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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


9. "you want to take him in a classroom and teach him some anatomy "

Riley's POV

"That son of a bitch" was the first thing out of my mouth after Ryder dropped me home from our...well I don't know what that was. That little bitch distracted me and I complete forgot about the drawing. I gotta give him props though he made me completely forget about bunny and actually made me smile.

"Who's a son of a bitch?" Jake asked as he came out of nowhere biting into a red apple.

"Ok first of all STOP sneaking up on me and second don't eat an apple around me I hate that crunching sound" I shuddered as I said that. As long as I could remember I hated that sound. It annoyed me, it's disgust me; it just did things to me and not in a good way.

“I did not sneak up on you I just came into the room when you weren't looking and spoke without you expecting it" he shrugged.

"That's like the definition of sneaking up on someone!" I yelled throwing my hands up in frustration.

"Whatever. Who's this bitch you’re talking about?" Jake asked again.

"What are you like 10, you shouldn't be saying that words" I said unable to control my giggle and burst out laughing.

"Ha-ha. For your information I'm 13 ladies and I can be saying any words I want" Jake said holding his head up proud.

"Well the bitch I'm talking about is Ryder Prince you know him?" I told Jake completely forgetting dad doesn't want me hanging out with him.

"Who doesn't know that guy? Did you hear how he put live chickens in the classrooms?"

"That was him! I was so scared I was going to get bitten by one of them I jumped on the desk"

"Seriously. You’re such a chicken. Wait Riley does that mean you’re scared of yourself?" Jake said between his laughter.

"Shut up" I said as I pushed him down so he fell backwards on to the coach.

"Oh and keep this conversation between us. I don't want dad murdering me for hanging out with Satan’s son"

"You got it sis" Jake said shooting me a smile that was going to be a lady killer one day.


"So where did you disappear to yesterday after school?" Mia asked me as we stood by her locker.

"Oh nowhere. Just out and about" I said vaguely. If I told her she would make a big deal out of it and end up naming Ryder's and I future kids. Ew just thinking about him and I having kids make me want to throw up in Mia's open locker.

"And out and about is another word for..." Mia said knowing I was lying about something. Curse my face and its powers of always giving away secrets.

"Fine I was hanging out with Ryder after school" I said covering my ears ready for the squealing to commence. But no nothing Mia just stood there frozen in her spot.

"Hellooo Mia, you there" I asked snapping my fingers in front of her face.

"Yea I'm still here just processing" she said after a while.

"Hey guys what's up" Zoe said as she walked up to us with a half-eaten waffle in her hand.

"Just Riley telling me about her hot date with Ryder PRINCE yesterday" Mia answers emphasizing the prince in Ryder's name.

"It wasn't a date he just had to tell me something and didn't want the nosy little rats in our school hearing" I said using his words.

"Did you kits call our classmates nosy little rats" Zoe said giggling in the process.

"His words not mine" I said holding my hands up in protest.

"What did he tell you anyway" Zoe asked.

"I don't know, he didn't tell me. That little weasel distracted me and I forgot to bug him to tell me"

"Oh so how did he exactly distract you" Zoe asked in a suggestive tone.

"Eww no. I wouldn't touch that boy with a ten feet pole". He’s practically a walking STD.

"Yea, yea keeps telling you that. You know you can't resist that boy. No one can resist him. Have you seen him without a shirt?" Zoe said dramatically while fanning herself with her hands at the mention of Ryder without a shirt.

"Yea I have seen him without a shirt and I'm not impressed"

"What do you think Mia?" Zoe asked elbowing Mia to catch her attention. But Mia didn't answer.

We both turned our heads to see what has catch her attention just to see Mia looking goggle eyes at someone down the hall. It was some guy I have seen around school before. He was tall and puny with black messy hair that could really use a combing. It’s kinda reminding me of Ryder's hair sometimes. No it doesn't. Why are you thinking about him and comparing him to people.

"Ohhhhh Mia has a crushhhhh" Zoe sang catching Mia's attention instantly.

"No I don't. He’s just some guy I have math with" Mia said a red blush taking over her cheeks.

"So why are you looking at him like you want to take him in a classroom and teach him some anatomy " Zoe said while wiggling her eyebrows.

"I am not looking at him like that!" Mia said stomping her foot like a five year old that didn't get there way.

"Yea your are" Zoe and I said at the same time.

"Jinx" we said together again.

"Double jinx"

"Triple jinx you owe me a soda"

By the time we were done jinxing if that's even a real word Mia was already walking down the hall away from us.

"You know what this means right" I said with a smirk on my face.

"Of course I do" Zoe said with a smirk in return.

"Stalking time" we said once again together while evilly laughing loudly with people giving us weird stares.

I started to cough after a minutes of evil laughing.

"You gotta work on that" Zoe said and we started laughing again.
A/N: This chapter is just short and sweet (I hope)

Happy late valentine day guys❤️❤️

Oh and thanks for the new cover VanillaMints . I absolutely love it.



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