People change

"Mom I'm 16, we don't need a babysitter, I can take care of them." I yelled. "Fio your irresponsible, I could never trust you with them." My mom sighed. I thew my hands up in frustration and walked out of the room.

Hey I'm Fio, there's not much I have to say. I thought I figured the world out, but then my world shattered. Will I ever be able to put the puzzle back together. I guess you'll have to see.


18. "I promise."

Luke's pov^ {skip to the next day}

I woke up to Fio's phone beeping. I secretly took her phone last night. I know I shouldn't, but today is Fio's birthday and I didn't want Logan texting or calling her, and making her birthday horrible. Sooo, I'm just gonna keep it till tomorrow.

But today is Fiona's birthday. Me and everyone else plan on making a big deal, it's her 18th so it has to be big.

So here's our plan for the day:

1: the girls are taking her to get an outfit today and tonight(which they're doing right now)

2: we're going out to lunch

3: we're just hanging out and doing presents and cake

4: we're going to a night club for Fio's first legal drink (yes she's drank before she was 18, but she has not gotten drunk.)

My thought were interrupted by Fio's phone beeping again. And guess who it was, of course Logan.

From Logan:

To Fio:

Fiona, please I know I shouldn't of, it's just I was scared cause I've never felt that way... And that's where it ended, cause it's only on lock screen. No way am I invading Her phone.

Oh but there where more

From Logan:

To Fio :

Please, I'm sorrryyyy

From Logan:

To Fio :

I love you

From Logan:

To Fio :

Please Fiona I'm crying

From Logan:

To Fio :

I didn't mean what I did or said

From Logan:

To Fio :

I need you in my life 😭

From Logan:

To Fio :

Babe I miss you

From Logan:

To Fio :

Happy birthday at least

From Logan:

To Fio :

Can I at least come by and give you your present

From Logan:

To Fio :

I'm gonna be at the lot where the tour bus is in 10 minutes

By the last text I decided to get ready for him. Well basically getting all the boys to come out with me. I needed him gone within 30 minutes, cause the girls will be back by then.

As soon as I got the boys up, as he said Logan was here.

I swung the door open and waited for Logan to speak.

"Luke please! I just need to see her." He begged.

"Look, just leave. She doesn't want to see you." I said bluntly.

"Did she really, or are you just speaking for her." He sassed.

"I know she doesn't-" he cut me off by saying "she says she wants to be independent an your just speaking for her. If she doesn't want to see me, she can tell me." He said crossing his arms against his chest.

"I don't want to see you." I heard a small voice say.

I looked pass Logan to see Fio standing there. Looks like she's back early. The rest of the girls stood behind her, but she stood out the most. She was wearing a beautiful outfit, that is just her. Not to girly, but still pretty, and I know she's in love with CAMO.

She had a camouflage shirt with black leather skinny jeans, and black hightops.{outfit at the top}

She had her hair in a a messy bun, with hair around her face. Back to the point. She stood there with her arms crossed against her chest and her foot pointed in front of her.

"Fiona you don't really mean that, do you!?" Logan asked frantically.

"I do now get out!" She exclaimed.

"Luke just brain washed you, Fiona what I said yesterday was all not meant to be said. But what I said about Luke, was true. He just wants me gone, so I won't be your first, he wants to be your first fuck!" He yelled/ whispered.

"Look, Logan. Luke would never, cause me and his relationship is strong. We might not be dating, but we might as well be. He loves me, and is there when I'm down. He loves my insecurities, my imperfections, and I love his. I LOVE HIM!" She yelled, but the last sentence she screamed.

I just couldn't believe she said that.

Fiona's pov^

I can't believe I just said that. But the sad thing is... It's true. I knew in the back of mind it always was. But the fact of him being like family always pushed the thought away. The fact I was scared he might leave again.

I could see Logan's mouth moving but all I was concentrating on was Luke. He just starred at me, both of us in a dazed state, and giggly.

But I was snapped out of my daze by the next words that came out of Logan's mouth.

"The boy who left you, you love him! The boy who's GONNA leave you, that's the boy you LOVE!" He yelled.

I could feel the tears coming, but I blinked them away. I looked at Luke, he knew right then and there I was gonna let the dam break. But he didn't come to me. Not like he usually does.

I couldn't hold it in any longer, I let the tears flood down my cheeks. I didn't want to lose him again. But by the way he stood there, it's like he knew he would have to at some point.

Well I only thought that's for a couple minutes, cause Luke then punched Logan in the jaw. And whoah, he'd dropped fast.

"Don't ever say that. EVER. I will never leave Fiona again. I may have screwed up, but I'm back now, and I won't mess up again. And if I do then I'm an even bigger jacka** then you!" Luke yelled, while standing over Logan.

I quickly covered my mouth with my hand, as I watched Luke look up at me with a worried expression on his face. One to say are-you-okay.

I didn't even have time to answer, before my feet ran me to him and jumping into his arms.

"Luke you promise, promise me you'll never leave!" I cried into his shoulder.

He held me in his arms as he whispered in my ear "I promise."

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