People change

"Mom I'm 16, we don't need a babysitter, I can take care of them." I yelled. "Fio your irresponsible, I could never trust you with them." My mom sighed. I thew my hands up in frustration and walked out of the room.

Hey I'm Fio, there's not much I have to say. I thought I figured the world out, but then my world shattered. Will I ever be able to put the puzzle back together. I guess you'll have to see.


10. Florida concert

"Why do we have to get ready, if the concert is at 7 fricking o'clock." I whined. "Cause we have rehearsal, then we have to get ready, and by then it's 6 o'clock." Calum said. "Ugh." I sighed before getting up. I waited in the 'living room' area, which in reality is a small isolated, room with a couch. I was waiting to get in the bathroom. Once Calum was finally done, I got in and put on my 5sos hoodie, an cut off white shorts. I then threw my hair up on a high pony, not ridiculously high like you see in the famous stars magazine.

When I came out, only us girls were ready while the boys all laid around in sweatpants and long sleeve shirts. "Um, are you guys gonna get ready. Cause we have to leave in 20 minutes." I said as if I was talking to a 5 year old. "Don't worry. We get ready there." Michael said mimicking my tone. I playfully rolled my eyes and sat next to Shae and Ash. "Heyyy." I said obnoxiously, as I sat between them. "Fio, Fio, Fio." Shae said as if she was in one of those old movies where the are harassing the victims before the hurt them. "Shae, Shae, Sh-" I was cut off by Shae's foot bumping me off the couch. "Hhmmff." I sighed, before going and sitting at Luke's feet.

Luke played with my hair as we all talked about tonight. Me and the girls would all sit backstage, and would go with them afterwords to see the fans. Except we would try and blend in. Even though the girls are dating the boys (except me and Luke, cause I mean we're bestfriends, and that would be weird) we don't want the fans to find out. We're trying to limit the hate to the least we can. We plan on letting then find out threw there little rumors, seeing that it would probably increase ratings as well, might as well kill two birds with one stone.

My thoughts were ruined by a tug on my sleeve. "Hair tie." Luke said bluntly. I handed him a hair tie that was on my wrist and went back to listening. They went on about dinner, we're packing sandwiches. Luke poked my back, and I knew he would want me to see the creation he had created out of my hair. I laughed a little and went to the bathroom.

I saw a braid, not the best but it was good for Luke. I laughed a little at the way he put my pony in, it had bunches in between that were frizzy. God you have to love that boy. Note the hint of playful sarcasm.

I came out and gave a thumbs up to Luke. He smiled from ear to ear knowing he did a good job. "It's a nice braid." Luke's smile went to anger. "It's a fishtail." He said in a deep voice resembling batmans. "Oh." I said holding back laughter. "Girl, there is no appreciation on this tour bus." He said like a dramatic girl. I walked over and sat on Skylar's lap. "I appreciate you." I said throwing a pillow at him. "Sure, you do." He said putting his hand to my face. I put out my neck and licked his hand. "Ew." He said straight faced, as he wiped his hand on his pants. I gave a small chuckle, and gave my back a pat.

"Sorry to ruin this moment, but we got to go." Ashton said with a smirk plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes and leaped of Skylar's lap. "Ow, you fatass." Skylar remarked. I gave a huge laugh, and went to the van outside. We all piled in and went to the stadium. There were waves upon waves of girls screaming out the boys names and there songs and chanting 5sos, 5sos, 5sos. The driver dropped of the boys with their body guards, and took us around the back.

We hopped out and went through the big steel doors and a body guard took us down a series of halls until we came to this big room were the boys sat, with couches and a desk around them. Luke laid on a green love seat, Calum was sitting on the opposite couch, Michael sat at a desk on the computer, and Ashton was cutting up a t-shirt. Us girls went to a different place, seeing we all had different things that interested us the most. Skylar sat with Calum, Paige went to see what shirt Ashton was cutting, and me and Shae went to the mini fridge. I grabbed some pop and a banana.

Soon enough the boys went to rehearsal and left me and the girls to talk amongst ourselves. "So let's be real, Fio what are you and Luke doing that we don't know about." Paige said smirkingly. "Oh my, ugh. We are NOT doing anything, let alone something you guys don't know about. We're just friends." I said, not bothering to hide my annoyance. "Okay, okay." Paige said making her voice show signs of surrendering but her face showing signs of 'this is no over'.

After the boys rehearsal it was time for the real thing, well after we hung out a bit. We followed the boys down another series of hallways before we came to the underneath of the stage. The manager instructed the boys to the stairs were they would be going up, onto stage. Then he took us to a little landing, up above the crowd where we would be standing watching them. I didn't mind having to stand here 2 hours, or any other stadium for that matter, it was nice to see the boys in their element.

As the boys came on, the girls erupted into to high pitched screams, and the stadium trembled from their jumping.

These action went on for 2 hours, me barley making out the words they sang. I just hummed to myself whatever song I think their singing. I was caught off from my mindless hums from a sound. More like lack of sound. I looked up to all the girls waving flash lights, with the song 'amnesia' playing.

It was Luke singing, man did he sing good. I directed my attention to him. The way the light wrapped softly around him, the words flowed out with seemingly effort, and the way his facial expression showed his true love for music, it made him seem so...... so irresistible. I wanted to run up to him, kiss him like I did the night of the championship, except this time with full intentions to love him, and not like a brother, but a boyfriend, someone I could latch onto and tell them 'I love you'.

I've always hated cheesy movies, and books, the way they felt never seemed realistic, yet here I am. Falling in love with a boy, just like a girl would in the movies. And I actually liked it.


Hey thx you all for love and support. I love you all, I'm sorry it takes soooo long to update, I'm in my last couple weeks of school and I want them to be PERFECT so of course I'm over freaking out, trying to fit in all the duff I've wanted to do and make good grades, but you guys don't care about that so ily bye 📓

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