People change

"Mom I'm 16, we don't need a babysitter, I can take care of them." I yelled. "Fio your irresponsible, I could never trust you with them." My mom sighed. I thew my hands up in frustration and walked out of the room.

Hey I'm Fio, there's not much I have to say. I thought I figured the world out, but then my world shattered. Will I ever be able to put the puzzle back together. I guess you'll have to see.


16. the fear of love

Luke's pov^

Did those words just come out of his mouth.

"You... You love her?" I asked, sounding more like a statement.

"Y-yeah, I do." He said, you could tell he was trying be the upmost confident my he could be.

Heck even I can't get in the way of love. I won't like it, but I'm not gonna mess with it anymore. Cause I think I love her too, but if she loves him, then my love means nothing.


Luke's pov^

"Then tell her." I said, a little taken back by my own words.

"I don't know if she feels the same." He sighed.

"Well, sometimes people don't allow themselves to love someone until they tell them first." I said. This I knew very well. This is what I felt. This is why I was gonna tell Fio I love her. So maybe she could allow herself to fall for me.

"I-I guess your right." He said, a little ecstatic.

"Ya, now go tell her before I change my mind about you." I laugh.

By then he ran off into the room.

Logan's pov^

I ran into the room to see Fio laughing along with Ashton about something. I walked to her side whispering in her ear

"Come with me for a sec."

Fio followed me as I took her to a room down the hall.

Once we got there I took a look around. It was a small room, with baby blue walls, with brown crown molding. There was a brown love-seat, and a brown media set, with a large flat screen.

I pulled her over to the couch and sat her down, while I sat down next to her.

I placed my hand on her cheek... This is about to happen. I know I've kissed her before but I want this kiss to turn into more. I want it to turn into the moment I tell her 'I love her.'

I placed my lips softly to hers. Her lips are so soft, so plump. Ugh I hate the word plump. But how else to I describe it. Big? Large? Juicy? Nope plump is the only word. Ugh. Life.

I rubbed my hand up and down her arm as the kiss got more intense. You don't know how badly I wanted to attack her with kisses, and maybe a little French. But I know she didn't want that. So I need to control myself. Hey what can I say, I'm a guy... A guy with needs. I want to push the love to the furthest... but I won't. And since especially Luke would kill me. Not that I couldn't take him.

Well okay, I'll admit Luke does scare me a little. Not with his appearance, nor his words. He just means sooo much to Fiona, that I know if I were to screw with him or upset him, he would tell Fio, and she would listen.

When it comes to Fiona, I know she hates the fact, but she's obeys like no other person can. She'll listen to what Luke, even though she says she would never. If I were to pressure her, she would cave. That's why when she told me that nothing I do would influence her, I was still a little skeptical. I know she's naive, but I will not use it to my advantage. She's delicate... I can tell. She's not the badass that she makes people think she is.


Sorry just have to, you may not remember, but omg, I just love this moment. This is such a flashback to my first time writing this story. 😢 tear. Okay now back to the story

I slowly unlatched my lip from hers.

I stared into those beautiful green eyes. As I kept my hand on her cheek.

"Fiona, I love you." I said slowly.

Fio's pov^

I could feel my breath being taken away. And for me... This moment... I one I wish I never encountered.

Everything, I've loved, has left me. My dad, Luke, that's why right when Luke left, I- I shut people out. I couldn't let anyone else leave. I know what your thinking, how about your siblings, mom, friends. Well I care about them. I don't love them. I will not... No, never use that term again. I do not love anyone. I don't even love myself.

I could feel the tears whelm up inside of me. It hurts so bad.

"You. Don't. Love. Me." I said slowly, attempting to fight away the tears.

"Fiona, I do." She simply stared caressing my face even more. With concern dripping eyes he slowly reaped once more "I do."

"NO YOU DON'T!" I yelled. I got up and ran out of the room.

I needed something, I needed someone. I just wanted Luke. I loved him, he left, he's back. But no matter what happened in the past, he's here now. And I need him most... Right now. In this exact moment.

But to be honest I don't know where I am. I ran out so fast done the hall... and no I'm lost. I couldn't feel worse right now.

I slammed my body against the wall and slumped down. I then proceeded to curl my knees up to my chest and place my hear between the slight crack.

All I could feel was my heart beating rapidly.

Ugh... My sobs were soon stopped by the frightening touch of a person.

I meekly looked up and saw just who I wanted. Luke.

"Babe what's wrong." He said sitting criss-crossed in front of me with his hands on my knees.

"Logan loves me!" I cried.

"Um? Yeah. What's wrong with that?" He asked obviously confused, while rubbing my knees. To be honest the tone of his voice was quite soothing.

"Everyone that I love, or loves me leaves! I sobbed harder in my hands. He gently pushed my hands off of my face and pulled me into his chest.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"People I love leave... My dad... you." I said, the last part above a whisper.

But apparently he still heard me.

"Fio, how many times do I have to say sorry, okay I cared to much to say good bye!" He said a little frustrated himself.

"I know... I know. I'm not even mad anymore. I'm just... Ugh. Just everything is so complicated, and my life is so weird and I just hate it! But what if Logan does leave me, and then I know my theory is true, and then I'll be even more ruined-" Luke cut me off.

"Fio, your being hormonal!" He laughed.

"Am not." I huffed.

"You ramble when your hormoning."

(Sorry I just have to say May if your reading, this is just cause i was thinking of you and I's talk, so if it can't happen now, it's happening in the story! Sorry ya'll I just had to state it to my friend. Who is do important to me, that somehow just rubs off in the story!)

I lightly giggle, while punching his arm once.

"Ow!" He said acting hurt.

"Ya, but seriously, I just basically ruined Logan's sentimental moment with me." I slightly pouted.

"Just go in there and explain, he'll understand. Plus this is better, he'll comfort you, think it's all him. But me and you both know it was all me." He said trying to act all cool.

"Okay." I laughed, embracing him.

"I... love you Luke." I said trying to make myself conquer my fear. Which I mean he's back know... he could leave again, could he?


And FYI like I already said this is the same story on here as the app wattpad sooo the story is the same, but since I have different amount of comments and crap the Author notes are gonna be different. And also sooo sooo sorry for the long wait I was at my brothers wedding, and I'll try updating this week but I'm gonna be busy so I'll try my best! Thanks ily byeeee.

-📓 rosey

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