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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


7. "Wait! Can we have cake first?"


"So are you gonna tell me how your first football game went?" Zoë asked in a nezzly voice that sounded something like Fran Dresher voice in the nanny. Zoë was sick so she couldn’t make it to the game. The game that happened to be my first football game ever. I never thought I had to go the games because one I didn’t like football and two... that’s all I got. But I wanted to get the full high school experience and do all the high school cliché things like going to football game. So it was a big deal Mia even brought cake. Hmmmmmm cake.

"Well let me tell you how the whole thing went down" I said in a voice that made it sound like I was about to tell her some juicy gossip.


"Wait! Can we have cake first?" Mia asked in an innocent voice

"No!" Zoë and I yelled at the same time.

"Well then" Mia pouted and lay down next to Zoë on her blue covered bed ready for story time.


When I walked in my house that night it was eerily quiet. I could almost hear my self-breathing. Because of the quietness I felt like I had to tiptoe in my own house. So I tiptoed all the way to the living room to see my mom standing behind my dad while he was sitting on his special chair with a grim expression in his face. Dad never lets anyone sit in his chair because as e say "they would ruin his setup"

"Who died?" Was the first thing that came out my mouth? I know it wasn't a good time to be making jokes but whenever something serious like someone dying happen I get all weird and more stupid than usually. I would usually say the first thing that comes to mind which is usually garbage.

"Honey no one died but...but" my mom says in a sad voice with an even sadder look on her face.

"Riley bunny ran away while you were at school today" dad said. Wow way to rip the band aid off dad. But that's how he was straightforward. Maybe too straightforward for his own good. I bet that's where I get it from.

"Are you sure?" I whispered my voice barely recognizable. Maybe they didn't look everywhere. You know bunny likes playing hide and seek. Maybes he's hiding. Maybe he just wondered next door. Maybe...maybe.

He just can't be gone. I just got him. My mom gave me bunny last year for my birthday. Although I didn't have him for that long, bunny became part of the family. Now I don't know what I'll do with him gone. It felt like bunny was my child. I looked after him. I fed him. I cleaned up after him.

"We're sure sweetheart. We looked next door and all over the house" my mom said as she got up to hug me.

"Jake and Jack are outside right now looking around the neighborhood for him" my dad said sympathetically while looking at me with dull eyes.

I didn't know what to say. So I said nothing but "would I it be ok if I just go up to my room for a while?"

"Of course honey" my mom said with one last kiss on the cheek and sent me off to my room.

Well our room since I share one room with my brothers. Our tiny New York apartment only had two rooms. I immediately fell on my twin bed as I came in the room. I just lay on my side and stared at my brother double bounce bed like it was the most interesting thing in the world until I feel asleep on my arm in the same cloths I wore to school.


I practically sleepwalked through getting dressed and getting to school this morning. I just felt dead and empty. It probably showed on my face as I stood in front of my locker piling books into my locker.

"Riles what's wrong?" Mia asked as she pulled my into a hug.

Before I could answer Zoe and Joe came walking towards us.

"What's with the hug fest?" Zoe asked as she looked at Mia hugging me.

"Bunny ran away yesterday" I said stopping myself from crying. I could cry all I want at home but in school I don't cry I won't cry.

"He's probably dead. Oh my god" I said as I put my hand over my mouth to cover up my sobs.

"Aww sweeties it's ok" Mia said

"Yea he probably just went out for a late night walk he'll be back. I'm sure." Zoe said trying to comfort me.

"Clam down Riley bunny probably just having a night on the town with his girlfriend. You know that's dog's always been a player" Joe joked trying to cheer me up.

I laughed and pulled them into a hug. I just stood in the crowd hallway hugging the people I know that will always be there for me. My friends. 


 I made it through all my morning class without any hassle. I zoned out in math a couple of times but still I made it through. Now it was time for art my last class before lunch and then finally home sweet home. Since I’m a senior I only have six classes.

Although art might sound like the easiest class it wasn’t. It’s probably harder than my math class. And if you know anything you know math is the hardest thing on earth, along with science, global and everything related to school. 

I sat down in my seat expecting a snarky or perverted comment from Ryder. But nothing. Not even a comment about my puffy eyes. he just sat there with his head on the desk with his head phones in. I stared at him a little while longer to see if he would say anything but no still nothing. He just stayed still with his hair falling in his face and his hoodie up. 

"You know I never took you as that type of girl" Ryder said randomly rising his head for the first time since I walked in this class.

"What are you talking about" I asked confused.

"I just never though you would be the type of girl that would have two boyfriends at the same time."

"I-" but I was interrupted by rainbow our art teacher terrifying words.

"Draw something personal" I know it doesn’t sound that bad but test me it is. First of all I can’t draw for shit. It’s like I have two left hands when I’m drawing. And secondly something personal I don’t even know myself personally. I still can’t decide what my favorite color is. Is green or is it blue the questions that hunt me.

Right away Ryder had his head down and his hands were moving furiously on the piece of paper. How could he do that? It takes me half an hour just to decide what I want for dinner. And by the time I decide my mom is already serving dinner. 

By the time the period was over I had a paper felled of all the things I liked in life. Or rather a paper full of bullshit since half so the shit I had on the paper I don’t even like I just drew them I full of the page. I handed in my paper with my head down and walked really fast out the class before rainbow could ask me about my drawing.

In front of me saw Ryder rushing out the class with his hands in his pocket. I was so busy watching him walk down the hall I barely caught the sight of a paper falling out his back pocket.

For some reason I ran towards the piece of paper and picked it up. The paper that turned out to be the drawing Ryder was working on in art class. on the white paper well not really white anymore since most of the paper was smaged by the pencil and being folded up was a picture of a enormous man dressed in a cloak that was hiding his face standing over a little boy crying that was on the ground looking down upon a women bloody dead body as the cloaked man say it’s all your fault! In a thought bubble over his head. 

Suddenly the paper was ripped out of my hands by a rough pair of hands. I looked up at the person ready to cruse them out when I saw who it was. 

Looking down on me with a look that could kill was Ryder prince. His fisted were clenched at his side while his nose were slightly flared. His eyes held nothing but anger. He couldn’t get madder or else steam would be coming out of his ears. Ha like Popeye. That would be funny seeing the famous Ryder prince like popeye the sailor man. Ok focus riley there is someone that wants to kills you and bury your body in a ditch right in front of you. 

"What do you think you’re doing" Ryder growled at me

I couldn’t help my curiosity so asked "what does that drawing mean?"

"Are you listening to me what are you doing with my personal stuff"

I knew Ryder wasn’t going to tell me what the drawing meant so I snatched back out of his hands and ran away yelling "catch me if you want it back".

I shouldn’t have thought I could have outrun a football star. Ryder caught up to me within seconds and throw me over his shoulder. There was a few bystanders in the hall staring at us but Ryder didn’t give a damn. 

"I’ll give it back after you still me what it means" I try to bargain

"Why do you care its none of your business?"

 "I’m just a curious little girls" I said incconely while batting my eyelashes.

Ryder just rolled his eyes at me and grabbed my hands. Wow I never noticed his hands were kind of soft and really warm. OK! Snap out of it riley.

"Where are we going" I asked but still kept following him out the school.

"Somewhere" was all Ryder said for the 30 minute car ride.


A/N: hi  *waving wildly* I just don’t know about this chapter so tell me what you think.


In honors of Harry’s birthday midnight mermerious on the side my favorite one direction song!!!!!! I just love that song and harry and Liam and Louis and niall and on a good day Zayn

 And sad news for all high school kids who don’t have to take regions our week long break it over. I’m already crying. 





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