People change

"Mom I'm 16, we don't need a babysitter, I can take care of them." I yelled. "Fio your irresponsible, I could never trust you with them." My mom sighed. I thew my hands up in frustration and walked out of the room.

Hey I'm Fio, there's not much I have to say. I thought I figured the world out, but then my world shattered. Will I ever be able to put the puzzle back together. I guess you'll have to see.


9. the beginning of the tour!

(The story is now 4 days in advanced, so now there leaving for the tour tomorrow!)

I walked into the house to be hit by the smell of steak! I like steak a lot! I went into the kitchen, but found no steak. So then I went to the backyard and was hit by the aroma. "STEAK!" I screamed. "Calm down!" Brenton laughed. "I can't, it's flippin STEAK!" I squealed. Brenton let out a small chuckle before going back to his cooking steaks. I walked back info the house seeing Luke sitting on the couch with his feet on the coffee table. "MOTHER!" I yelled threw the house. "What the hell happened." She said running into the living room. "Luke has his feet on the coffee table." I said pointing to a now worried Luke. "Oh my god, he's FINE." She said before giving me a dramatic sigh. "But, but you yell at me." I said in a more whined tone. "Because your feet are gross!" She said in disgust before leaving to go back to .... well who knows what. He playfully rolled his eyes and gave a weak chuckle before gaining his attention back on the show. I walked over to the couch but not before shoving his feet off the table. I sat at the other end of the couch and turned towards the tv. "My little pony. Are you serious." "There's nothing else on!" He defended. But we both new he liked the show. Even when we were little if anyone that he had the siltiest chance of judging him, he would quickly say that I made him watch it. But considering it hate the show that wasn't the case, but if meant not embarrassing him then let's just say I took one for the team.

"How much more packing do you have left?" Luke asked poking my arm to grab my attention. "A LOT!" I said emphasizing it all. "Well then get going." He said nudging me off the couch. "Fine, pushy much." I said sarcastically before leaving Luke.

I went to my room and pulled out a bag. Saying 'a lot' might of been a little bit of an understatement considering I hadn't even started. I put in almost my entire collection of clothes. But since all of my clothes, besides the ones I recently bought are all clothes from my 'dark stage'. So I decided I'd pack some of those and borrow clothes from the girls, Brenton and Luke. Yeah I have no shame in wearing guys clothes something about it loosely hanging off of me just felt wonderful, not mentioning the beautiful aroma of men's colon.

Just then I heard footsteps behind me. "Hey." Andrew said. I turned around seeing him in his suit in tie from his long day at the bank. I've never understood how someone could indoor such agony, dealing with idiots all day that have to count on you to cash their riches. Sitting their feeling horrible about how much more they have than you, or how little they have compared to you.

"Need any help?" "Yeah!" I said enthusiastically, just the thought of having company excited me.

After awhile of grabbing a small amount of my original clothes I headed off to Brenton's room. I take his clothes often, but the he got tired of me taking stuff he was gonna wear so he has a drawer dedicated to stuff that I'm aloud to wear. So knowing me I just took out the bottom drawer and haled it to my room. Not before stopping to pee.

*andrews pov {fio's new dad}*

I was putting in the rest of Fio's jewelry since she said "it all goes". I came across a little box, similar to that of a rings. I slowly creeped it open, and I saw a ring. It was a wedding ring. I took it out but it seemed to be connected by some odd force. I pulled a little harder, then SNAP! I heard footsteps behind me and knew it was Fio. I shoved the, what know is known as a necklace in the box and closed it. I turned around, only to see Luke.

"Oh thank god!" I sighed of relief. "What did you do?" Luke question, worry plastered to his face while taking the box out of my hand. He opened it and observed his face showing fear. Just then Fio ripped it out of his hand. "Luke, you know not to touch it." She said half-laughing. She opened it, and then took the ring, suddenly surprised that it wasn't connected to the chain. She mumbled something, but I couldn't make it out. Although the noise was inaudible, it sounded like a demon muffling a noise to his victims. "Fio I'm so sorry, I just went to look at it, and well I was taking it out.... Then snap." I said really quickly. I knew I shouldn't be scarred. She jut a teenager, I'm the one with power. But she is a dramatic teenager, and I don't want to ruin the small fragile bond I have with her.

She didn't say anything she just stood there. She then grabbed Luke and I's arms and dragged us out of the room. She then locked the door and left me and Luke standing there. I heard one small annoyed scream and then it turned back to silence. "Do you think she'll be okay?" I asked Luke. "Yeah, she tends to over react." He laughed then walked towards the guest room which he has claimed as his own. I gave up waiting and walked towards Matthew and Zoey's room.

