Perfect Cadence [EPP competion #4]

If music is love expressed...


1. Perfect Cadence



If music is love expressed then how will my song play? 

Will each phrase be smooth with content or broken by loss? 

Will the notes be frantic and panicked, like my searching heart once was? 

Or steady and certain, as my head is now?

Will  the hands on the keys be shaking and cold? 

Or free from fear and dancing in confidence?

How many voices will join the ensemble?

And for fleeting moments or prolonged duets?

Will I keep moving forward with driving rhythms? 

Or pull everything back and take a more leisurely pace?  

Maybe there will be a turning point, when dark becomes light, or when shadows grow stronger still.

Or perhaps a gentle fade, as each perfect harmony wears away at my soul.

Whether the music rises or falls does not concern me, however.

For the beauty of music is not in the highest note or the hardest bar. 

It is in the reason behind every dot on the page. 

And In the end there is no point in music for the sake of music, just as there is little point in love for the sake of romance. 

I know there will be moments of unsure dissonance and outright clashes that were never meant to be. 

But I'm hopeful, that in the same way as in music, eventually all will be resolved.

So I hope not for drama, but an unforced and natural conclusion:

A perfect cadence.  

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