What a Lovely Life, Isn't It Beautiful

A lost girl, trying to find her way back to life. She eventually experience all the struggle and trouble of befriending a MC club. After a while, she meets her best friend which have struggled as much as her self. They decide to walk this world together when a twist reaches them.


3. No Family

 I can't believe it, all I had is gone. After the message Hap and I drove back to where my house usually was. Police, firemen and doctors were running like crazy around where my house, and the neighbour's house used to be. I could feel myself getting pale, cold and I completely froze at the sight. My mum, my dad and my brother was gone. I could never see their faces again, talk to them or be with them. I don't have a family, no house to live in, I have lost it to an unknown cause. Who did this? Why them? They were innocent, weren't they? I was left with questions. I couldn't cry, even though I wanted to, it was too heavy. I could hear someone talking to me, their voice was so distant I couldn't catch what is being said. Suddenly I break out of my thoughts by a loud slam. The police officer had just slammed the table with his hand, and was looking straight at me. I was in what I believed was a interrogation room. “I...” I tried to say something, but I was speechless.


“What happen? Who blew those houses up?” The police officer was tired of this interrogation, he must've been asking the same question for a while now, with so much as no reply. “I... “ I try again, and I fail. No matter how much I want to talk, I simply can't, I am unable to. “Look, I know you lost your family, and I am sorry. But to catch those who did it, you have to give us something.” The police officer sat down across me, and his eyes stared straight into mine. All I can do is shake my head, I have to plan a funeral for my family. I can't believe it, it have to be a bad dream. “Al right” The police officer stood up. “I know you are currently dating Joey Pennell. Do you know he is a member of the criminal biker club Notorious Danger?” I snap, I get my head back. “They are not criminals, and I honestly do not know who would have done something like that to an innocent family” A tear roll down my cheek, my emotions are back. The police officer nod “You are free to go miss Jones. I am truly sorry about your loss, if you should need anything or would like to change your statement, you know where to find us.” He turns, and leaves the room.


When I get outside of the police station, I find Hap waiting for me. I look up at the sky, and I can see the sun behind a cloud. I must've been inside the station for hours. I walk down to Hap, biting my lip as I think about the funeral. “You can stay in the club house, at my room if you like” His voice is soft, caring, his expression is mixed between sadness and worry. I nod, and I take a seat behind him at his bike. I put my helmet on and we're off on the road, on our way to the club house. I don't know how to handle this, how to cope. I still feel like this is only a bad dream, I have never felt such sadness before. I have lost myself, and I am afraid that I will never find me again.


I take a step inside the club house behind Hap. I have never been here before. Red walls, red decorations and a black beautiful bike on it's own stand. On the walls are pictures of the club, their emblem, memories. For a second I almost forget what had happen and then, this man, with a great beard, short hair, and seems to be around 50 years old walks up to me and he opens his mouth “I am sorry for your loss, and if you need something, let us know” He stares right into my eyes, feels like into my soul, the darkest part of my soul. His eyes are icy blue and I turn my eyes down to his chest, reading the patches on his cut. President, original. I nod carefully, I have never met the president before, it was an honour but I wished he had met me on an other occasion.


Hap takes my hand and lead me deeper inside the house. We walk down a corridor, it is incredible that all this fits inside one house with only one floor. It seems bigger on the inside. Hap opens a door, and lead me inside first letting go of my hand. I take a look around, white walls, funitures made out of mahogny. A big bed, a coupboard, closet and a door half open. Inside the door I spot a sink and I believe it is the bathroom. I turn around looking at Hap's face, not sure of my next move, but I do it anyway, I kiss him. He returns my kiss passionately, we go on for a couple of seconds before I can feel his hands moving from my hip and up against my body beneath the sweater I am wearing. He has reached my boobs and before I know I am in his bed with Hap on top of me.  

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