People change

"Mom I'm 16, we don't need a babysitter, I can take care of them." I yelled. "Fio your irresponsible, I could never trust you with them." My mom sighed. I thew my hands up in frustration and walked out of the room.

Hey I'm Fio, there's not much I have to say. I thought I figured the world out, but then my world shattered. Will I ever be able to put the puzzle back together. I guess you'll have to see.


15. Love... So much love

Logan's pov^

Even though I was happy about still being with Fiona, I could still feel my stomach upset about how Luke would react. Don't think I'm scared of Luke, cause I'm not. What I scared about is that if I make him mad, Fiona might somehow might get mad at me as well. So really I'm scared of Fiona.

Fiona was still on my lap and she was playing with a piece of red dyed hair.

"Do you ever think of re-doing your streaks. Or even doing them in a different color?" She asked, still fiddling with my hair.

"No actually I like how it looks natural and not done perfectly. What about you, did you ever want a color?"

"I actually had my tips dyed red but I cut it off, but yeah it would be nice to have a color again. Seeing I kinda cut mine off out of a feelings overload." She lightly chuckled.

"Oh, what color would you get?" I asked.

"Like two purples, that kinda ombré down." She smiled.


"Oooo, I got an idea. Will you take me to get my hair done?"

I looked at here, still unsure. Now I know Luke would hate me.

"No I don't think-" she cut me off.

"Plzzzz!" She said pouting her lip.

I just couldn't say no, I mean look at those eyes. Ugh, there all gonna be so mad at me. Well maybe not. I mean this is her idea. I'm sure they'll all love it. Right? Okay maybe just not Luke. But Michael and Skylar, I mean come on they have dyed hair. Ya! They'll love it.

"Sure." I said.


We finally got her hair done. Like goodness, mine only usually takes an hour, hers took 3.

When we got to the radio station where 5sos was interviewing I took a moment to just look at Fiona with her hair like that. She was beautiful. Even before it she was, but I like her hair even more now.

"What?" She giggled.

"You look beautiful." I breathed.

"Aw, thanks." She smiled, lightly kissing my cheek.

She was about to get out, but before she could I held onto her hand.

"Come on we got to go." She laughed.

"One minute." I said as she sat back into the leather seat.

I brought my hands to her face, and cupped them around. My hands were big compared to hers, but they fit perfectly around her face.

I slowly latched my lips to hers and moved my ones hand to touch her shoulder. She snaked her arms around my neck and kissed me back harder.

She slowly unlatched and whispered.

"We got to go, there gonna be done any minute." She placed one more peck to my lips then parted, removing her arms from my neck.

Once we got in we saw that the boys were already gone and only the girls were there, in the dressing room.

"Oh my, I love it!" Skylar cheered.

"I know." Fiona, said in a valley girl voice whilst flipping her hair.

I chuckled to myself, while I leaned against the wall watching Fiona and her friends hangout.

When it comes to girls and their friends I tend to just sit back and stay out of the way. I don't want to intrude on their... well I don't know, what they do I guess.

"Logan come over here and talk to us." Shae ordered.

"Nah I'm fi-" she interrupted

"Come on we don't bite, well I've only once, but it was my brother and I was little."

I walked over and hung by Fiona. She said she doesn't like people calling her Fiona but I talked to her and she said she likes it when I say it. But I just find it funny cause all her friends are calling her Fio, but I don't have too. I just like it! I don't know why.

I was taken from my thoughts by the door creaking open. I turned around to see Michael, Ashton, and Calum. Where's Luke? Oh well, longer I don't have to have his glare eating away at my face.

"Oh my... YAS! You finally got your hair dyed." Michael yelled jumping on Fiona.

"Geez Michael don't crush my girlfriend." I laughed.

"YAS, you guys are still going out. Wait I thought Luke was gonna talk to you?" He questioned.

"Fiona wouldn't let me dump her." I said, with a serious face.

"Logan Michel." She sassed.

"I kid, I kid." I laughed.

Just then Luke came in. He looked at Fiona, shocked about her hair. But as soon as he saw me his face went even more shocked.

"Can- can I um, talk to you Logan?" Luke asked trying to be calm.

"Yeah sure." I said relaxed.

When we got out Luke was actually calm.

Well so I thought.

"What the hell!" He yelled/whispered.

"What do you mean." I asked. Just aggravating him even more. I'm trying, I really I am to not be a smartalec, but I've just been one all my life. It's hard not to ya know.

"I thought you said you were breaking up with her but that obviously didn't happen, and then you went and got her hair dyed!" He exclaimed.

"Look, I tried. But she knew that you told me to. And then she told me not to care what you say, and that you guys won't be mad at each other. So as long as I'm not ruining anything, I'm gonna be with Fiona. I want you to like me as well, but if not... It doesn't matter cause I love her." I stated.

Luke's pov^

Did those words just come out of his mouth.

"You... You love her?" I asked, sounding more like a statement.

"Y-yeah, I do." He said, you could tell he was trying be the upmost confident my he could be.

Heck even I can't get in the way of love. I won't like it, but I'm not gonna mess with it anymore. Cause I think I love her too, but if she loves him, then my love means nothing.


Ooooo, he loooooovvvvvveesss her. But anyways thank you all so much, I love all of you comments and likes and faves. But I mean I say this every a/n, but I can't help it you all are soooo great. So just know I think your special and BOOTAFUL people. Ily bye.

-📓 rosey

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