Fio's pov ******

I woke the next day. I knew it wasn't much, just a broken chain, but it was the fact I had to replace the chain. And it wasn't original. It didn't have the same effect. I went to go and grab it, but it wasn't where I last left it. I looked frantically for the next half hour, when I heard my mom call. "Fio, Luke's waiting on you!" She yelled from downstairs. I grabbed all my bags and headed downstairs.

"I can't find my ring!" I said scarred. Everyone just brushed it off and contained to say their goodbyes. "Come on Fio." Luke said opening the door. I had already said bye to everyone but I just couldn't leave without the ring. "Luke, but ring...." He cut me off by pulling my arm out the door and to the limo that came to pick us up. I was about to turn back but figured it was no use. But I didn't feel right about it.

When I got in I saw that everyone was already there. The girls and guys. I waved a little and sat down next to Paige.

*skip limo and plane ride*

We all hopped off the plane and headed towards the bus that would bd picking us up. I stepped one foot on the step of the bus and then started to freak. I didn't know why now and not on the pane or limo, but I guess this just symbolized the real start. I could feel my chest start to rise and fall quickly.

"Fio goooo." Skylar said obviously annoyed. "Well I mean, I don't know. This seems really scary, maybe I'm just not meant to leave the nest ye. Yah that's it. I think I just need to go home and lay...." My rambling was caught off by strong arms around my waist. It was Luke. Great. Note my sarcasm. My chest was beating harder now.

"Luke let go of me!" I yelled trying to get away from his grip. "Your just over reacting, like when we were little and you were scared to go on the roller coaster. "I threw up Luke. THREW UP." I yelled, still trying to get away. We were now sitting on a small built on couch with me on his lap. "So.... Luke." The bus driver said scratching the back of his neck. "Yeah just go, she'll be fine." Luke said as if I wasn't creaking out. "No I fucking wont." I said but the giving up as I felt the bus rolling. Dammit. There's no use now, not that there was ever any use. Luke let go and I stood up brushing off my pants. The rest of the group started playing cards, laughing at my attempt to free myself. So I sat down beside Luke and they dealt me a hand. "Fuck you all just so you know." I said half joking. Shae was soon slowly tilting more towards Ashton, until adventuly falling asleep. Paige was the next one down. And I could tell skylar was about to fall. I could feel myself going also. The boys unlike my friends can stay awake all night. Well I should say me, all my friends can stay awake but tonight was an exception. I stood up poking all the girls and we walked to the back of the bus. We all changed. "Hey do you guys want the beds tonight and we'll sleep on the couches?" Ashton asked stepping in the room that had the two couches. The couches weren't big but they could fit two teenage girls. "No, we don't want to be that invading." Shae said before plopping down in the couch. "Okay."

I slept with Shae and Skylar slept with Paige. I woke up in the middle of the night, just another nightmare. A bad one of I might add, but I was preoccupied by the confetti g sensation of arms around me. I looked back to see Shae. Dammit she spooning me again. She's done it ever since we were in middle school, it's not her fault, she just a sleep spooner. While it is rather comforting, her grip is just to tight. I tried going back to sleep but as I have said before if I have a nightmare I just can't sleep in the same spot again. I ripped Shaes arms off of me and stood up. I looked back to see Shae spooning a pillow.

Luke's pov****

I felt a shove on my arm and opened my eyes. When my eyes finally adjusted to the light I saw Fio standing their. "Can I sleep here." She asked her voice filled with desperation. "Yeah." I yawned. "Thanks." She said scooting in the small built in bed. She snuggled up to me. Her head layer on my chest and her and tucked beside her. I knew right then I had at least the slightest bit of feeling towards her. And it scared me.

Fio's pov****

I woke up to a bright flash. I shielded my eyes. "What the hell." "Aww look at it." Ashton showed me his phone, there lied me in my batman muscle tank top and booty shorts, snuggled up to a shirtless Luke Hemmings. I went grab it but Ashton pulled it back. "This is so going on the Internet!" Ash laughed.

Shae soon grabbed Ash's phone while he wasn't looking. "Hey!" He whined. She deleted the photo and handed it back to him. "Don't worry there will be plenty time to take cute couple photos when there dating." She said emphasizing dating. "We are not DATING, nor are we ever going to DATE." I said defensively. "Yeah yeah," Calum smirked. "But we got to get ready we have a concert today.

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