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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


2. "The whole mud pies and baths together kinda friendship"

Ryder's POV

The music was wild and the people were wilder. High school kids walking around with red plastic cups in one hand and if some were lucky a girl in the other. Half naked girls drunkingly grinding on guys on the grass covered field. I stared down hazily at the large crowd of people having the time of their lives,while I just sit up here on the high bleachers and stared down at them. Don't they get tired of this type of life? Don't they get tired of going to a party every weekend? Don't they get tired of seeing the same face everyday, don't they ever want something different?

I was drawn out of my depressing thoughts when a cup of some sort of alcohol was shoved in my face. I rised my head to see the cup was handed to me by one of the biggest assholes I know or as some call him my friend Jesse. Jesse was a complete dick. He only hang out with me for the popularity and what he can gain from being my friend. I don't even know why I'm "friends" with him. I know he probably secretly hated me. I mean everything he could do I could do better. Not to sound arrogant or anything, but it's true. He was on the football team I was the quarterback. His dad was a lawyer while my father was the CEO of prince enterprise.

My only real friend here is Jason Walker. We've known each other since we were kids. The whole mud pies and baths together kinda friendship. Jason wasn't a football player like me or really anything like me. Some how our friendship survived the high school cliche of the football player only having jock friends. He was an all around nice guy,something only certain people at certain times can call me. He wasn't girl crazy either like the rest of us. Jase doesn't just want random hook ups for the rest of his life. But the thing about the guy is he wears his heart on his sleeve. Which in my opinion is one of the most dangerous thing a person can do.

"Hey man where did you just zoned out there for a sec?" said Jesse still holding his offering of the red plastic cup full of alcohol. I took the drink from his hand and downed the whole thing in one gulp. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hands while standing up. "Yea sorry about that I'm just a little buzzed"I said "well if your just a little buzzed your not buzzed enough, come on I saw Rachel giving you the fuck me eyes all the way across the field." I just laughed. " I think that's just the way she looks she gives everyone the fuck me eyes." What its true the girl has no self control or dignity.

"Come lets go get some girls, you two look like you like each other more than any of these smokin girls" said Ethan as he was walking towards us. I nodded my head yes. After all I was the one risking my ass throwing this party on school grounds. Yea I know throwing a party on school grounds could definitely get me kicked out but what can I say I don't care. It's not like principle Jenkins would ever say anything to offend my father she just wants him to keep sending his checks. The man practically wipes his ass with hundred dollar bills so he can waste a couple thousand to keep me in school. After all he's my father,it's the least he can do.


After one too many drinks all my depressing thoughts and hatred for everyone had vanished. I was in the middle of the dance floor which in other words was the middle of the football field with a drink in my hand having the time of my life washing away all my worries. Rachel was on my left trying to get my attention by leaning more into me. "Come on Ryder lets go somewhere more quiet" she asked me in what I assumed was suppose to be a sexy, suductive voice but it just turned out like she has been smoking too much cigarettes. Something I know way too much about. "Actually I got somewhere to be right now but if your here when I get back we'll see to that quiet place you were talkin about". She grabbed my face with her claws oh I meant nails and dragged my face to hers placing a loud,sloppy kiss on my lips leaving her red lipstick stain. "Just something to reminded you of what's to come later" she said and grinned at me while walking away thinking she's Beyoncé or something. But everyone know no one can be better than Beyoncé.


"And how did you get the keys to the school again"? Mark asked. "I have my ways"I said smirking while opening the doors to the school and walked in with the guys following behind me. I actually got the keys to the school by telling the janitor I forgot my stuff in my locker and he just let me get it. I just took the spare key he had to the main school door. The guy even had all the keys labelled it was like he was asking for me to take it.

"Ok so everyone know their jobs right?" "Mark and Blake you guys take the fourth floor, Jesse and Ethan you got the third floor and Jason and me got the second and we'll all meet back by the entrance in the first floor" I instructed.

Everyone dispatched to there assigned distination. As Jason covered the walls in spray paint I proceed to let loose one wild chicken in each classroom. On the blackboard I wrote in my chicken scratch handwriting the word to stop the chickens. Or at least the word they think will stop the chicken. The more they say the words the more the chickens will go crazy(damn I just said chicken like a million times).After placing the last chicken in Ms.Hayes Geometry class I walked into the hallway to see Jason having the time of his life writing on the wall. He was running down and laughing like he was mad while spaying lines on the lockers. I saw on the door of each classroom he wrote the most ridiculous things. On the science door he wrote "Mr. Clay still lives with his mom" with a big ass smiley face. On the English teachers door he wrote "if the bell don't dismiss me then the bell doesn't tell me when to arrive". That's true though the guy is alway late to English. I think it has something to do with the cute pale skinned green eyes girl in his class that he alway walks to class all the way across the building. Jason also wrote on one of the doors "when everyone was congratulating you on being pregnant all I was thinking was she had sex"!!!!
"Come on Jase we gotta go"I yelled at him while running down the stairs. We met all the guys on the first floor. "Yo guys I think I heard someone coming" Ethan yelled panicking. "Shit we gotta go come on" we all ran toward the football field to warn everyone when we heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights coming towards the school. " go you guys I'll go tell everyone it's better if one person get in trouble than all of us" I told them. Jason gave me a worried look before running off with the rest of them.

I made my way to the field to see mostly everyone gone and some hiding under the bleachers. That's when one of the cops walked towards me and said "I should have known this was your doing Prince" "well you know me I like a good party" I told officer Jacobs with a grin on my face. Getting in trouble with the law wasn't anything new to me. "Come on let's go" he said trying to hide the smile on his face. Officer Jacobs was the usual cop to catch me in the act since I was fourteen the first time I got into trouble for a fight. He handcuffed my arms behind my back and shoved me into the back seat of the cop car. A seat I knew all too well. I could feel the handcuff pinching into my skin as we speed downtown towards the familiar station where my life would change forever. 
A/N: second chapter...what do you guys think. Pic of Riley on the side. Played by AMAZINGLY PERFECT LILY COLLINS!!!!! 
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