent now. And other stuff in my my life has always been there, but just now decided to show up."

"So nothing in you life has changed then?" I questioned.

"Well I have." She stared.

"Then I guess people change." I said starring onto the sky.

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