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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


8. "that once a blue moon smile"

Ryder's POV

What the fuck are you doing? As if you’re actually going to tell her the meaning of your drawing. Of course I won't tell her, I’m not an idiot. You’re the idiot. Hello you just called yourself an idiot, idiot.

Ok stop talking to yourself Riley probably think you’re crazy. So why would I care what she thinks? I don't even like her. She's so annoying and nosy. Like she has the nerve to look at my personal shit. THE NERVE OF THAT GIRL. Yea keep telling yourself that. Whatever just leaves me alone? Sorry can't I'm kind of attached to you. You know being your subconscious and all. Whatever just shut up? I don't think I will. Let’s sing our favorite song. Please God NO! Oh yes. And that's how I had the Dora the explorer theme song stuck in my head the whole car ride.


When we finally reached our stop Riley seemed like she couldn't get out of the car faster. She practically leaped out the car before I even stopped. Well then.

But I could understand her need to get out the small setting of my car. We didn't talk for the whole half an hour car ride and the air in the car was kind of tense. I knew she was curious about the drawing and where I was taking her. I'm actually shocked she even got in the car with me. I thought she would just kick me in the balls and run.

"So are you going to tell me why we're here" Riley asked me cutting off my current thoughts.

"Well Riley us humans tend to need to eat at least once a day, that's why we are here at this eating establishment" I told her.

"Ha-ha" she laughed sarcastically

"Well I never pass up free food and as long as you’re paying I'll eat"

"But your still telling me about that drawing" damn I thought she would forget about that during the car ride.

"What makes you think I'm paying?" I asked her.

"Well the guy always pays" she said in an obvious tone

 "Well what makes you think I'm a guy" I said without thinking. Then I realized what I said. Before I could correct myself Riley was already answering with a smart ass comeback.

"Hey you said not me" Riley said while rising up her hands in surrender.

"At least now I don't have to worry about you staring at my ass while I walk away, you know since you’re not a guy and all" she said in a mocking tone while walking into the restaurant.

"Well just because of that I'm going to stare at your ass longer" I yelled after her. I heard her laugh as she continues walking in front of me.

And damn did her ass look fantastic in those tight black jeans.


"So..." riley said awkwardly after sitting for about five minutes in pure silences. Riley was sitting in the red booth with her hands folded on top of the table like she was in an important business meeting. It did kind of feel like I was in a meeting because of the nervousness in the pit of my stomach and anxious feeling I was feeling. That doesn’t even make sense feeling I was feeling. Whatever there’s a pretty girl in front of you and that’s what you’re thinking about. Get help Ryder. Just get help

"Why couldn’t you just tell me about the drawing at school" riley asked while tiling her head like a sad puppy. I almost awed at the sight. Oh my god I gotta check if I’m growing a vagina down there or something. Nope still big as ever.

"With all those nosy little rats around not a chance" I said while shaking my head.

"Did you just call our classmates nosy little rats?" riley said while still laughing. Her shoulders were shaking with laughter but from a far you couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying. 

"You know they are, like you throw one piece of gossip out there they eat it up like day old cheese" I said while chuckling along with her. 

"So are you going to tell me about the drawing or are you gonna stare at me for the rest of the time. Like I know I’m gorgeous and all" she said while flipping her hair over her shoulder for effect "but control yourself Ryder there are elders around". I laughed at the fact of her using my own words against me from the first time we met at the police station. 

"well-" I started to say but I was cut off by a middle age women in a blue uniform asking for our order. But before I could talk riley was already placing her very very detailed order.

"I would like a hamburger with no tomato, no lettuce, no mayo and I would like the burger taken a part and I would like the apple pie alamode with the pie heated and the ice cream on the side but if you have strawberry ice cream instead of vanilla I would like that please" riley said like it was the most normal order in the world. Even the waitress was looking at her like she had three heads.

"And for you sir' the waitress said as she turned to me.

"I would like the number 3 with a glass of chocolate milk" I said simply while looking at riley to show her what a normal person order should sound like. When the waitress walked away riley turned to me looking at me with a crazing look on her face.

