What a Lovely Life, Isn't It Beautiful

A lost girl, trying to find her way back to life. She eventually experience all the struggle and trouble of befriending a MC club. After a while, she meets her best friend which have struggled as much as her self. They decide to walk this world together when a twist reaches them.


2. The Beginning

 I met Alex a few months ago. He literally change my life forever, for the better I believe. Alex, or Alexander Weathers is three years older than me, he is 20 years old, already married to Nina Weathers. He was this bad-ass biker who enjoyed spending time with me, and he has already introduced me to Hap. Hap on the other hand is a man of his words, and I really do fancy him. My mother had demanded me to stop hanging out with the dangerous men, but they were really kind to me and not dangerous at all. Hap, is 19 years old, his name is really Joey Pennell, but everyone calls him Hap or Happy and I really think it suits him that way. His smile is amazing, whenever he is smiling, I can't hold it and I have to smile as well.


Today I am going on my first official date with Hap, and I am so excited. I finish off my hair and walk down stairs to say goodbye to my family. As I came down, my little brother who is 8, yells “I'm going to Lucas, bye!” and he slams the door shut. 'bye', I think for myself. Lucas is the neighbour kid and they've been friends ever since we moved here, the get along greatly. I find my mum and dad in the living room, watching television. “I'm going to hang out with Joe.” I said calmly, leaning my right shoulder on the door frame. My dad faces me with a smile as he says “Alright, don't be out for too long.” I nod, waiting for my mum to say anything, but she is too upset to do so. “Alright, bye for now” I simply say after a while, standing still and waiting for some response. But for no use, my parents was already very occupied with the TV. I sighed and turn away, I put my shoes on and my leather jacket, and I step out of the house.


It was a sunny day, no clouds and a bright blue sky above me. I hear a bike approaching me but I don't mind until it stops. I look at the guy on the bike, taking his helmet of, revealing a naturally styled brown hair, a handsome face with green eyes and the man I fancy. Hap. I walk up to him and plant a kiss on his lips. “You ready then?” Hap's eyes brightened and he seemed eager at leaving my house, which is really understandable in this case. “Yes” I answer as I put my helmet on and I put my bum on the bike, behind Hap. I don't know where we are going, but everywhere is great when I am with him, everything is perfect. I put my arms around Happy's waist and he starts driving. I lean my head on his back, enjoying everything with this trip, the smell of my man and the view from his bike.


I lose track of time, spending it in my own mind, peacefully for now, not as messy as usual. My mind is kind to me when I am around Hap. Usually it would torture me for hours, with questions like; 'Who would like you?', 'Shouldn't you lose some weight?' and 'Why do you bother?'. I guess these demon thoughts arrive mostly because of my past, I was really bullied through childhood, something I haven't really told anyone. The bullying was terrible and at a point I completely broke, and tried to end it all, but I obviously failed, which I am terribly happy for. If I had ended it back then, I would never move over here and meet Alex and Hap. I would never experience happiness in adulthood. I would've lost the opportunity of things getting better. I still believe the best in people, even though I've experienced the worst before, but it is unfair to judge everyone based on some few people who made your life miserable.


Hap suddenly stops driving, he's parked the bike and has taken his helmet off. “You asleep, babe?” He asks so kindly, as he tries to face me, turning his face close to a 180 degrees. “No” I answer with a smile on my face, letting Hap go from my grip and use my hands to take my helmet off. I stand up from Happy's bike right after him, looking around for a clue. All I can see is trees, I can hear the road but it is distant, the birds are louder. Hap takes my hand and lead me in a direction which I guess is futher away from the road. I enjoyed every second with him, we didn't need to talk, holding hands and walking in silence is great. I again lose track of time, but we sit down on a few rocks. I lean my head on his shoulder, looking at the view of ocean and the sunset. I can hear that Hap gets a message at his phone, but I don't mind it. Some club business I guess, it usually is.


After a while of silence, I realise that Happy hasn't said anything about him leaving, and I get a bad feeling. That feeling when you something terrible is about to happen, or already have happened. I look up to study his face, I quickly spot that he is worried. Really worried. He looks at me with a sad look and I sit up. “What happen?” I tried asking, feeling myself getting more worried than Hap. Happy put a hand on my shoulder before opening his mouth “It's your family" he pauses and take a deep breath, like the next few words are too heavy to say out loud. "Your house blew up”.

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