"Are you serious chocolate milk? What are you five" she asked 

"Are you seriously critzing my order the waitress needed practically a PhD just to understand your order" I said while looking at her with the same critzing look she was giving me.

"No she didn’t my order was perfectly normal. I just like things a certain way. That’s all"

"Whatever just don’t be saying shit about my chocolate milk it’s refreshing after a long day of school". I said defending my milk.

"What you be doing at school that’s so hard that you need a glass of milk. I bet you have poor little math nerds doing your homework" riley said like the know it all she is. 

"Actually miss know it all I’m a math genius highest grade in the class" I smirked love proving her wrong.

"Yea right ill believe when I see it" riley said while rolling her eyes. 

After a couple more minutes our food arrived. My double cheese burger with fries on the side and riley 'burger' as she likes to call it.

"So how do you plan on eating that" I asked riley as I stared at her taken apart burger on her plate the meat on one corner and the bread in the other corner with the cheese in the next. She even had her ketchup in a little cup on the table. Apparently riley likes everything on the side.

"Well I plan on eating it like this" riley said as she put the cheese on the bread first then the meat then a smiley face made of ketchup and finally the other piece of bread.

"Okay then" I said as I rest my case. There is no arguing with this girl. We ate in silent for the next five minutes. I realized that riley wipes her mouth after every bite and drinks more water than actually eat her burger. 

"You know you eat more food than a normal girl would?" I told her after observing her for a good five minutes. 

"Really I thought I ate as much as the next girl" riley said while stuffing some of my fries in her small mouth. She did have an unusually small mouth with pouty pink lips. I’m shocked that much food can even fit in there.

"Well you don’t, the entire girl I go out with get salad and water. What do they think I’ll like them more if they eat bland food" I said genuinely curious.

"Well the little bobble heads you go out with do think that the most important thing in the world is to have a size two dress size" riley said. 

"And you don’t care about that?"

"No I don’t. If the food tastes good then that’s all that matters"

"Well then you’re the first girl to ever say that" I said shocked. Most girls I knew don’t like going out for pizza because it’s too greasy. They don’t like eating dessert because of the unnecessary fat.

"Let’s get ice cream" riley said suddenly. I looked at her plate to see her half eaten burger and her pie hasn’t even arrived yet.

"But your aren’t even finished" I said.

"Eh I’m not feeling burger anymore I want ice cream" riley said like a bubbly five year old.

"You take care of this" she said while gesturing to the table "while I got to the little girl's room"

I watched her as she walked away. Riley little hips were swaying from side to side as she walked towards the bathroom. Her long brown almost golden hair fell in her face as she bended her head down to look at her high heel shoes. That’s another thing I noticed about her she dresses up to come to school. At first I thought riley would be one of those girls that wouldn’t care about what they look like to come to school just a plain hoodie and jeans. But no riley comes to school every day in a classy and cute outfit making her look more adorable every day. 

"Hey you ready to go?" riley said why smiling that once a blue moon smile at me. I was in a little daze because of her smile that caught me off guard. Usually I would have to make myself look like a completely moron to even get a small smile out of her.

"Yea let’s go ma lady" I said as I bowed in front of her. I was rewarded by a cute little giggle.


"Are you gone tell me about the drawing now" riley asked we waited in line at an ice cream shop called scoops.

"Wow I thought you had forgotten about that" I said with a nervous little chuckle.

"Well I didn’t" riley said as she turned to look at me. It was that I noticed the light little freckles scattered across her nose.

"Riley I just can’t tell you ok. Is just personal and we doing know each other that long for me to tell you something that personal ok. Just give me some time" I said as I stared into her big hazel eyes filled with wonder.

"Ok" riley said in a small voice.



A/N: ok so this chapter just sucks and I know it sucks. I just couldn’t get my words out right for this chapter. If you haven’t noticed I’m not very good at dialogue. This is probably the most dialogue I have in my story so far. I had this cute idea on what was going to happen but this is just what ended up on the page. 

I just hope the next chapter is better.






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